10 Reasons Everyone Wants to Become a CPA

Do you want to become a CPA professional? Read this blog to get an idea about the 10 Reasons Everyone Wants to Become a CPA. Also find the best cpa coaching in Kerala

The Uniform CPA Examination is a qualification exam to enable a person to become a Certified Public Accountant. This exam is to ensure that only the candidates who meet the qualifications and knowledge level needed are given the title of being a Certified Public Accountant. Any person who is interested to become a qualified CPA has to go pass this exam.

The Uniform Certified Public Accountant Exam consists of four sections in total. Each of this sections is an exam of a duration of four hours. These sections are AUD or Auditing and Attestation, BEC or Business Environment and Concepts, FAR or Financial Accounting and Reporting and finally REG or Regulation. The candidate wishing to earn the Certified Public Accountant qualification is required to pass in each of these four sections within a maximum period of eighteen months. The minimum score of seventy five marks is required to pass in each of these sections.

The CPA exam is held in four separate testing windows throughout the year. The first window lies between January 1st and March 10th. The next window is scheduled between April 1st and June 10th. The third window lies from July 1st and September 10th whereas the fourth and final window lies between the dates of October 1st and December 10th.

This esteemed and highly regarded qualification is sought by numerous people around the world. Here are ten reasons why everyone in the field is looking to become a CPA.

  1. As a CPA you command a higher salary than non CPAs

  2. A Certified Public Accountant is in high demand across different industries. Hence a person holding a CAP licence is seen to command, on an average, 10-15% higher salary than their counterparts who do not hold a CPA qualification.

  3. Your CPA licence provides you the benefit of better opportunities when it comes to getting hired

  4. A CPA qualification tells the employers that you are trained and qualified to the standards required in the industry. This means any employer is more inclined to choose you over another candidate without a CPA licence to hire.

  5. Respect and prestige is enjoyed in the society by a CPA

  6. Certified Public Accountant is a big qualification and being a qualification of such stature, it commands huge respect among the people in the industry and also the general public. When you are a CPA, your value as an asset to society grows.

  7. You don't have to worry anymore about your job security

  8. A CPA will have a job as long as people in this world are making money. Especially when you are part of a workforce whose employment growth rate till 2024 is predicted to be a whopping eleven percent!

  9. A CPA licence goes a long way in your career development

  10. Certified Public Accountants hold a lot of advantages over unlicensed accountants. Internal Revenue Service, the federal agency doesn't accept representation from a non CPA licence holder. Also, only CPAs can legally attest the documents to be submitted at the Security and Exchange Commission.

  11. Your career growth will always be an upward climb

  12. There are only two ways to stunt your career growth as a CPA, to err in your work or to work without putting your heart into the job. As long as you are putting all your ambition and efforts in the job, your career will only grow bigger.

  13. You are the person everyone comes for advice

  14. Your qualification in the financial matters and laws make you the go-to for friends and family when they need any kind of advice or help. You can pride in the fact that you are always of use to your loved ones!

  15. You get to travel a lot

  16. Auditing takes you to different places for your job. And the best part is that you get paid for making the trips!

  17. Multiple side options

  18. When a CPA needs a change of scenery, they can explore consulting, trading, recruiting and training for a new path!

  19. You have a lot of variety

When you can choose from such a wide variety of jobs in the sectors of finance, management, tax and auditing, you are sure you are not going to get bored of working anytime soon!

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