Dedicated Server Vs. VPS: Which is Right for You?

Read this article to know which hosting is better for your websites needs - a Dedicated Server or a VPS hosting.

As your website will grow, it will be visited by more users every day. Soon you will find that your website needs a better hosting option now. There are plenty of options available when it comes to upgrading your hosting plan. However, the two most preferred options are VPS server and Dedicated Server.

Unfortunately, most people could not decide out of these two hosting options with which they should go. The one major reason for the same is, they do not know what exactly these two services offer. This dedicated server vs VPS post is meant to help you with the same.

Let's compare Dedicated Server and VPS server on the basis of different aspects.

What is VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is designed to offer better scalability, uptime, and security than a shared server. It follows that same concept that of shared hosting. VPS hosting also has a physical server in the backend which is shared by different websites (by very fewer websites in comparison to Shared server). However, every user in VPS hosting gets a dedicated environment. In VPS hosting, a physical server is virtualized and parted into different dedicated servers by virtualization software.

In comparison to shared hosting, VPS is an expensive option. Luckily, nowadays many VPS hosting providers are targeting small to mid-sized entities and offering affordable plans. Some good examples are available at Here you may find a plan that best suits your pocket. Otherwise, you can take a look at to checkout the plans directly.

What is Dedicated Hosting

In the simplest words, in dedicated hosting one physical server is devoted to a single entity for a single purpose. The dedicated server can be set up externally (within a data center) or in-house. Some of the features that make dedicated hosting a good hosting upgrade option are: better customization, uptime, and security in comparison to the shared server. However, dedicated hosting can be an expensive option for small companies or those who are just starting out.

Dedicated Server Vs. VPS Market Size

If you take a look at a dedicated server vs. VPS market size, you see the demand for both hosting types has grown over the years. According to a report of 2018, the global VPS hosting market size was valued xx million US$ in 2017, which is predicted to reach XX million US$ by the end of 2025.

Speaking of dedicated hosting market size, it is predicted to reach 6.53 billion U.S. dollars worldwide by 2020, according to Statista.

Dedicated Server Vs. VPS Security Capability

If security is the primary reason you're planning to upgrade your hosting plan, you should read this section carefully. Let's find out which hosting option is more secure and why.

Generally, dedicated servers are considered more secure than VPS. In dedicated hosting, you are the only person who uses server resources, you don't get viruses and other threats from other websites.

On the other hand, VPS hosting uses a hypervisor, which is responsible for creating virtual machines on the server. Usually, viruses affect only one virtual machine but in some cases, they may bypass the hypervisor completely and the virus may spread to all the user accounts on the server.

Dedicated Server Vs. VPS Configuration

When a dedicated server or VPS is compared in terms of configuration, the dedicated server always stands out as only one user is served by the server. With dedicated hosting, you get total control over everything. You can do pretty much whatever you do, ranging from changing various core software to hardware.

By getting full control over the server, you can put together a configuration which you find right for you.

On the contrary, with VPS server you have limited liberty to customize server configuration.

Dedicated Server Vs. VPS Cost

One of the main advantages of a VPS server over a dedicated server is that VPS hosting is an affordable option comparatively. Since you share the hosting server with some other VPS users, it makes VPS option much cheaper than dedicated counterparts.

For a low-end VPS service, you can expect to pay between $4.99/mo to $12/mo Contrarily, a low-end dedicated server can cost you between $50 to $150 for a month.

Dedicated Server Vs. VPS Performance

Performance usually depends on the hardware specification of your server. However, given two servers of a similar specification, dedicated servers will always have an upper hand over a VPS server. The reason is, a dedicated server doesn't have to share the server resources between many users that we see in a VPS server.

If your website does not need a large amount of hardware to be powered, a premium VPS plan may fulfil your needs.

Dedicated Server Vs. VPS: What Should I Choose

As mentioned above, a dedicated server is an expensive option than VPS hosting. If you are not generating revenue to afford a dedicated server, still, want a premium hosting service, VPS can certainly be a good choice for you.

If security is what you're more serious about, you may consider buying a basic dedicated hosting plan to keep the cost minimum. Moreover,
If you're starting a business around security such as legal, banking, etc., consider a dedicated server for extra peace of mind.

It is worth mentioning here that the chances of security risk in VPS are very less in comparison to a shared server as it would be difficult for a virus to bypass the hypervisor.

Your choice may also boil down to performance and configuration. Dedicated hosting lets you assemble your own physical server. If you want to tune your hardware according to your needs, dedicated might be a good option for you.

Talking about the performance, it is a tricky issue as it is all about hardware configuration. The performance usually depends on the number of CPU cores, memory and storage space, and bandwidth. Some VPS premium plans offer the same configuration as you get with a dedicated server.

So the question is with which option you should go? If on the regular basis, your website earns 500,000 page views a month, you may go for a dedicated hosting otherwise a VPS plan would be fine for you.


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