7 Reasons Why You Need a Waterproof iPhone Case

Are you confused whether you need to wrap up the beauty of your iPhone with a cover? Check out these 7 reasons why you need a case for your Apple iPhone.

I doubt there is anybody who doesn't like looking good. That's why people buy trendy shoes, fancy clothes, and glittering accessories. All these items help make a statement about who you are. Today, the phone is among the most valuable items in the market. It feels very backward not owning a smartphone.
However, buying one is not cheap; worse still for people who do not earn much to afford more than their basic needs. Either way, it is possible to get yourself one by saving consistently. It may take time due to other financial needs but you can still get there.

Finally, when you buy the phone, you must undertake regular maintenance. The best way to do this is by purchasing a casing. Here are the primary reasons why you should buy a casing for your phone.

1. Offers Better Drop Protection

Yes, this is the most obvious reason why you need a phone casing. Many people drop their phones on a daily or weekly basis. At times, you may drop your phone more than once in a day.

So, will your phone crack if it has a casing? Of course yes! However, the casing reduces the chance of cracks on your phone. They'll do so by absorbing impact as your phone falls to the ground.

2. Helps Match your Style and Personality

A phone is an extension of your style or personality; be it a case with amazing characters, sleek casing, or the logo of your best football team. Here, there are no limitations on the available options. With these options, you'll manage to protect your phone without compromising on style.

3. You Don't Have an Insurance Policy

Do you have a phone protection plan or insurance? If not, then you need a casing. Even the most careful people have moments where their fingers slip. The last thing you need to see is your phone fall and hit the footpath. Ensure your phone has a casing or protection plans.

4. Protect the Resale Value

Do you want to sell your phone at a later date? If yes, ensure you take good care of it. Even though you may not dent or crack your phone, it'll get small nicks or scratches with time. When reselling the phone, these marks will work against you. A casing reduces the amount of damage on your phone. Cutting on the cosmetic damage works to maintain high resale value.

5. Protects Against Water Damage

Yes, your iPhone may be water-resistant. But that doesn't mean that it is waterproof.

Being water-resistant means you don't have to panic if a drink spills on your phone. The same applies if you drop it in a shallow pool or a toilet. Once this happens, dry your phone off and move on.
However, never assume that your phone is waterproof. The manufacturer is quite specific that their warranty doesn't cover accidental damages.

Given the potential costs, it makes sense to have a waterproof iPhone case. That is so especially when in risky areas where you are in contact with water. Such include boating, shooting photos underwater or constantly using your phone in the rain.

6. Adds Style to Your Phone

Chances are that you spend most of your day with your smartphone. In such cases, you can easily get addicted to your phone. With this, you'll need new ways to make your phone look new and attractive.
That's why you should use phone cases to add a personal style to your device. A colorful case with an amazing design will help your gray, white, or dull black phone look more stylish.

7. Match Your Lifestyle

Other than checking your ideal style, you need to know whether the case fits your lifestyle or not. For instance, does occupation involve water, then a waterproof casing is needful. If you prefer to use the accessories as a fashion statement, look for a fashionable case that creates an amazing look for your phone.

The good thing, you'll find the best case that matches your lifestyle.


Cell phone cases are available in different styles and designs. Apart from enhancing your phone's appearance, it also serves other purposes. All these benefits make purchasing a phone a good investment.

Article by Tony John
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