OJoy A1 Smartwatch Review - A watch for kids that is really smart

Are you looking for a smartwatch for kids with GSP tracking? Take a look at oJoy smartwatch, made for kids. We have used the device for a few weeks and read our conclusions.

The Ojoy A1 SmartWatch is just one of the hundreds of smartwatches that have popped up recently. With the new smart-watch trend flaring up, people are keen to get their hands on one. What separates this particular SmartWatch from the dozen others you ask? Let's find out.

Most importantly, the Ojoy A1 is designed specially for (though not limited to) usage by kids. It comes in two colours: blue and pink, both vibrant and colourful and more importantly, pleasing for children's eyes. Powered by the customized kid friendly Kido OS and featuring a constantly updated 'Magic School' (learning app) the watch stands out among the flood of competitors. The customizable home screen, in addition to featuring a cosy and kid-friendly dial also features a more macho old fashioned one.

First Impressions

I opened the box in front of the kids and the first reaction from my youngest child was 'wow, awesome'. But that wasn't the case with me and my wife. The device appeared more like a toy than a truly smart device. When we say "smartwatch", the prejudice that we all have is, it should look like a formal Apple-watch-kind of a device.

But our perception of Ojoy changed in a few hours after we started configuring it. While the phone looks very child-friendly (for a reason), behind the dial it is a true Android smart device. The capabilities built into the device makes it a very smart companion for your kids and an excellent child tracker device that brings joy to the parents.

Before I talk about my review and overall experience with the watch, let me share the specs and features.

What's in the Box

Cutting to the chase, here's what you get inside the box.

- 1 Ojoy A1 SmartWatch, of course
- 1 Charging Cable
- 1 Quick Start Guide

Watch this video review by Ebad Rahman Tech

Now, let's go into the features that make the Ojoy A1 so special one by one.


Pretty common these days but nonetheless, a necessary mention. The front-facing 2 Mega Pixel camera not only captures photos but also records videos. The Gallery also features a ton of fun filters and stickers for kids to play and experiment with. Kids can share the fun by sharing photos and videos with contacts. After all, Happiness is true happiness when it's shared!


Yup, you heard that right. Whether they need to or not, kids can know whether it's the right day to go out and play. Of course, you'll need to set up an LTE connection first, but hey, leave that to the parents.


This is for the fitness-interested kids. However, it's not merely a step counter. Kids can check steps, distance, calories on the watch. Parents can also check kids' activity level, progress, ranking and exercise level on the companion app. In addition to displaying how many steps the child takes in a day, the watch also displays the child's progress and his/her position among other children. By providing a competitive environment, the watch bolsters a child to put in maximum effort, as well as for parents to encourage them.


This is pretty much the A1's ace in the hole. For concerned parents, this is a lifesaver. After enabling it from the Ojoy App, parents can keep track of their child. Be it a crowded mall or a busy marketplace, parents can instantly find their kid's location through the Ojoy App.


Parents can setup calendar events in the App, a good tool to keep children on schedule for schools and afterschool activities. Parents can even assign tasks to children and give them reward stickers in the watch.


As a parent, there is a good chance you are frustrated because of the dozen or so spam calls and SMS messages you receive everyday. Well now, your children won't have to worry about that. The A1 automatically rejects SMS messages and calls from all except contacts white-listed from the Ojoy App. Despite its innocent appearance, the A1 has amazing sound quality and recognition. In fact, it sounds like the caller is standing right next to you.

Kids can also chat with friends and parents. Too much freedom? Not to worry. The watch makes sure that children can only send pre-set text messages – " How are you?" for instance which can of course be replied to in full length by parents from the companion app. They can also send voice messages (up to 60 seconds long), pictures, videos and of course, fun emojis. Parents can receive the messages through the companion App, as well as friends who have an Ojoy Watch as well.


Though we've already mentioned it a number of times, Team Ojoy has made mentioning it worthwhile. The watch is powered by the Kido OS. As the name suggests, it's designed for kids. It's full of animations and has a cute and cosy interface. For instance, the step counter has a 'Kido character' that gradually upgrades to different levels as the child walks and achieves targets every day. All in all, it's pretty intuitive and fun to play with.


For the children interested in learning, the 'Magic School' is a learning app. The constantly updated database lets children train their mathematical abilities, ranging from geometry to multiplication and division and even learn a new language like Chinese! The options are currently a bit limited but we are expecting updates soon.


After all, a watch is a watch. But of course, you must have realized by now that the Ojoy A1 is not just any watch. The home screen displays the time and can be customized as per the child's preferences. There are four dials that the child can choose from and a number of themes as well.


There are too many features packed into this handy gadget to go into detail. Of course, a few smartwatches might have a voice recorder. But do they have funny sound filters or pre-set equalizers? Well, the A1 has them, at any rate. But the HD voice recorder is just one of a dozen tools in the 'Toolbox'. There's also the customary alarm clock, stopwatch, a calendar and of course, Bluetooth. You can even set tasks for your child to complete!

So why wait? You better hurry if your child doesn't want to be left out. Order your one of a kind Ojoy A1 Smart Watch today!

Specifications of Ojoy Smartwatch

A review wouldn't be complete without the device's specs. The OJOY A1 features a 1.4-inch (320×320 pixels) display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection and is powered by the Qualcomm SnapdragonWear 2100 backed with 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM. It has IP68 water resistance a 2 Megapixel front camera with 84-degree wide-angle lens. It measures 48×40.5×4.25mm in dimensions weighing in at 51 grams, backed with 800mAh battery.

Overall Review

It has been nearly 1-month since my kid started using the watch. Even though my son finds a lot of fun using the watch, I find it a useful tracking device. My son's school doesn't allow kids to wear any kind of electronic watches, which made my son very upset. The phone actually has a "school mode" which makes the phone deactivated during the school hours but that wasn't sufficient to convince my school to allow the watch. But I do find it very useful when I send the kid to tuition, drawing classes, shopping etc. In fact, my child started disappearing purposefully in the shopping malls so that he can be traced by me using the watch!

Overall, Ojoy is an excellent piece of work. Excellent visual design that is perfectly appealing to the kids. A lot of features are built into the device taking advantage of the power of Android. Behind the kid-friendly design, there is a solid smart device. If you are looking for a smartwatch with built-in child tracking capabilities, go for Ojoy.

Article by Tony John
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