Mass Watermark Review: Add Watermark to Multiple Images

Do you want to add your brand name or logo as a watermark to one or more images? Then check out this review of Mass Watermark, a tool that comes with a lot of features that helps you in watermarking your images within seconds.

If you are a blogger or photographer or anyone who deals with photos, then you might know how important it is to watermark your photos. To explain in simple words, a watermark is a transparent text or image that is added to a photo in a way that does not hinder the image content but adds your copyright in an unremovable way. Since your logo is present, it gives out the message that the photo is owned by you (or your brand) and discourages illegal copying.

For bloggers, while reviewing products, taking photos of the products and adding them along with the article can help users visually connect with the product. But it is a common practice that other bloggers download your image and use it on their blogs without giving credits. Similarly, in the world of professional photography, illegal usage of images is very common if precautions are not taken.

Due to the reasons discussed above, it becomes very import for graphic content creators to protect their creations by use of watermarks. When you watermark your photos, you should make sure that you place it in such a way that it is visible without being distracting to the viewer.

One issue while watermarking photos is that we might have many photos that need to be watermarked at one time, and manually watermarking each image will be a hectic task. Today we are reviewing Mass Watermark, a software that comes with features that can help you quickly and easily watermark your photos in the way you like and that too in bulk.
Mass Watermark Review

How to Watermark images using Mass Watermark

First of all, download Mass Watermark from here and install it on your device. It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It also supports Mac OS X version 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11.
  • Step 1: Open the software in your PC

  • Step 2: Now you have to import the photos that you need to watermark. You have 2 options here. Either you can manually select the images (For this use the option Add Images or you can select the folder which contains all the images that need to watermark. If you are considering bulk watermarking, then select the 2nd option Add Images from Folder/Device

  • Importing images to Mass Watermark
  • Step 3: Under a Add a Text/Caption section, enter the watermark text to be used in the images.

  • Add a Text/Caption section
  • Step 4: If you want to edit the text font and styles, then click the button Change Font, now a small pop-up will open up and choose the font you like and select the style (Regular, Bold, Italic, Underline or Strikeout). Select the Size from the dropout menu (Range: 12 to 200). You can see how the text will come out in the Preview box. Then click Okay

  • Selecting the font and text style
  • Step 5: If you want the watermark to be transparent then click Enable Transparency. To set the opacity (how transparent the watermark should be) use the slider bar titled Level of Opacity. It has 11 levels, with the leftmost being invisible and the rightmost being opaque.

  • Step 6: To adjust the position of the watermark, select the Choose the Text Placement section and under it you have 11 positions (like Top Left, Centre, Left Side Centre, etc.) and additionally one other option to manually place the watermark anywhere you want in the image.

  • Text Placement in Mass Watermark
  • Step 7: If you want to add your brand logo or image, then go to the section Add an Image/Logo, and click Open and choose your logo or image from your computer. Option to enable transparency and image placement is also available here.

  • Step 8: Under Output Options select the output format for your images. It supports JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIF file formats, or you can select Original if you want to preserve the original file format. Under Output Directory, browse and select a folder where you want the watermarked images to be saved.

  • Output Options
  • Step 9: Click Watermark Images and within a matter of seconds all your photos will be watermarked and saved in the output directory

Features of Mass Watermark

Mass Watermark is promoted mainly as a Bulk Watermarking tool, but I was personally astonished to see the number of features it packed. Here are some of them that I liked:
  • Speed of Watermarking: The company promises that it can watermark 100s of photos in 1 minute. But in my case, I had used 40 photos (each had a resolution of 1280*720) as a test case and it just took 5 seconds to watermark those 40 images. I was expecting about 30 seconds as processing time, but 5 seconds was a surprise.

  • Built-in Image editor: In the tool, under the preview image there is an Optimize button, clicking that will bring a new window, where you can adjust the brightness as well as the contrast according to your needs. You can also set custom RGB values for colour boosting. You can resize the images by setting the output Height and width.

  • Built-in Image editor
  • Custom Output Quality: Under Output Quality, you can choose Manual and adjust the slider according to your output quality needs.

  • Output Quality
  • Watermark designer: If you don't have a watermark prepared, you can build one inside this tool. To use this feature, select Watermark Designer option.

  • Output Zip file: If you want all the watermarked images to be present in a zip file(useful if uploading to sites via FTP and unzipping at the server-side), then you can do it by selecting the option Create Zip file under the Output Directory option.

  • Intelligent Watermark Placement: When processing multiple images with different resolution, the position of the watermark can become an issue. But in Mass Watermark, it uses Automated Watermark Size Calculation Techniques to adjust the size of the watermark to match the selected placement

  • Add Image information: If you want the image to contain additional information, then you can include data like Author, Comments, Date, Subject, etc., by adding EXIF info to the images.

There are a few more features that you can check out in their official site.


For a professional photographer or for the owner of a blog who loves to create original content including the images used, Watermarking their photographs is highly suggested. Mass Watermark is one of the most efficient ways to do this and if you are interested in this software, you can download it for Trial or buy the software at a small price of $30.


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