Customer communication platform Acquire - Features & Review

This article is a review of Customer communication platform Acquire. Know what are the features of this integrated helpdesk, chatbot and live chat application and if it can be beneficial in improving the experience of your customers and increase your conversion rate.

AI-based software tools are not exactly a novelty in the world of communication development. However, their utilization has only recently begun to find favour among businesses. With applications abound for literally any industry today, have you ever thought about how groundbreaking it could be for customer communication and support?

What Is Acquire?

Acquire is a multi-channel communication software with integrated helpdesk and live chat features which focuses on providing customer and sales support. It is a very intuitive and advanced customer communication software that provides opportunities for enhanced sales and customer support through voice calls and live chat. Its features include co-browsing, profile management, voice call, AI chatbot, and live video chat for your website.
Additionally, there are multiple functionalities that you can make use of like call-center support, live call recording, and instant file sharing for pre-programmed assignment of calls to support agent. Its other characteristics include tracking visitor journey, providing unidirectional video support for the user, and comprehensive data on real-time traffic.

The platform is built to equip customer support personnel with targeted customer routing tools and messaging tools to make sure that customers are able to associate with the correct support representative, and also keeps track of the customer's journey. In addition to these, it also paves the way for enhanced customer support by underlining important information of a web site through co-browsing and screen sharing with customers.


In this day and age, where competition between brands is rife, it takes more than expeditious product and service delivery to keep your customers coming back to you. In fact, the Temkin Group reports that a simple improvement of customer experience would impact the revenue of a typical $1 billion company in a way that it could expect to earn, on an average, an additional $775 million over three years.

In light of Aberdeen Group's discovery of companies with multi-channel customer engagement strategies retaining almost 89% of their customers in comparison to 33% for companies with weaker strategies, more and more businesses are adopting a customer communication platform to converse with customers and stay abreast of their issues. And, with a proactive customer support system like Acquire's, you can do exactly this by always hitting the mark when it comes to providing great customer service.
There are many products that make Acquire the perfect choice for your business ends. Their excellent features include:

Live Chat

Did you know that according to a report by FurstPerson, as many as 77% of customers will not buy something from a website if there's no live chat option?

On top of that, a report by Forrester claimed that there was a 10% increase in the average value of orders of customers who engaged in a chat before making a purchase in comparison to those who didn't. A major reason behind this is the unawareness of your product among your customers during online shopping.

Acquire live chat assists your customer support representatives to increase the knowledge of your services and product by offering quick query resolution and journey guidance among your online shopping consumer base. You can engage prospects and subsequently convert them into buyers, provide prompt customer support, and onboard them within no time.

Customers feel much more relaxed when they have someone they can talk to who can also resolve their doubts and questions during the buying process itself. This motivated support reaffirms the faith of the customers in your services and drives them to go ahead with their buying journey.


Even though live chat is a great customer support device, it transcends its efficiency when paired with co-browsing.

As is so often the case, customers are quick to jump the ship if they can't find help on time after encountering a problem. This has been so bad that Statista reported a 69.57% cart abandonment rate of retail orders in 2019.

With a collaborative browsing software like Acquire's, your support personnel can instantly connect with your customer's web browsers and share the same screen with them. With this, they can view the same thing as the consumers and provide live, personalized guidance to customer queries.

Being able to see things first-hand gives rise to a clear comprehension of the problem statement. This allows for faster and better resolution of queries. Customers feel as if you are ever-present during their buying journey, and what's more, that you guide them through it personally.


Though live chat is a very revolutionary tool to provide enhanced customer support, it isn't feasible to always have a dedicated representative for every customer out there. Enter, the chatbot. The Acquire chatbot is an AI program that simulates human conversation and assists your customer support team by gathering, understanding, and providing information to customers in the absence of live chat personnel.

As technology evolves, so do people's expectations, and the thing that they least care about is being patient and having to wait for support and redressal of their issues. And with chatbots being able to speed up response times and answer up to 80% of routine questions, they are immensely useful in that regard. These bots can be used to engage the customer as soon as a new query pops in, and connect them to the right support agent when they are available, for better interaction.

Video and Voice Calls

Did you know that as many as 44% of consumers take their business elsewhere due to a poor experience? With a plethora of options available today for consumers, you want to make a mark on them if you want them to remember you. With Acquire's video and voice calls for better communication, you can be virtually present for your customer and ease their experience. Time spent using written chats ensures you can give actionable advice right away.

Pricing & Plans

Acquire's pricing plans are segregated into two categories, namely:
  • Team Plan: $50/agent/month [$40/agent/month (annual billing)]
  • Enterprise Plan: Subject to discussion
Team Plan: $50/agent/month [$40/agent/month (annual billing)]
  • Live chat
  • Video/Voice chat
  • Customer profiles
  • Screen sharing
  • Co-browsing with chat
  • Sales bot
  • Video and co-browsing recordings
  • API access
  • Chat note
  • Knowledgebase
Enterprise Plan: Subject to discussion
  • AI chatbot with a knowledge base
  • Video and voice call recording
  • Co-browse identify
  • Co-browse live
  • Support bot
  • Team analytics
  • Mobile SDK (iOS & Android)
  • SSO / Salesforce and ADFS
  • Multi-level account for prod, dev, stage
  • Acquire dashboard in the customer dashboard


If your aim is to attain great customer service by providing exceptional support, Acquire is an excellent option for your business. With innovative features such as live chat, co-browsing, video and voice calls, and chatbots, it is a great resource for providing enhanced sales and customer support. By channelling a single resource as versatile as this to handle concerns before they arise, you can boost customer retention unprecedentedly for your organisation.


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