Best Android and iPhone apps to do HD VoIP calls

If you want to talk to your loved ones in full HD picture quality and are looking for such apps for both iPhone and Android, this is the place to be. Today we are telling you about the top 5 apps for VoIP calling in HD quality.

Back over time, most of the people were only dependent on the mobile network to communicate with any other person around the world. But right now the trend has been completely changed. There are several VoIP apps that you can use to chat, call and communicate with your friends.

Just a few years back, the price for 1GB data for a month was way more than today's 2GB/Day for 3 months. Special thanks to Reliance Jio for making a huge contribution in growing India Digitally.

As of now, most of the people prefer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) instead of local mobile networks. The reason is simple, it's cheaper and easier too. You can even do video chats to see your friends and closed ones live on your phone screen for no additional charges at all.

So if you're looking for the best mobile apps for doing HD VoIP calls then keep reading, I'll get you covered. Also, I'll try to list out apps available for both Android and iOS users.

Top 5 Best Apps for Doing VoIP Calls


Discord HD VoIP call
Discord is one of the most popular chatting apps on the Internet. Most of the Gamers use this app to communicate over voice calls on the Internet during their gameplay. Using Discord is also too simple, you need to create your own servers or join any other servers to get connected with the people.

Discord is completely free to use application, you can download it from the official Google Play Store. The quality of voice calls on Discord is amazing. Inside your custom rooms or servers, you can change settings like you can set the volume for each particular person in the room.

Also, you can mute other persons if you don't want their voice to come to you. With that, there are options to send text messages too. If you're a Gamer, I'll highly recommend you to use this app for communicating with your teammates while gaming.

Though PUBG already has an option to voice chat during the game, you can still use it while playing other games that don't have this option.


Whatsapp HD VoIP call
In today's era, if you're using a smartphone, you'll definitely be using Whatsapp on it. Whatsapp is the number one messenger application. It has millions of downloads on Google Play Store. With the new updates, it gets more and more amazing.

If you're living apart from your family for any reason, Whatsapp helps you connect with them easily. You can do voice calls, video calls, send text messages, stickers, emojis, etc. You just need to save contact numbers in your contact list and you can directly add them into your conversation on your Whatsapp.

Also, in a recent update, they have featured group video call feature, now you can enjoy video calling with your whole group of friends simultaneously. With that, you can send them your videos, images, and also other important document files through it. I'm sure 95% of the people reading this post are definitely using Whatsapp on their phone already.


Skype HD VoIP call
Skype is a well known VoIP Calling app for making video calls all over the globe. I think most of you guys are also familiar with it. It enhances the audio experience to boos video calling experience a bit more. The premium users can also call on landline contacts directly using Skype.

With calling, you can also send text messages to chat with your friends, relatives or colleagues. But the only drawback is that you can't share files on Skype. It is popular for doing high-quality video calls. Also, the desktop version of Skype is more amazing. If you're installing it on your phone, okay that's fine, but make sure to check out the desktop app too.

It has a clean and very simple interface which makes easy and fast to connect on video chat with your contacts. So if you just want to spend a good time with any person, you can use Skype to do so.

Google Duo

Google Duo HD VoIP call
With an increase in user's interest in VoIP calling, Google itself launched its video calling app called Google Duo. You might have seen their ads on Television and on YouTube too. You just need to install the Google Duo app from play store on both of the phones and you're all set to get connected to each other.

It is completely free of cost and very simple to use. As in every other app, you just have to create your account with your Google account and you're ready. It gives one of the best voice and video experience during the call.

Google Duo is available for both iPhone and Android users. If you haven't checked it yet and do video calls a lot, we'll recommend you try Google Duo once, you might take the decision to switch to Google Duo from that app.

Facebook Messenger

FB messenger HD VoIP call
Facebook Messenger is yet another one of the best VoIP calling apps. If you use the Facebook app then chances are you're definitely using Facebook Messenger to send messages over your Facebook friends. Generally, people use it for just chatting purposes but you can also do voice and video calls using it.
You can even set it as your phone's default messenger to send and receive text SMS directly on the Facebook Messenger app. You can send multimedia files, emojis, and stickers too.

Also, with new updates, new camera filters get updated so you can also send selfies directly with your Facebook Messenger app. It's directly connected with your Facebook account so you just need to log in with your Facebook credentials.

This app gives you a bunch of different features so it covers a hell lot of storage. So there's Messenger Lite version too for low spec devices, you can check that out if you feel uncomfortable with it.

Final Thoughts

This was our list of Top 5 Best Apps for Doing VoIP calls that are available for both iOS and Android users. Still, there are a lot of other options in the market but I tried to list only the best ones. If you think you're using some better alternatives from these, let us know we'll try considering that too in our article.

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