Why your online shop needs an eCommerce landing page

Read this article to know why a landing page plays a very important role in your eCommerce business strategy. Know the benefits and the method to get the just-right landing for your eCommerce business.

Having an eCommerce business today is getting more and more popular. Since it all happens online and there is no need to rent a place it is a huge cost saving. No wonder an increasing number of businessmen decide to take this path. However, it also means that the competition in the eCommerce market is getting fiercer and you have to do all it takes to stand out of the competition.

Apart from tailoring your product or service to be of the best quality for your targets, you should also reconsider your selling strategy to reach as many customers as possible and persuade them to use your offer. And in that, your godsend can be a converting eCommerce landing page which can significantly boost your sales and increase trust for your brand. Pretty neat, right?

What is an eCommerce landing page?

Generally - the landing page is a standalone web page where the visitors first land when they click on your AdWords or Facebook ad. Hence, it is the first point of contact with your company and brand. And what they see impacts on the opinion they make about your offer. Therefore, a landing page should be of excellent quality.

The main goal of any landing page is to persuade the visitors of the site to take an action such as subscribing for a newsletter, free coupons, download your lead magnet or purchase right away. And it also applies to all eCommerce landing pages. As they don't have to make the visitors purchase right away. They can indeed but if you prefer to engage your potential customers first in a different way, feel free to do that.

Benefits of an eCommerce landing page

An eCommerce landing page can help you engage your visitors quicker and if you make sure it has all the necessary elements you can be sure you are on the path to becoming an excellent e-seller. Ecommerce landing page assist you in:
  • generating more valuable leads for your business,
  • increasing conversion rate,
  • increasing return rate,
  • inspiring trust among customers,
  • building brand awareness.

If you take care of making your eCommerce landing page a landing page of high quality you can be sure that it will provide you with all the above benefits. And a good landing page means that is personalized, engaging and focused on the targeted visitors and their needs. Make sure your eCommerce landing page is all of that.

Special features of an eCommerce landing page

As mentioned before – the eCommerce landing page is pretty much the same as an ordinary landing page. However, there are some nuances you should check out when creating or improving your eCommerce one to provide your visitors with the most favorable experience.

There are a lot of tricks but let me give you a few most effective ones:
  • quoting testimonials and recommendations from other customers,
  • \preparing some discounts and special offers which you place in a visible place on your landing page (note that providing your customers with something special is also a great customer retention tactic),
  • placing only one or a few offers in order not to paralyze the customers with options.

Try to implement them on your eCommerce landing page as they have been proven to be effective and to make the landing page attractive for your customers.


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