How to drive organic traffic to a new Blogger blog?

If you have just started a new blog on Blogger platform and expecting traffic from popular search engines, you might want to read this article that explains the best possible way to optimize your blog and drive quality search engine traffic.

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms for anyone starting their journey in this field of work. People choose to use Blogger due to its simplicity and ease of use and the most important fact being that one need not worry about hosting issues as blogs run in this platform are hosted directly by Google's super reliable servers. Adding more to its convenience, there are many free themes/templates available for this platform a.k.a. Blogspot templates that work pretty well in most cases.

If you go out asking for opinions of experts on how to get search engine traffic on blog, you will be tired hearing the same advice repeated again and again - "Content is king!".

Of course, quality content matters and that is nothing new to be stressed upon as serious bloggers would definitely try to publish their best content on their blog. What is more important is how to drive good traffic, especially organic traffic, to a blog with such good content.

Content is king but Consistency is the key

The main mantra of making your new blog get a lot of traffic is to maintain a consistency of publishing great quality content. Consistency has been proved beneficial time and again for most bloggers and especially on the Blogspot platform, you will reap rich benefits if you can publish daily (if possible).

Depending on the niche of your blog, try not to overdo the content creation thing and stick to one or two articles, preferably a single post, every day during the initial days.

However, for a job or career-oriented niche you can go up to as many as 3 posts daily and nothing more than that during the starting phase. Once the traffic starts building up, you can adjust your posting frequency and the total number of posts to be published as per the requirement of your blog and also taking into consideration the demand from the readers perspective.

SEO matters but User Experience comes first

So much of hype is being created on a three letter acronym called SEO that newbie bloggers often tend to faint on the very first day wondering how to power up their blog with SEO advantage. Search engine optimization, if done correctly will, of course, be beneficial for the blog in getting ranked high in popular search engines but that is a long term process and you can create your SEO profile eventually while continuing to blog the right way. During the initial days, all that you need to focus in terms of search engine optimization is to set up the meta title, meta description, robots.txt, and custom robots header tags properly to get started and the rest will follow. Also not to forget, add your blog on Google Webmaster Tool and set up a sitemap for better indexing.

To get the most visibility, try to give the readers a pleasing experience when they drop by to read your blog and that will convert into many returning and new readers on the long run. Put up a decent theme that suits your content with a clean layout and also make sure it is responsive for smaller devices.

Off-site SEO like creating backlinks, commenting on similar blogs etc. may be important but need not be set on priority when you have just got started with your Blogger blog. Instead, you may utilize your social media profile or create a new one for your blog to interact with readers and share your content. While creating a social media page, try to be active by interacting and sharing interesting content relevant to your blog rather than just sharing each and every article you have published in chronological order.

Above all this, the page loading speed also plays a very prominent role in maintaining a good bounce rate and increasing a good readership base.

Patience sounds simple but the biggest hurdle

Patience in blogging is something that only serious bloggers can have. For all the rest, it poses as the biggest hurdle because this essential trait is considered the lifeline for the success of any blog and not necessarily meant for those build on the Blogger platform alone.

At times, there may be a sudden decrease in traffic or frequent ups and downs without any known reason. It is very natural during the initial days and you can do nothing about it other than to continue publishing at least one good quality content every day without expecting results. Trust me, it is not going to be long that you finally get to taste success from your promising blog.

Another frustrating factor that you might encounter while running your Blogger blog is that of indexing and de-indexing issue that is faced by most Blogger users. You need not worry as it is temporary for every new blog and once the bots start crawling and get acquainted with the structure of your blog, indexing will be fast and in most cases, also instant.

Custom Domain on Blogger makes the difference

When we go for marketing and stand in the midst of countless shops and stores, what is the first thought that makes us choose a particular one instead of any other. Of course, it will be a store that is well established or has a name for itself that makes people come trolling to buy goods and services.

A custom domain in Blogger also creates that trust which in addition to other aspects like the overall quality of the blog and reliability of the information shared is an important factor and helps to get a good number of valid traffic to your blog. While choosing a custom domain, try to register a ".com" TLD instead of any other as it fairs well on most occasions. It will be even better if the name of the domain is either a unique word or is keyword rich.

However as keyword rich domains are very difficult to get in the present age, consider choosing a name that can be easily memorized and reflect a good brand impression.

Minimal or no ad-clutter makes the impression

When you have just started off with your Blogger blog, you need not rush to add banner or text ads or even in-text or popup ads to spoil the user experience in the very beginning. Monetizing a blog is a good thing and also the primary objective for most bloggers but there is a time for everything.


If you are in haste of making money right from the very first day, you will earn nothing but frustration that will eventually lead to the closure of your blog and spoil your morale to try again.

Therefore, take your time and wait for a perfect moment when you can convince yourself that your blog has a stable count of visitors and you will be good to go with monetizing your blog. But again, don't overdo it and spoil the user experience. Just question to yourself, what would be the impression if you are visiting a blog looking for a piece of serious information and you are welcomed with endless banners and pop-up advertisements. A clutter free and content-rich layout is the ideal approach.

Concluding thoughts

Before wrapping up this article, we would also like to bust those myths making rounds on the internet that Blogger blogs are not SEO friendly and not going to rank good on search engines. In fact, Blogger Blogspot is a wonderful platform that makes you a good blogger as you don't have to waste time in the server or CMS management and you can invest all your time in keyword research and content creation.

Simply because Wordpress is a very popular and good CMS doesn't imply that Blogger is not good. Actually, both have their own share of advantages and disadvantages but like any other blog irrespective of its platform, you can easily drive decent organic traffic to it using the above suggestions and also with a good strategic approach while creating your content.


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