Top 10 benchmarking tools for Android smartphones

Are you fond of checking out the benchmarking ratings of your smartphone, or for that matter any smartphone? Though they may not be the apps you will be using consistently, they can be useful enough from time to time. You can use these apps for comparing your devices and comparing the same models between themselves.

The benchmarking apps assist you in checking out the capabilities of your smartphone and compare it with the other phones in the similar genre. Of course, there are benchmarking apps that have set a benchmark themselves, but our focus would be to check out the best benchmarking apps that offer you the ease of use even when you are not a tech savvy person.


We are discussing Android benchmarking apps and how can one expect us to not start with Antutu. Like we stated already, it is an app that has set itself as a benchmark. It has been the ultimate word when it comes to the Android benchmarking.
The app tests your target phone in its entirety and checks the integrity of the device based on all four major elements - 3D, UX, CPU & RAM. What makes it a great choice? Well, the intensive amount of testing and parameters it covers in itself makes it a perfect option. The feature that appealed the most to us is the list of over 50 devices that it has tested. This will give you an option to test and compare your device against the listed devices. Their partnership with major players like Samsung, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Intel gives it an edge in providing powerful functionality.


Geekbench is yet another excellent option for a good Android benchmarking app. The benchmarking tool is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. While it may not be as popular as Antutu, it has been able to achieve the best results.
The latest fourth generation version provides you access to tests aimed at the real world scenarios when it comes to the updated CPUs and GPUs. The benchmarking app is basically aimed at the capabilities of your CPU and provides you with an idea of what the CPU is capable of. You can even check and compare the device beyond the OS boundaries. It can check the performance both in terms of single core and multi-core operation. Ability to compare the Android devices with the mighty Apple should give it a slightly better edge.

PCMark for Android

The PCMark benchmarking app can be an excellent option if you are checking out an overall benchmarker that takes battery life into account as well. What it excels is because of the unique way that it evaluates the device performance.
PCMark evaluates the device based on the realistic tasks and does not depend upon the man-made algorithms. There are several tests designed within the app that include Computer Vision, Work 2.0 and a host of other options. It provides you access to the detailed report of every test conducted and thus compare them across multiple devices that the app has conducted tests on. You can even save the results you have obtained and graph them over based on all the tests conducted using your device over time. That way, you would be able to check if your device is improving or degrading in terms of its performance.


Also known GLBenchmark, the GFXBench is not much popular and effective as Antutu or Geekbench, but still you will find it offers a few excellent features. Like PCMark, the GFXBench also works as cross-platform functionality and works with both Android and Windows operating systems.
gfx bench
The app provides you access to graphical performance tests and other numerous test options. The stress tests conducted by the tool should ideally make it one of the best options to test the stress performance of your Android device - whether onscreen or offscreen. The app lets you find the performance journey of your device through the graphical representation. This should ideally provide you with an input into the areas where your phone may be struggling to achieve the desired results. In essence, the GFXBench is a unique benchmarking tool that packs in a wide range of smaller apps packed into one.


Not exactly a benchmarking app, CPU - Z can be a perfect option for you if you are thinking of an app that will provide you with a piece of complete information on your device health. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it is regularly updated to make it one of the most effective app in terms of benchmarking.
cpu z
We would call it a system profiler than referring it as the benchmarking app. Of course, there are several things that the tool can perform and makes it a good option for checking the functionality of your Android smartphone. It can even perform a few manual tests on your phone and let you ensure if the phone components are working fine or need any sort of attention. CPU -Z can also check your sensors and give you an insight into if any of the components need to taken care of.


Not exactly a benchmarking app in its entirety, it can be one of the good options to test the speed and performance of your internal drive. Essentially, it works by writing a huge amount of data on your drive and reading it and then taking a measurement of the time taken to achieve the task.
disk speed
The app should be an excellent option for conducting read and write tests on your internal storage and arrive at the most reliable results. You can even use it to test the performance of your external storage as well if you are using one. It provides you with a simple option to check your internal storage performance. You can even configure and customise your benchmarking methods. In spite of being a free app, it does not come with many annoying ads as they appear only on exit.


The name itself should indicate that the app is designed specifically to work with the testing of your 3D performance of your phone. It makes your phone go through a wide range of tests specifically aimed at high-performance 3D games.
3d mark
The tests conducted provide you with a graphical representation of the results. You will also have access to a timed reference to all the tests conducted on your device. The graphical results over time can help you arrive at the best tweaking experience if you are into tweaking your devices quite often. The app can also be used to compare the performance characteristics with other devices.

Basemark GPU Mobile

Basemark GPU Mobile is an excellent option if you are looking to check out the GPU performance of your smartphone. The benchmarking tool is basically focussed on testing the graphics and gaming performance of your Android device. The tool specifically tests the compatibility of your device for OpenGL ES 3.1 and Apple Metal.
basemark GPU
The app is basically designed to run a scene that is designed to push the limits of your phone hardware and software to a maximum limit. The test scene is designed to check the lighting effects, SSAO, particle effects and post-processing. The Pro version lets you customise the benchmark settings, while the free version lacks this functionality. You can even compare the results with other devices through an online portal.

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

While the benchmarking app is much lesser known, it does come with a special mention about it that should make it stand apart from the rest. Yes, it comes from the house of Qualcomm. The company has been improving its benchmarking app and has been attempting to reach up to the level of Antutu and Geek bench.
It comes with plenty of tests that measure the web and processor performance of your Android device. Designed to test both single core and multicore performances, the Vellamo Benchmark app also includes the HTML5 performance as well. Most of the results are indicated in the form of numbers. Clicking on them can provide you with an insight into what went inside those tests and also give you access to a little technical information. There are a few additional tests that assist you in testing video and touchscreen performances as well.

CF Bench

Last, but certainly not the least in our list of the best benchmarking apps, the CF-Bench is what would provide you with a better input into the CPU and memory performance of your Android smartphone. It claims that it can target a few specific areas of your device that most other benchmarking apps fail to do. Once again, like most other apps in this compilation - CF-Bench lets you compare the results from your device with other devices.
CF bench

The Concluding thoughts

Those were a few select options for the best benchmarking apps for Android you can use to check the performance characteristics of your phone. If you are someone who loves tweaking your phone for the best performance, these tools can be an excellent option to provide you with a detailed insight into the capabilities of your device.
Check out the apps listed here and understand your device in the best possible manner. Do not forget sharing your inputs with us here.

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