The Easiest Ways To Download and Install Microsoft Visio

Today, several productivity tools allow you to create different charts and diagrams. Despite the numerous tools, Microsoft Visio stands out. It provides users with more options and functions that are not available in other tools. Moreover, this tool is purposively designed to help its users make diagrams that are equipped with multiple effects and features, which are more advanced than those that can be created by other tools.

So, what is Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio is a feature-rich, yet powerful app that enables users to create diagrams and flowcharts that are fit for all occasions. With MS Visio, you can quickly get professional results since it offers different tools and templates with an intuitive interface that even newbies can navigate through. In this guide, we look at how to download and install MS Visio.

Downloading and installing MS Visio app is straightforward. The process doesn't differ from downloading and installing other MS office programs. Below are the steps you can follow to download, install, and start using MS Visio successfully.

Firstly, there's a need to get the right version that meets requirements. You can either choose from Visio Standard 2019, Visio Professional 2019, or Visio Pro for Office 365. It is worthy to note that the standard version only includes the basics; hence, if you need more templates and shapes, then you should opt for the Professional version. Additionally, you can upgrade from Visio 2016 to MS Visio 2019in order to get more update features. Even if you're upgrading, you'll still get the old features you're used to as well as new ones.

Salient Features of MS Visio 2019

MS Visio Professional 2019 allows you to collaborate with your team quickly, create and share data-linked diagrams to bring your ideas to life. Highlighted below are the three vital salient features of SM Visio 2019.

1. Create Professional Diagrams Effortlessly
a. Thousands of shapes and versatile templates: Bring your creativity to life by choosing from dozens of templates, customizable shapes, inbuilt wireframes, ideas, and other data points into an impactful and coherent story.
b. Support for industry standard: With MS Visio Professional, you can pull huge shapes from the vast library that meets your industry standards. These include Business Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0, Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.5 and Specification Description Language (SDL) compliance.
c. Built-In Validation: Run the Visio app validation engine to ensure that your workflow and BPMN diagrams have all the required elements. You can use an XML to extend the validation engine for different types of layouts.
d. Familiar Experience: Visio 2019 Professional gives you intuitive capabilities like drag and drop, auto connect, align position to build more efficient diagrams. Also, it helps give your diagrams an appealing and professional look with premade effects and themes.

2. Collaborate and Share diagrams effortlessly.
a. Simultaneous team editing: MS Visio allows you to co-edit diagrams with your team. This helps you to maintain a single version of the truth; hence, minimizing version conflicts. Besides, it enables you to see who is working on which part of the diagram, get notified about changes, and choose when to merge the changes into a single master file.
b. In-app Commenting: To help avoid confusion, you can include insights from different stakeholders by adding and replying to comments on Visio. The comments can be associated with specific diagrams.
c. Secure and straightforward sharing: With MS Visio, you can share your diagrams through a variety of reliable online repositories. For instance, you can use OneDrive, SharePoint or export files in PDF, PPTX or DOCS.

3. Connect Diagrams to Real-Time Data
a. Simple Data Linking: You can connect to Visio diagrams and shapes to data from common internal and external source. This helps simplify complex information and surface new insights. Plus, you can insert data graphics or use formatting tools to reflect on changes from the underlying data in your diagram.
b. Anywhere access: With Visio, you can view data connected to your diagrams virtually from anywhere using your favorite browser online.

  • Has a wide selection of diagramming shapes and templates.
  • It's the leading software in the market for diagramming,

  • It includes different variations depending on the edition (Standard, Professional, and Pro) with varying prices and feature options.

  • The MS Visio Pro provides various benefits including automatic updates and multiple installations.

  • Each Visio standard and professional are downloaded products and can be used for as long as they're compatible with your device.

  • Most professionals are familiar with MS Visio.

  • MS Visio is prohibitively expensive for most organizations.

  • It doesn't run on Mobile devices.

  • The program doesn't run on mobile phones.

  • The desktop version only receives update one a year.

c. Database Reverse engineering: You can create your database models using the Database Reverse Engineering (DBRE) add on.
d. Data-connected to organization charts: Generate organization charts automatically from data sources like Azure dictionary, Excel, and Exchange. This helps you save time and reduce mistakes from manual entries.

How to Install Visio

There are different ways to download and install the app. Nut, beforehand, you need to ensure that your system meets all the requirements for the installation process to take place smoothly. Highlighted below is a step-by-step guide to complete the installation process.

Also, the tool is sold as a standalone app; hence, if you don't have it yet, you can try Visio or buy it.
Visio Plan Online 2

If you already an active subscription to Vision Online Plan 2, it's worthy to note that you won't see an option to install. However, in Visio Plan 1, no installation is required since it doesn't include a desktop version.

Visio Professional or standard

If you're having one of the non-subscription options, then you should have received a product key with your purchase. Before you install the app for the first time, you will be required to login with an existing MS account and enter your product key at Redeeming your product key helps link your account with the Visio app. You're only required to this once. If you already did this, then you can go ahead and download Visio.

Depending on the Operating System you're using, find Software Center from the Start Menu and locate MS Visio App. If you don't find it, use the search box to find it. Once you get the right version of MS Visio for your needs, all you need to do is to click "install" and follow the on-screen steps. The app will be installed on your PC, and you can start using it immediately.

Step 1. Sign in and download MS Visio

1. Visit and if you're already not signed in, select sign in.
2. Sign in with the credentials associated with the version of MS Visio. You can log in using work, school or personal MS account.
3. After signing it, follow the steps below that match the type of account you signed in with for your subscription on non-subscription version Visio.

Visio Professional (Non-subscription Version)
a. From the Office home page, select Install Office
b. If you have an active account, Locate the header from the left-hand-side, select Services, and Subscriptions which lists all the MS products you own. Then Choose the Language and Bit-Version you want, and then
Tip: If you want to install Visio in a different language or bit version, select the link Other Options

Visio Online Plan 2 (Subscription Version)
a. From the home page, choose Install Office Apps> the locate other install options. However, if you have a different start page, you can visit.
b. Under Software, select Visio. From here, you can choose the language and the system bit you want, then select Install. (To install 64-bit, under Version, Select Advance, then Choose 64-bit, then click Install.)
Tip: If Visio isn't listed under software navigation heading on the left-hand side of the page, then this probably means that you don't have a license. You can contact your admin to ask if they have assigned you one.
Once you're done with the above process, Visio should start downloading. Follow the below prompts in step 2 to complete the installation process.

Step 2. Install Visio

1. Depending on your browser select Save file (in Firefox), Set Up in (Chrome) or Run in (IE or Edge).
If you see the prompt. Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Select Yes. From here, the installation process will begin.
2. Your installation process will be complete when you see the phrase, and You're all set! MS Visio is installed now. An animation will play after that to show you where to find the Visio app on your PC.

Final Thoughts

MS Visio is a powerful tool with rich features. If you are looking for a versatile tool to help you creating fascinating diagrams and presentation, then you should think of Visio over other devices. The process of downloading and installing the app is pretty forward. Follow the above-highlighted procedure, and you will be safe to start your project.


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