Canva tutorial for readers who wish to make designs of their own

Canva is the number one design platform out there. It can give your social media accounts and website the graphics it needs to have an attractive edge. The best part is, you don't need to be a pro to do it.

Canva is the online resource and design application that can provide all the graphics that you need. The below Canva tutorial is one of the most effective tutorials to start creating attractive graphics for your business and marketing strategy.


Most of the new website owners get their layout and graphics from Canva. More than having the freedom to create their own website and social media graphics, the application is not difficult to understand. The interface is beginner-friendly, and it encourages novice graphic designers to explore possibilities with its drag-and-drop scheme.

Knowing a thing or two about the principles of design helps a lot when it comes to designing your own font styles, graphics, and templates. It is highly recommended for website owners to come up with their own design elements since this makes the site look more appealing. It also keeps your website from looking like a duplicate of someone else's.

Where to Begin

Canva specializes in allowing newbies to create their own professional-looking graphics and it is an easier platform compared to other design tools. The whole process begins with account registration.

Canva Signup Page

You can then proceed with choosing the design that you want. Is it a photo collage? A Facebook cover? Something for your website? The dimensions are set based on the option that you choose, but you also have the freedom to customize your own height and width.

Canva users can create their own graphics from scratch. The application offers a library of layouts that can be tweaked to customize each user's needs. You can make backgrounds by combining icons and images on a blank space. Most of the designs are free, but some will cost a dollar per graphic element or design.

Decide on a Theme

One can easily be overwhelmed with the thousands of fonts, templates, and icons that Canva has to offer. A wise and strategic way to go about this would be to think of a theme before doing anything. If you do not have a clear theme and strategy, you will have a hard time reaching out to your target audience.

While thinking of a theme, do some research to know more about your target audience. What are their ages? Are they mobile device users? Once the profile or the persona of your target audience is clear, it's easier to choose design patterns and themes.

Working with Fonts

If you're used to working with desktop design applications, you won't have a hard time trying to figure out Canva's design tools since there are similarities between the two. The application also offers advanced features that go unnoticed especially in the eyes of first time users. Case in point, Canva allows you to customize your own font. You can tweak the text alignment, size, and font style in different layouts. There are also advanced line height and text spacing tools that you can use.

You can also create a more balanced design by reducing or adding space between each character. If you have two or more text lines, you can use Canva's tools to fix the line height. To find these tools, you need to go to the font menu and hit the blue triangle. Click on the option that says "Text Spacing".

Playing with the Elements

Canva Elements
The application allows you to move design elements around the work space so you can easily see what works and what doesn't. You can use frames as borders for graphics, shapes to create icons, lines as partitions, free stock images for those professional-looking images, and illustrations to add your own personal stamp.

It's also easy to look for these elements. They are filed in folders that are named after specific themes. This allows users to search for images that fit their requirements with the least amount of effort. The search bar at the left bar can also be used to look for these images.

Wrapping Up

When you are ready to finalize your design, all you have to do is hit the download button. It is located at the top right side of the screen.

Canva Download

You can also choose the format that you want: pdf, jpg, or png. Canva keeps track of the designs that you make. You can always go back to a design that you made in the past, tweak things a bit and transform it into a new design for your website or social media page.

You can easily share your designs on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Gmail and Twitter. Designs that are shared via Pinterest and Facebook are embedded while only links to the design are shared via Twitter and Gmail.

Those who prefer working on their mobile devices can also download Canva. It has all of the features available on the online version, minus the tutorial and stream sections. The best part about this is the app is free.

Wherever you are in the design spectrum, Canva offers endless possibilities for you. It's every budding graphic designer's best friend. You can use the fonts, templates, and icons free of charge. You can also upload your own artworks and images on their website. Canva Marketplace has also opened its doors for design professionals. You can earn while sharing your own designs to the rest of the world.


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