How Small Businesses Can Craft Link Building Strategies to Power Their Growth

Do you know the tactics that can be used for improving your website traffic from hundreds to thousands? How do the backlinks help you to enlarge your business? Read this article to know the link building strategies that can be used for small businesses to boost their growth.

Search engine optimization has always been considered to have two important pillars, great content, and great links. In fact, Google themselves had admitted that they considered these two factors as the most important one for raking websites. Since then, SEO has evolved quite a lot, and it can be tempting to ask whether, like great content, link building remains as relevant and important. SEO experts agree that while there is a fundamental shift in the way link building is implemented, it is still very important for SEO. While earlier, it was the practice to increase the number of the links to the maximum possible as it was thought to be beneficial to SEO, the introduction of Google's Penguin Spam Filter changed the game forever. It is now part of the core algorithm and penalizes websites that have irrelevant, spammy, or thin content backlinks so that attention has not shifted to ensuring that the links are of very good quality and add to the site's authority.

The Importance of Link Building in SEO

Essentially, links are connections between different web pages and act to demonstrate to search engines how they are related. Search engine bots that are constantly scanning the web pages discover and follow the links and make it a part of the ranking result after analyzing the popularity, authenticity, trustworthiness, and expertise of the pages linked. The better the quality of the backlinks, the more it will exercise an influence on SEO and page rankings, however, if Google discovers a lot of spammy links to your website, it will automatically downgrade you. Some important steps involved in crafting a profitable link-building strategy:

  • Know Your Target Audience

  • One of the main purposes of building links is to grow your target audience, however, for the audience to expand or to identify a new target profile, it is very important that you know what the current audience profile is and what they should ideally be. It is only when you are able to get a fix on the target audience that you can reach them to content that they will find useful and relevant. However, it is evident that expanding the current base of the audience can be difficult unless you are able to reach out to them using links from other quality sites.

  • List out Websites That Are Interesting to Your Target Audience

  • Once you have been able to profile your target audience, both present and desired, it can be very helpful to make a list of all the websites that have an immense appeal to them. This is necessary because, otherwise, you will not know where your links will be most effective when embedded in their content. If you are able to get backlinks from sites that have a very high appeal to your target audience, it follows that you will be able to generate high-quality organic traffic to your site. Scholarship link building, for example, is only effective when you have been able to identify very high-quality academic websites that have a natural fit with your business.

  • Upload Content That Is Useful, Relevant, and Value-Added

  • Since the only reason why other sites would even consider linking to your site is that you have content that is useful to their users, it is important that you have content that is really outstanding in terms of quality, relevance, and usefulness. When website administrators of other sites discover how good your content is, they will be inclined to link to your site. This will open the doors of your site to expand its base of target audience because users will be visiting your site following to those links. When Google senses that the volume of your site's traffic has increased from these referral links, your site will automatically be rewarded with extra authority that will be reflected in better SERP rankings. Additionally, you will benefit because you get the chance to impress the referral traffic with great content that paves the way for conversions. Great content does not necessarily have to be in text, you can use infographics, tables, and video as well as photographs with great impact. In fact, most content marketers suggest that the text content be kept as crisp as possible and the users are led towards visual content that their brains can process faster. According to, 52.5% of the global web traffic was generated on mobile devices, thus, it is all the more important that the content is visually oriented for better comprehension. Be very careful that you get your facts right and that the style of writing is lucid and free of spelling or grammatical errors that can easily put the credibility of the content at risk.

  • Customize Content to Meet Website Profiles and Reach Out for Links

  • Even if you have awesome content, it does not mean that all websites will be willing to link to it unless it matches their expectations regarding quality standards as well as formatting. So, if you are writing a blog, it can be worthwhile to find out which sites would be interested in linking to it and then customizing the blog to their expectations. Generally, it is better for content to be more specific using a long-tail keyword approach even though with this approach, the number of websites that could potentially link to it goes down. Remember, users, are on the lookout for content that is value-added and not general in nature. Once the content is ready, you should reach out to the websites that you think you will most benefit by and request a link. Most sites welcome content that their users will like even if it has been generated by them. Reaching out can be done in multiple ways right from using the trusted email to social media or even a phone call.


Acquiring new audiences is a never-ending game so you should be ready to engage in implementing link-building strategies on a continuous basis. It is most important not to chase after the number of links but to focus on building great content and getting links from sites that same the audience profile that you want.


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