How to Send Large Files from iPhone to Android/PC without iCloud

Not able to transfer large files from your iPhone to your Android smartphone or PC due to the size limit on iCloud? Fret not, here we are to tell you the ways in which you can transfer very large files from iPhone without using iCloud.

Do you want to transfer your files from your iPhone to any other device? Are those files too big to send over Whatsapp/Gmail or the pre-installed Mail app in the iPhone? Then you definitely need to read this article. Because here I'm going to reveal some ways by which you can send over 1GB+ large size files to any other device very easily.

Generally, the possible ways to transfer files via the Internet are Gmail, Facebook, and Whatsapp, etc. Most of the people use these apps to send any video, image, or any other document over the Internet. But you can't transfer big video files of 1-2GB through any of these platforms.

Gmail and Facebook are just limited to 25 MB transfer size limit, whereas Whatsapp only allows you to transfer a 16MB video file. We aren't just going to talk about sending large video files, but you can send any type of file through these tricks.

The commonly used way is iCloud, but that only works for iOS devices. So here we have some other alternatives of iCloud to send large files with an iPhone. Let's move ahead know what are those possible ways to send large files from your iPhone to Android/PC.

How to Send Large Files from iPhone to Android/PC

Air Drop

iPhone has an in-built solution for large file transfers called AirDrop. Not talking about PUBG AirDrop...Lol! Anyways, if you want to send large video files to your friend, you can directly send them through AirDrop. It is one of the fastest file transfer services but it's only built for iPhone.

Basically, AirDrop sends files over WiFi and Bluetooth. So whenever you enable it, your WiFi and Bluetooth will turn on automatically. You can enable it directly by swiping up. Or if you don't find AirDrop there, you can simply search for it in settings.
airdrop attached
So if your friend also has an iPhone, I'll recommend you to use AirDrop to send them your desired file easily. You just need to keep both devices close to each other and start AirDrop. Select your files and hit that Send button, the file transfer begins.

GoogleDrive/Dropbox Storage

If you want to transfer files from an iPhone to a non iOS device. Then you can go with Google Drive or Dropbox storages. You can't use iCloud to send data to an Android or Windows computer. You can do the same by using these online storages.
Gdrive interface
All you need to do is download the Google Drive or Dropbox application on your iPhone or use the website. You'll have to sign in with your Gmail account to start uploading your data. Once you sign in, just tap on the '+' icon to add files on your personal online storage.

It supports large files so you can just upload your files. By default, the files you upload are personal on your storage. To share it with your friends or anyone, you have to make it public. All you need to do is generate a sharable link.

You can just normally right click and get the link to the uploaded file and then share it with your friends. They can normally download your uploaded file from your GDrive storage by clicking on the download icon.

For Dropbox, you just need to create your account and do the same. Go and check yourself it's too easy you don't need any technical skills to upload and share download links.

One more thing I'd like to discuss is that you'll get 15GB of storage on your GDrive and just 2GB storage on your free Dropbox account. I think that's enough for you to share your files, if you want to share more files, you can just delete the existing files which are covering the storage.

Also, if you wish to get more storage than 15GB, you can just use any other Google account and upload your files there. Damn! You can get unlimited storage for completely free.

USB Transfer

We talked about iPhone to iPhone transfer, iPhone to Android/PC transfer. But if you want to share your files from iPhone to your computer. You can normally do it by connecting your iPhone to the computer through USB cable.
USB transfer of files iPhone large files
Now there are several ways to transfer files from iPhone to Windows computer using a USB cable. You can use iTunes to transfer or sync all files to your computer or you can just normally connect your PC to the computer via USB cable. Head over to 'My Computer' and under Portable Devices section, you'll see your iPhone.

Also, just make sure you've unlocked your iPhone otherwise you won't get access to your iPhone's storage in the computer. Then you can normally copy, paste or move your files from your iPhone storage to your computer. For an android phone, I'll suggest using GDrive. But for iPhone to PC, I think USB is a good option to transfer files.

Airdrop/iTunes for Mac

If you're having Mac, then you definitely should use iTunes on it. You just need to connect your iPhone to Mac using USB and open iTunes in it. Under the files section, you can see all of your iPhone data and sync it to your Mac.

Also as it's an iOS device, you can use AirDrop to transfer big files very quickly. The steps are all same, you just have to open AirDrop, select your desired files and click on the send button. Believe me, it's the best way to transfer large files from iOS to iOS device.

Final Thoughts

So I tried listing all those best possible ways to send large files from iPhone to Android/PC without using iCloud. Normally people use iCloud for iPhone to iOS transfer. But if iCloud isn't an option for you, you should definitely go with any of these ways.

All of these tricks are 100% working and don't think much about it, just go and try yourself. Still, if you're trying to send from iPhone to iPhone, prefer using AirDrop. However, for Android and Windows, I've listed the other tricks too.

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