5 Influencer Marketing Tips to Springboard Your Ecommerce Business to the High Heavens

Read this article to know how to use Influencer marketing to get your eCommerce business to succeed. The precautions to take, the methods to utilize the Influencer following and all about Influencer marketing from this article.

If you want to springboard your eCommerce business to greater heights, then you need to use influencer marketing.

By working with influencers, you can gain access to their existing followers and their ability to influence them to make a purchase.

Collaborating with influencers can also improve your brand promotion and awareness (among other things).

To help you make the most out of this type of marketing approach, here are five influencer marketing tips you can use for your eCommerce business.

1. Build a Meaningful Relationship

When you've built meaningful relationships with influencers, not only will you get their commitment in helping you grow your business, but they might even give you special offers or discounts — something that you'd be hard-pressed to get if the influencer only views your relationship as a transactional one.

With online tools like Influence.co, you can find influencers within a specific niche by typing niche-related keywords in their search box and selecting from the choices within the category box.
Influence.co influencer list
You can also do an advanced search by defining the number of followers, total reach, social networks where influencers have content in, and rates, or search influencers by brands they promote, usernames, and more.
Influence.co influencer category
Tools like these can help you narrow down your search and find niche-specific influencers instead of scouring social media accounts that have a significant number of followers manually.

The quicker you can find the right influencer, the sooner you can start developing your influencer marketing campaign together.

Plus, building meaningful relationships with influencers can foster trust and loyalty between you, which can also manifest into the quality of the content they create for your campaign.

2. Create Relevant Content

With how saturated the eCommerce industry has become, the influencer you're working with shouldn't just be telling their followers to buy from you or to check out your products — they'll be far less effective if they'll do that.

Simply presenting your products to your target audience just won't cut it because your audience is looking to receive value first before they even decide to buy your products.

That's where creating relevant and value-packed content comes in.

A tried-and-tested method of offering value to your target audience is by integrating relevant and valuable content into your influencer marketing strategy.

Let's say you're running a dropshipping business.

The influencers you're collaborating with can tell their followers about the recent guide you published where you talked about the solution to a problem that they're struggling with.

As the influencer's followers are directed to your website and read your content, their questions are addressed through the information you shared in your article.

At the end of your article, you then add a link to the product that can solve their problems — a link to one of your product pages.

Guess what they'll do when they see the link to your product?

That's right, they'll click the heck out of it and buy from your store.

That right there is just one of the ways you can use content to win in dropshipping. The good news is, there are several comprehensive guides about dropshipping that you can study to grow your ecommerce business and rake in thousands of sales.

3. Establish Trust Using Influencer Testimonials

Another way of building trust with your target audience is by using testimonials from influencers.

Influencers can affect your target audiences' purchase decisions because their followers trust their opinions and recommendations.

Let's face it.

If your celebrity idol told you that a sports drink changed his life, there's a high chance you'd run to the nearest store and buy one.

Now imagine using that kind of influence on thousands, if not millions, of followers.
Influencer testimony
Influencer testimonials can help you promote your products effectively since your target audience sees them as personal recommendations from someone they trust.

Influencers are not only following social media trends, but they can also set their own trends.

This allows them to connect with their followers on a personal level. You can use this to your advantage by using that connection to influence your target audience's buying decisions.

Don't forget the principle of give-and-take when working with influencers.

You can send them an enticing offer or free samples so they can personally use your products.

Afterwards, you can get product testimonials and reviews from them that you can link to or post on your ecommerce website.

You can also increase your brand visibility by using unique hashtags that influencers can use in their reviews of your products.

4. Use Video

With the business features that social media platforms now offer, creating Instagram stores, for instance, can now be easier than ever.

When you're working with influencers who have growing Instagram followers, it'll be easier for you to promote your brand and increase your brand visibility.

Social media is also a great medium to create different types of content, such as videos.

With videos, you can create interactive FAQs, product videos, advertisements, and more.

You can work directly with influencers and publish videos in the form of product reviews, partnership deals, or sponsored content.

With interactive link sharing platforms like FameBit, you can create targeted YouTube campaigns and post them as offers that content creators or influencers can search and apply for.
create campaign on influence.co
Famebit allows you to set the specifics of your campaign, such as the products you want them to create content on, your campaign details, and your target audience plus budget.

With the platform, you can establish the specific content you want to publish first, and then find influencers who are willing to work with you to create videos about your content.

Here are a few other types of video content you can create with influencers for your campaign.
  • Tutorial videos. Influencers can show viewers how to use your products and the benefits of using your products.
  • Engaging Vlogs. Video bloggers can create activities using your products and how it affected their experience.

    Alternatively, they can do a before and after video experience with your products.
  • Fashion Showcase. If you are selling wearable products, having content creators wear these items on their videos can be an excellent strategy to showcase your products.

Videos will not only help with your brand promotion and visibility, but they can also present your content in a way that your target audience can relate with on a personal level.

5. Track Your Campaign's Performance

If you want to determine whether or not your influencer campaign is bringing you positive results, then you need to track your campaign's performance.

For instance, you can monitor the number of website visitors who landed on your product page from clicking your influencer's Facebook posts.

Some of the other metrics you can track include: <
  • Number of followers and likes
  • Referrals and shares
  • Views and reach
  • Comments
  • Promotional campaigns/coupons
  • Click to your eCommerce website
As you monitor these metrics, you will know which among your influencer marketing campaigns, ads, or efforts are working.

Final Thoughts

Despite how fierce the competition has become in the eCommerce landscape, you still have a fighting chance at growing a successful eCommerce business — you just need the right application, tools, and marketing strategies.

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