Internet Security or Internet Speed? A Choice You Don't Have to Make

Read this article to how we can prove that you don't have to sacrifice Internet security for the sake of Internet speed. Learn how Internet security software can make sure that their presence doesn't hamper your PC's speed while maintaining their efficiency.

Nearly all internet users in this day and age understand the risks of venturing onto the web. The internet is filled to the brim with dangers, from passive malware striving to destroy your device to active scammers, trolling social media for willing victims. However, despite that most online threats are well-known, many users still refuse to rely on internet security tools and services that will keep them safe.

This is because too many internet users are concerned more about speed than security. By installing security suites that scan webpages, links and downloads for threats, users believe that their browsing experience will be slowed, which can be irksome as well as expensive when one relies on the internet for work. Yet, the truth is that there is no good reason to compromise security for the sake of speed — and we can prove it.

Security Products Can Cause Slow-downs

Like all software, security products utilize the computer's processor to run. Because processing power is a finite resource, that means security reduces the speed available for other programs, including web browsers. However, this should not be a major cause for concern for a few reasons.

First, most security products are built to run in the background, drawing as little power as possible and still provide the protection they promise. Still, it's important to note that you get what you pay for when it comes to security suites: The more money you pay for your device security, the more likely it is that you will obtain a high-quality product that does not interfere with your own activity.

Secondly, it's noteworthy that most security developers rely on their products to keep their own devices safe. Because of this, developers also don't want to create products that are excessively power-hungry and cause infuriating downtime on their devices. Thus, the same wisdom holds true: By paying for maximum internet security software, you are likely to avoid the low-quality programs that lag your internet experiences. Security products can cause slow-downs, but the good ones are virtually unnoticeable on your machine.

In a corporate environment, security products are even more valuable. Solutions like Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) are essential because they allow administrators to control which users access confidential systems and information. It is important to view systems like this as essential rather than optional.

Speed Is Inhibited by a Lack of Security, Too

It's irresponsible to choose to forego security for the sake of speed, seeing as a lack of security opens your machine up to a great number of issues that can cause your device to slow. Viruses and other malware will pull more processing power than security products; in fact, many hack attacks can render your machine basically inoperable, which means your once-precious speed grinds to a halt.

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Perhaps the most threatening malware for digital speed-fiends to be aware of is the cryptojacker. Unlike other malware, which tends to make itself known right away with ransoms, advertisements and generally odd computer behavior, cryptojackers secret themselves deep into your hard drive, striving to avoid any activity that will draw your attention. From there, they run your device's processors into the dirt, hijacking them to mine cryptocurrency for their creators. The most telling symptoms of cryptojackers is irritating slow-downs and quickly deteriorating hardware — but it's unlikely you'll be able to eradicate a cryptojacker without added security tools.

There Are Ways to Boost Speed Through Security

Perhaps most importantly of all, security isn't just a drain on your device's speed — it can actually improve performance and give your browsing a much-needed boost. For example, many security suites come with cleaning tools that identify useless files and pieces of code that can be erased from your device. The extra space in your memory can boost your computer's speed. Additionally, security suites can include performance troubleshooters that walk you through common hiccups in device function, so you can identify speed bumps and eliminate them.

In this day and age, it isn't just risky to go online without security software on your device; it is downright stupid. If you believe that the minute delays caused by security programs will ruin your computing experience, you misunderstand the width and breadth of threats that exist in the digital world. Security professionals work hard to deliver tools that provide near-perfect protection and optimize performance, and all they charge is a nominal fee for their product. It's time you take advantage of the boost security can give your device, so you can stay speedy for years to come.


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