Top 5 Web Development Trends in 2020

This article helps you understand the Top 5 Web Development Trends in 2020. Learn more about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Flutter, Voice Search Optimization, Motion UI & Single Page Applications (SPA)

Nowadays, Web development technologies are evolving rapidly. Over the years web development has grown into an enormous area of specialization in the realm of information technology. Web developers are now on the lookout to build smart web sites and web apps that utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms. So, we are going to explain to you guys the top 5 web development trends in 2020.

Latest Web Development Trends in 2020

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an HTML framework that helps web developers to create web pages that take less time to load. With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), web pages can load lightning fast.

AMP is launched two years before by Google with an intention to enable super-fast page loading. AMP achieves this by removing the javascript codes that slows them down.

With AMP, users can enjoy high-speed browsing which results in the overall improvement of their user experience.

Advantages of using AMP:

  • Since web pages that are built using AMP loads faster than traditional web pages, your page will get improved ranking.

  • Faster load time for your web site means an increased conversion rate. You can increase your companies revenue by integrating AMP to your web page.

  • Switching to AMP powered websites can be extremely beneficial for most of the websites that generate high levels of mobile traffic.

  • Websites that use AMP have improved performance due to its significant reduction in load.

2. Flutter

Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK developed by Google. With Flutter, it is easy for developers to build high-quality native interfaces on Android and iOS. More software development companies in India are now adopting Flutter since it is open-source and cross-platform.

Advantages of developing your web app with Flutter:

  • Flutter is a free and open-source SDK.

  • Flutter is relatively easy to learn than most of the other languages since it runs on Dart, which is a simple and fast object-oriented programming language.

  • Flutters architecture is similar to that of React Native, which makes Flutter a serious competitor to native app development, but also to React Native.

  • Since Flutter is cross-platform, The need to develop Android and iOS apps separately can be avoided.

3. Voice Search Optimization

In the near future, about 40% of the users that access the web will migrate to voice-only search, which allows them to surf the internet without having the need to access the sites on their mobile devices and desktops.

Currently, Voice search technology which uses AI is growing at an enormous rate.

According to a study by Gartner, almost 40 million people use voice search devices and the numbers are expected to grow in the near future.

Voice search allows users to get information from sites much faster than traditional search. Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa and Echo, Microsofts Cortana, and Apple's Siri are the most trending AI-powered voice search assistants available right now.

User experience can be significantly improved with voice search, as a result of this, in the near future half of all online searches will be made via voice search. Voice search SEO is a lot more different when compared to traditional website SEO. Therefore, a different approach should be followed while doing SEO for voice search.

4. Motion UI

Just think of a web app or web site which has static content. Pretty boring right? Adding motion UI to your app can significantly rev-up user experience by delivering smooth transition effects to the UI.

Advantages of using Motion UI:

  • It can make your app user-friendly and expressive. Motion UI differs a lot when compared to the GUI(Graphical User Interface) that most of us use.

  • It's one of the popular libraries that allows developers to animate content easily even if they lack good expertise in jQuery or JavaScript library.

  • Users will get way more feedback when they use a web app that is equipped with motion UI since it allows users to know the current progress they are performing.

5. Single Page Applications (SPA)

In today's world, website visitors won't spend a lot of time to wait for your website to load.
Single-page applications require only one-page to load and where all the required elements can be loaded dynamically onto the page without the need to leave that page.

An SPA is a web application based on JavaScript that can be used to build responsive websites. SPAs are now one of the top web development trends.

Advantages of using Single Page Applications:

  • With SPA, you can create a highly immersive user experience. Some examples of SPAs include Google Maps, Gmail, Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest and many more.

  • Since SPAs are developed by using frameworks like React developer tools and AngularJS Batarang, it will be easy for developers to debug it with Chrome.

  • SPAs have good caching capabilities. SPAs stores all the data that it receives by sending only a single request to the server. Users can even use SPAs in offline mode due to its effective local data caching.

  • SPAs can be developed as a hybrid app since they are based on React and Angular frameworks.

We hope you got some basic insights about the top 5 web development trends in 2020. At present, there are only a few software outsourcing companies in India using these innovative techniques. In the near future, these development trends will have a bright future.

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