Turn WooCommerce Even Better with Inventory Management Software

Read this article to know how to improve your WooCommerce efficiency with an Inventory Management software. Read all the benefits and competitive advantages it offers.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms these days. It's become so widely used because it's attractive to online retailers of all different sizes. Since it works with the WordPress publishing platform, many merchants have been able to add it to their preexisting sites even if they don't have any experience with coding. Some companies that had older WordPress blogs installed WooCommerce over them and turned them into instant e-commerce sites.

Unfortunately, many of these operations don't last very long. Companies that use a robust inventory management system alongside WooCommerce tend to fair much better than those who use the default tools. Firms that install a third-party solution like EMERGE App or a similar program are usually able to keep track of their merchandise even if they sell out of certain products quickly. WooCommerce's pack-in tools are too clumsy to handle this kind of a scenario.

How WooCommerce Works with WordPress to Deliver a Complete Retail Package

Unlike many other online shopping systems, WooCommerce is built entirely on open-source technology. Out of the top e-commerce sites in the world, WooCommerce is installed on more than 1 in 5 of them. Considering that the package was only released in 2011, that statistic illustrates how popular the WooCommerce retail bundle really is.

Nevertheless, it can't do anything by itself. WooCommerce is a plug-in, which means it leverages the site construction toolkit that comes with WordPress to list items for sale and format descriptions. Everything posted on a retailer's site is handled by WordPress itself.

Originally, the package was nothing more than a theme that ran on top of WordPress. It now includes a full shopping cart, which allows your customers to check out and purchase items using the payment option of their choice. All the forms your clients need are provided by WordPress itself as well.

All you'd ever need to complete your online store is a separate inventory management app.

Why Should Anyone Choose WooCommerce Over its Competition?

Even though there are several alternative WordPress plugins that can turn an existing blog into a store, WooCommerce beats the competition in several important ways:
  • Being open-source, WooCommerce is free
  • It supports over 300 different extensions
  • WooCommerce can be expanded through installation of other plug-ins
  • It comes with support for secure payments out of the box
  • Unlike other plugins, it can manage shipping automatically
  • It's able to run on a bare installation of WordPress, so it will remain supported for as long as WordPress continues to exist
Best of all, tech-savvy users can write their own code to further extend WooCommerce. This makes it attractive to those who are searching for something suitable for very specific use cases.

Benefits of Using a Third-party Inventory Management Solution

At one point, physical retail stores would actually shut down once a month to do a complete inventory of every product they had. Maintaining a digital inventory isn't any easier. In fact, some retailers have said that demand forecasting tended to be the most difficult challenge they faced outside of paying the bills.

A group of tech entrepreneurs came up with a solution that automatically took care of this for WooCommerce users. The result was EMERGE App, which helps to order, purchase and manage goods for sale. By providing a single dashboard for small business owners to consolidate their vendors, customers and suppliers, EMERGE App has helped businesses work from quotation to fulfillment with every business deal they make.

Technically, EMERGE App isn't a WooCommerce extension. It's actually a standalone cloud application that supports WooCommerce integration, so some clients have turned this kind of technology to also support their physical brick-and-mortar stores. Others, like those who sell on Etsy and eBay, have used it to manage all of their online operations from a single screen.

Internet businesses have to deal with very complex tax regulations, because they're capable of accepting payments from anyone living in almost any country. Business owners who turn to apps like EMERGE also find that they help them deal with multiple currencies and multi-tiered tax policies. Other features include things like calculators that handle CBM figures and landed costs, which are particularly important for those who run internationally-geared business ventures.

Those who switched to the EMERGE App also experienced less digital paperwork because it automatically imported all of their sales orders every hour. This, along with syncing product images from their store, wasn't something that WooCommerce could do by default.

Improving on an Already Great Piece of Software

News reports about these sorts of eCommerce extensions have been flooding the headlines for quite a while now. However, it's not fair to say that they prove WooCommerce is at all an anemic platform. Rather, the development of the EMERGE App and various plugins should help to illustrate just how flexible WooCommerce really is. Small business owners are encouraged to try many different configurations to figure out which combination of inventory managements apps and shopping cart accessories works best for them.


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