What Makes a Private Blog Network Successful?

Are you trying hard to make it in the online world, fighting for a higher spot on Google? Do you want to reach your customers more quickly and effectively, but haven't really figured out a way to do so? Well, the solution to these issues you might be facing might be a Private Blog Network (PBN).

If you want to find out more about the importance of PBNs, why are they going to be useful for your website and how much time it takes for a successful PBN to provide good SEO results for your website, just keep on reading!

Why Is a PBN a Useful Tool for Your Business?

A Private Blog Network is a collection of websites that link back to your money site. It's mostly created for obtaining good SEO results as well as driving traffic and customers to your website and increasing your sales and profit. This is a great alternative way of providing yourself with organic traffic and a long-term option for success as opposed to other SEO strategies, like plain ol' SEO content and link-building.

The number one SEO ranking factor which provides authority and significance to a website is the number and the quality of the backlinks that particular website has. Therefore, a PBN helps you obtain this result in a short period of time instead of doing the whole process of link-building which will take you a lot of time, money, and effort.

If your money site has good SEO results, it means that the PBN which you have created (by yourself or through a professional PBN service) is working.

If you choose to create a PBN for yourself, you have to be aware that this includes managing multiple websites, picking out domain names, providing regular content, etc. This is why it is sometimes better to let professionals, such as LaunchCDN do this whole PBN hosting process for you for an affordable price.

Owning a PBN will help you reduce the number of resources you typically need to put in an outreach email marketing technique. This means that instead of asking for favors and links from others, you can do the whole process within your own PBN.

When Is a Private Blog Network Successful?

The purpose of the Private Blog Network is not to work for itself, but rather to support your main money site. Your PBN will be an effective and successful marketing and SEO technique if your main website becomes successful.

According to Authority Website Income, a PBN will help around 75% of websites rank higher on Google and improve their SEO results. This means that a PBN is, in fact, a quite promising SEO technique. With an effective PBN, it will take 1 month in order to improve a website's rankings, which makes it an amazing shortcut to climbing up Google's ladder fast.

That being said, when it comes to PBNs, it isn't all roses - so let's talk about the precautions you need to take.

When Does a PBN Fail?

In most cases, PBNs fail to serve their purpose when they aren't created with precision and professionalism.

Poorly created PBNs may get your website penalized and earn you a bad SEO ranking for the rest of its "online lifespan". If a PBN gets discovered by search engines for creating a false sense of authority through links to one main website, all of the websites will be deindexed and charged. So, if you want to ensure the long life and security of your PBN you should make sure to:
  • Use original and quality content for your websites
  • Different hosting companies for your websites
  • Every site from your PBN should be hosted on a different IP address
  • You shouldn't be the only owner of every single website from your PBN
  • Wait some time in order to start linking to your money site
  • The PBN should be kept a secret
  • Leave no footprints
  • Consult and, if possible, let a professional service help you with its creation and maintenance


To sum up, nowadays PBNs are an essential asset that can help you get the edge over all of your competitors and ensure your website a decent ranking on Google. A Private Blog Network will help you get good SEO results in a short period of time.

However, you can't really find out whether a PBN will be successful for your website or not unless you actually try it. There are many cases when PBNs have successfully provided amazing results to websites, mostly when those are created by professionals.

So, why don't you try using a PBN to improve your website's ranking and see for yourself whether this will be something worthy of your time and money? We give it a definite thumbs up.

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