Everything you need to know about Hosted VoIP

Read this article to know all about Hosted VoIP solutions. What are the advantages of these solutions, what benefits it brings to your business and how you can select the best Hosted VoIP providers.

When described in layman's terms, hosted VoIP lets businesses efficiently use their Internet bandwidth for their telecommunications needs instead of making them rely on conventional communication means such as TDM switch and PBX hardware. Hosted VoIP is another term used for Hosted PBX. It means that the PBX and hardware are hosted at an off-site location from where people are using the VoIP telephone service.

For example, an office could be using a VoIP service for the phones, but the PBX could be hosted at the data center of the VoIP service provider. That is why its call hosted VoIP.

For most, the idea to stick to something old and familiar is comforting and also when you do not have a huge budget for telecommunication needs. But now, everyone from small- to large-sized businesses are using hosted VoIP at a rapid speed as it substantially cuts costs and boosts the profitability and flexibility of a business.
VoIP migration
Now, your traditional telephone vendor might not be the best one, but the idea of trying out anything new for the business could get a bit scary. If you can't make up your mind whether switching to VoIP is worth investing in, you have come to the right place. We are going to give you some reasons why you should make the switch.

Business Growth

Businesses come across natural disasters and power outages. With hosted VoIP, organizations can greatly lessen the negative outcomes linked with these occurrences. VoIP allows you to handle all of these issues smoothly. The box responsible for the efficient running of the communication system is located at a safe place with a lot of backs ups in place. So, even in the event of a disaster or some kind of climate issue, you will not have any trouble.

Cost Structure

In the present cut-throat competition, business owners have to take a second look and try to lessen the expenses and see what they can reduce or remove altogether from the business operations. There are many benefits of using hosted VoIP instead of the traditional phone system.

The main benefit is the cost structure of VoIP. It costs a lot less than setting up a PBX system. And since hosted VoIP allows you to make phone calls, along with using the internet, it leads to significant upfront cost savings. Business can benefit from recurring savings when they implement hosted VoIP service to their business, as there is no need to buy expensive hardware or systems such as cables, desk phones, PBX systems, etc. All you need are the individual VoIP handsets. You can enjoy tons of calling features like call tracking, call recording, call forwarding, and connectivity, etc. New phone systems do not fall under capital business expenditure anymore. Rather, they are a smaller operating expense.


Startups and small emerging businesses are widely using remote applications to boost their productivity in every way possible. Features like softphone allow organizations to work anytime from anywhere and at the same time maintain professional ethics of working.

With the help of hosted VoIP, businesses are generating more profit and also boosting employee productivity with a competitive advantage. Business needs agility so they cannot waste time or opportunities. Business owners have the freedom to adopt the latest communication technology via a hosted VoIP solution.

Minimal Supervision

Resources are scarce for small businesses and they lack finance and time to give training to the employees regarding new technologies. Rather than learning and memorizing extensions and programming buttons, hosted VoIP requires minimal levels of supervision. Also, you can remotely manage it.

As VoIP operates on a simple web interface, businesses do not need additional IT staff for managing their communications. You would need just five minutes to get the hang of it. Some of the VoIP services come with a plug-and-play service that allow you to get started right away.

Businesses involve coordination and communications with clients, and a few cannot afford to miss any calls. With AxVoice, you can never miss a call as there are so many options to redirect the calls even if you are not at your desk. As hosted VoIP is web-based, it can easily update itself and keep up with the ever-changing demands of the business environment of today.

Data Integration

For positive customer experience, there is a need for integration of your communications across various channels. This requires an amalgamation of everything from phones, social media, emails, chat, and the other means of communications the customers use to communicate with you.

By making the switch to VoIP that integrates with your customer relationship management tool, then you can develop an insight into every conversation that takes between you and your customer. This might include chat, mobility, social media messages, and voicemail to email transcriptions.

For a business to adopt any new technology, it comes with its range of risks and fears. But VoIP is a well-established platform particularly designed for business communication needs, and it is gradually becoming the norm to use one. With hosted VoIP, you can ensure reliability, productivity, and cost savings.

Easy Installation

You have to schedule for an appointment with the service company technician for installing a traditional phone system for the installation of wiring and the equipment of the phone system. But it can be a hassle if you are setting up for the first time or making some sort of significant changes to your business phone lines. On the other hand, with VoIP, you just need handsets that could share the same switches and wiring as your LAN. You need minimum skills and internal expertise for installing a hosted VoIP service.

There is no set-up fees or charges of equipment for most of the hosted VoIP system. They fall under operational expenditure instead of capital expenditure. This adds to the appeal of using a VoIP system for business.


Business owners should know what to expect and be ready for unforeseen circumstances in the future the way things are nowadays. Businesses cannot be stuck into inflexible technology. Hosted VoIP lets businesses risk neutralization in this volatile economy. Traditional phone systems are fixed to a particular number of employees, whereas, hosted VoIP allows businesses to be scalable so they can survive in the cut-throat competition.

Hosted VoIP lets you be flexible, and scale it according to your needs. Some small businesses who have just started do not need to have a lot of features initially. They want a cost-effective solution and fulfill their needs as well. AxVoice does just that. Large organizations can use as many features as they want for more integrated communications.

Getting a VoIP service that offers several features (remote management, data integration, automated call forwarding, call blocking, caller ID, etc.) could completely transform your business communication model.

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