11 Benefits of Project Management Certifications for IT Professionals

Read this article to know how you can advance your career in the IT sector by getting Project Management Certification. Know the advantages and skills you learn by such certification and what advantage it gives you in the industry.

IT is a popular career field now due to the boom that is experienced on the internet. Lots of companies have been set up online which result in many new jobs available. Many young people started out programming their own websites but they eventually decide to take up a position with these online companies.

If you aim for a project management position, you should consider taking a PMP certification as it will equip you with the knowledge in skills to carry out the project management more efficiently. The following are 11 advantages you can gain when you enrol in project management (PMP) certification program.

  • More Efficient Management of Company Resources
    PMP certification program teaches you how to use the company resources effectively and avoid overrunning the project budget. The allotted budget is all you have to run the project campaign so you need to spend wisely only on aspects that can contribute to the project success. You learn how to revisit the project budget so that you can keep on track in the project resource usage.

  • Increase Project Success Rate
    Data shows that the increase in the number of stuff holding PMP certification can increase the chance of project success rate in the company. Certified project managers are more capable of completing projects at the due time within the designated company budget. The certification can compensate for your lack of experience if you are a newbie applying for the job. If you are experienced and has been working in the field for many years, getting the certification can possibly help you to obtain a promotion in the company.

  • Attain Global Recognition
    PMP is a globally recognized certification and gets its accreditation from ISO/IEC 17024. It is widely recognized no matter in which part of the globe you apply for the project management job. It can get you a membership into the Project Management Institute (PMI) which has hundreds of thousands of members who are in the project management field. The membership can give you an advantage and increase your marketability globally.

  • Easier to Land on a Job
    PMP certification in Dubai from a respected college like Atton Institute is widely recognized by many employers when they are looking to hire new employees to fill project management positions. Lots of people apply for project management jobs due to high demand. Due to the fact, companies will first filter out as many applicants as possible and first interview the best ones that hold the PMP certification. In addition, it has become a mandatory requirement in many companies for candidates to hold a PMP certification. Get more details at https://atton-institute.com/training-courses/project-management.html.

  • Earn a Higher Income
    Project managers earn a high income so getting a certification makes sense. According to a PMI survey, certified project managers earn 29% more compared to non-certified project managers. The average salary a certified project manager earn is $108,000. Female PMP certified holders tend to earn more compared to certified professionals in other fields. Having a certification also reduce your chances of getting laid off during retrenchment. Many project management professionals claim that they see an increase in your compensation roughly after 1 year of completing the program.

  • Obtain Important Skills in Project Management
    PMP course allows you to learn all the skills that are required to excel in the project management field. You will learn how to set goals and make use of the resources allotted for the project. The resources can include time, labor, and finance budget. You will learn how to document your project from start to completion for the superior to review. You learn how to use different software to manage your project and keep track of the milestones. You get training on how to communicate well with your team and clients. Besides, you are also armed with the knowledge of the latest changes and processes.

  • Earn Respect from Employers and Colleague
    Having experience plus certification allows you to earn the respect of your colleagues. After earning the certification, you will get to add the word PMP at the end of your name in your job title. This will boost your confidence and help you to perform better in the job. Your employers will see you as someone who is dedicated to your job and is serious about staying on the job for the long term. Even if you already have a degree, taking a PMP certification course will be able to add a professional achievement. It shows that you understand the standards and have done your part in meeting them for your job. It also helps to increase the company's image that they have high-quality project management staff.

  • Get to Handle More Responsibilities
    When your employer has faith in you, he will be more willing to assign more important responsibilities. You will be able to easily land on projects that are more prestigious. You may also find yourself starting to take the initiatives to do something beyond your present responsibility. You will be able to take your company to the next level and get recognition among other employees.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    PMP certification allows you to provide better customer satisfaction on the delivered projects. Clients are more confident towards your abilities when they see that you hold a certification. It can result in smoother business dealings, and the clients may also be willing to entrust you with a bigger project.

  • Learn to Communicate Professionally with Industry Jargons
    You will get to learn jargons used by professionals in the field. Knowing how to speak the jargons allow you to communicate more effectively, which is an important factor in helping you to successfully lead a team. You'll also speak jargons when you are discussing a project with the clients and stakeholders. It gives you an opportunity to network with the professionals.

  • Boost Your Self Confidence
    PMP certification can improve your self-confidence - you will have more faith in your capability to handle the job, considering that you have passed the PMP exam which is known to be difficult. Passing the exam can give you confidence and challenge you to go ahead with the career confidently. The personal satisfaction instilled in you can improve your job performance.

These are all the advantages you get from getting a certification in Project Management Certification. Use the comment section to ask us any question you might have.


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