Cloud Gaming & the Apple Arcade

Heard about Apple Arcade and want to know more what exactly it is? Read this article to know how 5G and Apple Arcade are planning to bring about a big change in the world of gaming.

Gaming has been in a state of change since the first arcades, now there is a new kind of arcade that is coming with technological advances. Apple is premiering an app service they're calling Apple Arcade. The transition into 5G, otherwise known as the fifth-generation mobile network, will revolutionize gaming, among other things. As technology continues to move forward, gaming moves with it. 5G will not only enable the ability to utilize AI, VR, and augmented reality, it will make games easily accessible from anywhere and on any device.

5G Tech

To begin explaining how this change has come about and what may occur in the future, it is best to start with the technology. 5G is currently being established in many countries around the world, and technology manufacturers are racing to be the first with active 5G phones and tablets. This is because the fifth-generation mobile network is a giant leap forward from 4G. It will enable all kinds of technological advancement we have not yet known. This includes the sending and downloading of very large files, streaming high-quality 4K video, and the facilitation of technologies like automation and virtual reality. 5G will allow games to be streamed from anywhere, on any device, from the cloud.

5G Devices

While not everyone will be able to stream games right away, those with 5G phones will soon have the ability to access games online according to MoneyPug, a site used to compare mobile phones. Samsung was the first phone company to come out with 5G-capable phones, but they won't be the last. Nearly every major phone provider wants to break into the 5G market as soon as possible. The networks, after all, are being set up around the world. While many gamers have been buying game-specific smartphones for playing, they will soon have the ability to stream games from their personal phones.

Cloud Gaming

Instead of having to insert a game or download large files, games will be stored on the cloud and accessed with the internet. This will be a game-changer because, not only will it help gamers play from anywhere, they won't have to carry around hard drives or disks. This has big gaming companies scheming to create a video game streaming platform. Sony and Microsoft, two of gaming's biggest competitors, have announced that they will team up to create a streaming service for games. But they aren't the only large company getting into the business, Apple is also interested in breaking into the market.

Apple's Arcade

Apple is planning on getting into game streaming with the Apple Arcade, its App Store improvement on game purchasing and streaming. The plan is to include the gaming subscription as a part of their new services. It is expected to have new interactive content that can be accessed on Apple products. With a crowded market of companies trying to get into game streaming, Apple is doing their best to provide a product that will entice gamers enough to subscribe.

Apple Arcade, however, won't rely on internet speed as much as their competitors. Subscribers will have access to around 100 exclusive games that users will be able to download to their devices. While this completely avoids internet lag, games have large files and most smartphones, for example, won't be able to store many games. With the transition into 5G, it seems that they are missing the component of faster streaming ability. 5G will provide faster downloads of large files, but the ability to store and play these games relies on the data available on the gamer's Apple product.

Gaming is changing fast, and many people are eager to cash in on the changes. As 5G becomes widespread, VR, AI, augmented reality, and more will become available to gamers. They will be able to stream games from anywhere and download large files. There are many avenues for companies who are looking to get in on this market early, and Apple seems to have taken the route of downloading exclusive games.

Despite the exclusivity of these games, Apple probably won't dominate the market. People will also want to stream games for their first time and avoid taking up space on their device. Still, with a service providing about 100 games that can't be found anywhere else, they are bound to have a faithful gamer following. But, it's Apple—they always have a cult following.


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