Top 10 programming languages to get you a job in 2019

Read this article to know which languages are ruling the roost in the year 2019 and can help you get a job as a software developer. Know which industries are demanding which language coders and what is the future in that field.

If you have a creative mind and you want to get into the field of software development, then it is important that you know a programming language or two. And just knowing any language will not do, with too many programming languages in the market currently, it is important that you can code in a language which is being used currently and is in enough demand. With time, the languages in vogue keep on changing and so with this in consideration, below we will list the top 10 coding languages that you can learn in 2019 to boost your career prospects.


If you haven't heard about Python programming language, either you are living under a rock or your interest is not really software development. Python has been ruling over the development landscape with its straightforward syntax and fewer lines of code required to complete a task. It is being widely used in the latest technological developments like Blockchain, Hybrid Cloud, Machine Learning/AI and Data Analytics.
Flask and Django have become the default frameworks for web APIs in many major projects. With a big list of libraries and a very bigger community, Python is the go-to language for anyone looking for a coding job or just for jumping into the field of software development.


Before Python came into the mainstream, there was no alternative to Java. It would be difficult to find a Fortune 500 company which is not using Java as their server-side programming language. Since it had a sort of monopoly till a few years back, it is still the choice of language for many senior developers. With so much user-base, the language has grown to be highly stable and has a lot of knowledge base through documents and a big community.
One major field in which it still has a monopoly is Android development. There are millions of Android apps and 99% of them are written in Java. Google has created its own Android development framework - the Android studio which is basically a Java-based framework.
It is more difficult to learn compared to Python but easier than many other programming languages. Also, it is used much more than Python but due to Python's ease of learning, we have placed it at the top.


C and C++ are the right places to start if you are really smitten by the field of software development. These languages are used for all system level programming. The whole Linux kernel and even the Python language itself has been written in C language. C++ comes with an STL – Standard Template Library, it is similar to the extra libraries available in other languages for add-on functionalities, but these are specifically targeted towards lower level requirements like some algorithms, data structures and arithmetic operations. No higher programming language runs faster than a code written in C or C++ and that is why when speed is the primary concern, these languages are the first choice.
Since these languages need you to deal directly with memory allocation and other very basic level computer architecture, they help you learn how exactly programs are processed and make you much better equipped to understand the working of a program thus making you a better developer.


Javascript is the language that runs most of the web. It is used to make interactive web pages. All static content, that is, the display part is handled by HTML whereas every dynamic update on a webpage is controlled by Javascript. It includes basic objects that we have got used to using every day like button clicks, dropdown, radio buttons and more.
With JS, you can do programming for both the server and client side. Currently, there are many modern web frameworks too which are built on Javascript - AngularJS, Node.js as well as React.js.


Go or Golang, as it is popularly known, is a programming language developed by Google. It has got wide popularity within a short period of time. Go is an attempt to simplify C by having a similar syntax but with the added benefits of memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, and CSP-style concurrency.
It has found usage in many distributed architectures due to its support for multithreaded programming and high-performance networking support. It has run time efficiency comparable to C++ and Java. While in India its adoption is yet to catch up, the Silicon Valley in the US is utilizing it in a big way.


C# has been developed by Microsoft sort of as an alternative to Java. Since it has been developed by Microsoft, it is the perfect language for Windows server programming. Its object-oriented support similar to Java found it a lot of traction among developers looking for Windows server programming. It is also used to develop Windows apps for the Windows 10 operating system. Overall, there is a lot of demand for C# developers and until Microsoft comes out with something better, C# is going to continue as the default language of choice for Windows programming.


Despite the many shortcomings of PHP, the truth is that most of the famous websites we use like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr and every Wordpress website (30% of all websites) is developed using PHP. Though the backend programming language share is now being increasingly captured by Javascript and Python, PHP still powers a large share of websites and most big companies still need PHP developers to run their legacy systems.


Perl is not being used in the latest mainstream technological advancements, but it is still used widely by network engineers and infrastructure guys. Like Python it also gets complex tasks done in a few lines of code without resorting to an object-oriented programming structure. Python 6 is just a few years old and brings much more advancements compared to what Perl 5 had.
For system admin guys, Perl and Shell scripting form the backbone of their automation strategy.


R programming language is being used extensively in Data Analysis and Machine learning. Both Python and R have a lot of frameworks and libraries specifically written to help a developer write powerful algorithms. Learn R if you are interested in Data Analysis from a business perspective. Knowledge of this language will help you land some plush jobs.


Swift is last on our list because of the difficulty you will face learning this language. It is a language to write applications for Mac and iOS. However, since there is a huge market of Mac and other Apple devices, Swift is in a lot of demand. If you can cross the initial hurdle of learning enough basics to develop small iOS or Mac applications then the rest of the way is bright because of the exposure you will get in your job.

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