FreeTTS Review: Convert Text To Speech with ease

In this pool of TTS tools that are available online right now, it is hard to find out the good one. Today let's review FreeTTS, a free online tool that promises quick and accurate conversions. By the end of this review, you will be able to take a decision on whether this tool is worth your time or not.

There are tons of reasons to use a Text To Speech(TTS) software, like when you are travelling in a bus and want to read an article, it will be really hard to read due to the constant shakes which prevent us from reading it from our device. TTS can solve this issue because after converting text to speech you can just put on noise cancellation headphones and hear the whole article with ease.

There are many other applications for TTS like being help for visually impaired people, or for the elderly whose eyesights are weak. If you are a student, it can help you study your notes more efficiently by converting the notes to audio and hearing them.

Free TTS Review

FreeTTS just like the name suggests is a free Text To Speech online tool and the thing I liked the most with this tool is the naturality of the output voice. Most of the time it sounds just like a real person is speaking out the text. Let's see what all things this online tool can do:

Some cool features of FreeTTS

Supports 16 Languages: It supports English (both UK and US accents), French, Italian, Japanese, and many more languages. All Languages comes with both male and female audio.
freetts language
Both Free and Safe: This free online TTS tool is completely free and is totally ad-free. The developers assure us that all the audio files created are removed within 24 hours hence preventing 3rd party users from accessing them.
Powered by Google Machine Learning: The TTS engine used is Google's and you can confirm that when you see its accuracy and speed in processing the text to speech.

How to use Free TTS

Free TTS is built for all kinds of internet users and its user interface proves the same. All you have to do is type in (or copy-paste) the content on the text box. Select the language from the dropdown menu and the voice style(male or female). Click Start and in one second(Yes, it takes only 1 second for the processing) your audio file will be ready to play. If you want to save the file to your device, then you can select the option Click to download audio and the audio file will be downloaded as an mp3 file.
After the processing is complete

Pros and Cons of free TTS


Sample audio available: They have provided sample audio for all languages in both male and female version so that you get a glimpse of what you are going to get as the final product.

No registration required: They don't ask you for your email id's for any kind of registration and hence becomes more efficient by saving you some valuable time.

Technical Support: They promise free technical support and if you face any issue with the tool you can contact them with the email ID given on their official site.


Limited Characters: The number of characters should be less than 2000 or else an error will pop up. I really hope that the developer will update the tool to support at least 5000 characters or more.


Overall, FreeTTS is an awesome online tool that converts text to speech. Ad-Free experience and faster processing time are some unique features that make this free tool standout from the rest.