How Motion Sensors Contribute to Your Home Security

Read this article to know how to make your home more secure by making use of motion sensing technology. How exactly do these sensors work and what are their use cases, this and more is discussed in this article.

A motion sensor does just want it sounds like – it can detect any kind of motion. When it's connected to a transformer, that motion is translated into an electric signal. As the device is linked to an alarm, it will immediately alert a homeowner when any motion is detected.

Thanks to today's technology, you usually won't have to worry about many false alarms, including from pets as most contain functions that allow them to ignore animals weighing anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds. While they aren't 100% error-proof as they can still be caused by certain animals outside of the specific weight criteria, as well as electrical failures, power surges or user error when placed correctly effectiveness is increased while preventing false alarms.

One of the most important things for any family, or individual, is being secure in your own home. Not only do you want to keep everyone safe, but you probably don't want to lose valuable possessions either. Some of the latest statistics as reported by the FBI reveal that in 2015, more than $12.4 billion of property was stolen nationwide, with only a little over a quarter of it ever recovered. That's just part of the reason an increasing number of homebuyers today want smart homes that include security systems with motion sensors.

Used at 'Choke Points'

Motion sensors can be placed in certain areas where people are more likely to walk through, referred to as "chokepoints," like a hallway or stairwell. That way if someone breaks in, they'll trip the sensor no matter which direction they're headed. As intruders tend to head to the master bedroom where they believe valuables like jewellery are often hidden, you can put a sensor next to that room to decrease the odds of an expensive burglary, as well as other spots where pricey items might be, such as an office.

Motion Sensor Lighting Encourages Would-Be Burglars to Head Elsewhere

The last thing a criminal would want is to have light shining down on them as they try to break into and enter a home. Most target homes where residents are sleeping or out of town, after dark to avoid detection by neighbours who might alert authorities. That's why experts recommend installing exterior lights with motion sensors. When criminals see them on your property, they're unlikely to target your home, with most simply moving on to a house that appears easier to break into without being detected. Even if they don't, with lights switching on automatically as they near the property, it increases the odds that they'll be caught.

Just as with the choke points of interior motion detectors, there are optimal locations for exterior motion lights. Above doors and windows are great ideas, since those are going to be where potential burglars look first. But it's important also to think a bit wider than just the exterior walls of your home. While you don't want anyone breaking down doors or windows, you also wouldn't want anyone skulking about in the bushes or other areas somewhat away from your house itself. In this case, you should consider installing motion lights on all four corners of your home. Each of these will cover its own zone of the property so that nothing can move out there without tripping at least one of them. Even if you are asleep or not home, the very presence of those lights will make would-be criminals think twice about trying anything. Of course, as the magnitude and sophistication of your home-security tech increases, so does your bill. Maybe you get all these security upgrades over a period of months. There's nothing wrong with improving your home on a budget and in your own time. But when you do eventually complete this work, you'll feel a lot better about leaving your home unattended while you are away.

Preventing Wildlife Damage

Human criminals aren't the only ones you may need protection from. Depending on your location, wildlife might be a threat, from bears and mountain lions to raccoons. They can dig into your garbage, do damage to possessions or even pose a physical threat to you, your family and/or pets. With motion sensor lighting, those animals will be scared away the moment they approach your home.


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