Cashify Review- A faster option to sell your used smartphone

Selling your old smartphone or laptop can be a huge issue, However, the technology can be an excellent option in helping you out in the task. One such app that can assist you in selling your smartphone with ease for the best possible price.

Selling your stuff had indeed been one of the difficult tasks. Of course, there are apps like OLX and Quickr, but they only act as an option to connect buyers and sellers. You may get a lot of calls, but the likelihood of a deal may not be guaranteed. Cashify is a tool that simplifies the burden and lets you sell off the phone without any sort of hiccups right away.

What is Cashify?

Cashify is an excellent mobile app that can be used to sell your smartphone. In fact, it can be a perfect option for selling a wide range of electronic gadgets apart from smartphones. The platform uses the quotation mechanism developed by the E-Commerce platform Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd.
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It has become one of the perfect platforms for selling your electronic gadgets. In fact, it can be used for selling practically any device and electronic gadget right from smartphones to televisions to washing machines and everything in between.

How does it work?

The app offers you a streamlined option that automates the process of detecting your phone and calculating the right selling price. It has a huge database for checking the model number and other data about the smartphone. In the case of other devices, you would need to enter the relevant details.
You just need to download the app on your phone, and the app takes care of the rest of the steps.
You would now need to answer a few questions. If you are looking to sell the smartphone and the app is installed, you will find it performing an automated test. The app will test all the features and arrive at the right price for you. Make sure you follow each of the instructions that the app wants to interact with you.

Once the app finds the right answers, it will quote you a price. If you are satisfied with the price, you can click on the Cashify option. You will provide your phone number here, and Cashify will arrange a pickup service to collect your device.

Any prerequisites that you would need to meet?

Well, yes. There are a few preconditions that you need to meet. Make sure you meet the necessary requirements. Some of them would include -
  • The device you are planning to sell should switch ON and should not go dead within a few minutes.
  • Ensure that you have the valid bill for the phone if it is still in warranty.

Having understood that, please note that the Cashify services are available only in select regions across India. More cities will be added soon.

What makes Cashify an excellent option?

There are a few specific reasons that we found the Cashify an excellent option for selling your smartphone or other devices that include laptops, televisions, washing machines, and everything in between.
Here are the best pointers that we found with the app and service alike -
You will get the best prices
The price when compared to other companies, are competitive enough. However, with my experience, if you are a hard bargainer, you can sell your phone for more through platforms like OLX and Quickr. However, you do have to spend time and effort haggling with prospective buyers which you don't have to do when selling on platforms like Cashify.

An easy to handle process
There are no ads and extra details you need to give except the explicit details about the smartphone and the pickup location. Then, there is no need to wait for the buyers, as in the case of other buying and selling platforms. If you agree with the price quoted to you, you can straightaway sell your device and get your money instantly through cash, Paytm or in Bank too.

The best app experience
The mobile app experience offered by Cashify makes it one of the exceptional choices. The app simplifies all your tasks. In essence, you should be able to sell off your phone in just under 60 seconds - if you want to repeat what the developers claim.

A professional assessment
The app takes care of a professional degree of assessment when it comes to providing the right pricing for your device. The best part is that you do not need to send it to any offline location before you can arrive at the right price. Moreover, you can even create a backup of your device using the app and erase every data on your phone before you sell it off.

An easy to use interface
The app is extremely user-friendly and offers a seamless experience of assessing your device and getting the perfect pricing. In essence, the easily laid out steps should ideally make it a preferred option for all your needs in selling any kind of electronic gadgets.

Anything else we should know about Cashify?

Definitely. Cashify is not only about selling your smartphone. It also offers you several other options and functionalities like Smartphone repairs, offline stores, and anti-theft solutions.
The platform believes in the adage that goes to say that one man's wastage can be another one's resource. This can indeed go a long way in reducing the unwanted E-Waste. A few points that should make it one of the excellent options can be summed up as:
  • Get a quote quite instantly.
  • Sell off your devices in a hassle-free exchange option.
  • It Offers you the device pickup option right from your home
  • The service offers you a faster cash delivery at your dorstep
  • You can be assured of a guaranteed sale of your electronic product. No more waiting for the buyers.
  • All your private information is safeguarded.

The Concluding Thoughts

So, sell off your device right away. No need to place an ad on the selling platforms; you do not need to wait for the buyers. A few clicks and you are ready to sell off your electronic device. You will have access to the best price for your smartphone (or any other gadget) without the need to go for any specific issues of any nature.
Check out the service today, and we are assured of the excellent price when compared to the local dealers or any other website. Get the best deals on Cashify and share your thoughts with us.

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