Kerala Vision DTH Channel Selection: How to select your own channel package in Kerala Vision DTH

According to the new rule implemented by TRAI, the consumers now have the feature to pay only for those channels that they want. In this article, you can find details about how to select your own channel package in Kerala Vision DTH

As everyone knows, TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) has put out a new rule in the view of helping consumers choose TV channels according to their usage so as to save us some money. Now our TV's are filled with a number of channels and many of them are channels with language that are not known to us. So TRAI's new rule of giving us permission to pay money for only those channels that we watch daily is expected to be a great movement from TRAI.

Kerala Vision DTH is one of the most famous Cable operators in Kerala. So let's check out how to implement the TRAI rule in Kerala Vision DTH. First of all, let's talk about the price that we used to pay monthly before the introduction of this new rule. We had to pay an amount of Rs.180 per month (About Rs.210 including taxes). Most of the users just pay the amount on a yearly basis which amounts to about Rs.2500 per year.

Basic packages in Kerala Vision DTH

Now the new TRAI plans for Kerala Vision cannot be found on their official website, which is really bad because most of the users check online for the package details. On their website we can see details about 2 basic packages we have to choose compulsorily, they are Classic and Classic Medium. Classic comes with 100 channels, and Classic Medium comes with 150 channels. We have to pay Rs.130 (Excluding tax) for Classic and Rs.170 (Excluding Tax) for Classic medium. If you want to see which all channels you will get under these basic packages, you can head over to Kerala Vision's Official website to see more details. If you want to watch some good free to air channels like Flowers, Kairali, Mazhavil Manorama, 24 Twenty Four etc, you have to select the Classic Medium package.

Kerala Vision Channel Package Brochure

This is the only detail you can find on their official website, no more details about the extra paid channels and channel packages. But since I am a Kerala Vision User, my local Cable operator under the name of Sahara Cable Network provided me with the official brochure of Kerala vision which consists of all the details of all the channels including the consumer price including GST. I have uploaded the scanned copies of the brochure and you can see them below:

his page consists of the channel packages provided by channel owners. They have curbed these specific channels to a special package with an attractive price because of the high viewership of these channels. There are 11 Channel packages: the first one is Star Malayalam Base. If you weren't living under a rock, you would have seen the advertisement with superstar Mohanlal in a small shop bargaining with the shop owner about how low the cost of star Malayalam package is, so just as told in the ad, the Star Malayalam package comes with a price of Rs.39 (Rs.46.02 including GST). This package includes- Asianet, Asianet Plus, Movies, Star Sports-1,2,3, Nation Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild.

The next package is Sun Kerala Basic: It comes with the Malayalam channels under Sun network like the Surya TV, Surya Movies, Music, Comedy and Kochu TV. It comes with an attractive price of Rs.20 (Rs.23.6 including GST). Other English Channels are sorted under the various packages, like HBO and CNN under Turner All Channel package. All discovery channels are available for Rs.8 (Rs.9.44 including GST), Colours Infinity, Comedy Central, FYI, and VH1 are under the I-Cast south package which is available for Rs.12 (Rs.14.16 including GST).

The next 2 pages of the brochure contain information about all the other TV channels available for Kerala Vision DTH. All individual channels are given a consumer price as well as the price including GST. The price range of individual channels starts from Rs.0.1 for Zee Keralam to all the way up to Rs. 19 for many channels.

Steps to choose channels in Kerala Vision DTH

To choose the channels, I would advise you to take a printout of the brochure and put a tick mark across the channels that you watch every day and make sure that those individual channels are not included in the channel package that you selected in the first page of the brochure. After completing your selection process just add up the price including GST and make sure it is under your budget. Now call up your local Cable operator and tell him the packages you have selected.

Note: Some individual channels are ticked in the image; it is because I have uploaded my personal copy of the brochure which I have used in selecting the channels for my house. You can just tick near the Consumer price of your choice of channels (3rd column in the box) so as to avoid confusions. Also, note that all these prices are on a monthly basis.

TRAI has also released a website as well as an app to calculate the total price after selecting all the channels that we need: You can check out an article about that here. The deadline for submitting your selection of channels is January 31, 2019.

But if you are a customer who has still not submitted your selection and wondering why you are still able to watch all your channels even after February 1, 2019, it is because TRAI has given orders to local cable authorities to continue broadcasting the channels without any blackouts to its customers who have already paid for the cable on a yearly basis. You can still enjoy the channels till your registered time of usage is over. You can also terminate the long term paid service for implementing the new package based service right now, and the balance amount available in the long term service will be added to the new package so that no money is lost by the consumer while transferring.

If the above statement looked complex to you, then I will provide you with an example: I paid Rs.2500 for my Cable TV on a yearly basis to my local cable operator on March 2018. So I should pay for TV only in March 2019. So even though TRAI introduced a new plan on December 2018, and requested all users to move to the new plan before January 31, 2019, since you had paid for cable for March 2109, your cable won't be cut and you can enjoy uninterrupted service till March 2019 after which you will have to update you plan according to TRAI's new plan. But if you want to move to the new plan on February itself, then you can tell your operator about it and he will adjust the price accommodating the money that you paid for 2 more months (February and March).

Even though this new rule by TRAI looks too good to be true, it does come with a catch. Only the basic package comes with Rs.130, so to add all the extra channels the total cost will come within the range of Rs 200 to Rs.300 per month, and this price is really high when compared to the price of Rs.180 we were paying for a month before this new rule arrived. All we can do is just wait and see whether this new package plan becomes a profit or loss to the end consumers.


Guest Author: Shreejith poyyeri13 Feb 2019

Why we have to select compulsary free channels. 25 channels are compulsary 75 we can select. Is it the rule for FTA.

Guest Author: Radhakrishnan16 Feb 2019

Allow us to select the free channel too ............... I like to remove all religious, some news channels (like peopleTV, 24 news, mangalam ), shopping channels from my subcriptions and add other language channels.

Guest Author: Sivadasan08 Mar 2019

These plans are not in no way for the benefit of the consumers. Presently I have to pay Rs.230/month instead of previous Rs200/month with addition of some two or three extra channels.

Guest Author: Nevin09 Mar 2019

According to TRAI website, apart from the compulsory 25 DD channels, customers are allowed to choose the channel they want to see. This means we will be able to see the remaing 74 free channels by paying the carrier fee Rs130+ 18% tax. For every 25 channels after the first 100 there is a carrier fee of 20+ tax. There are 150 channels in Classic package which allows them to charge Rs40+tax for the additional 50 chennels. Kerala Vision is trying to get 40 more rupees from customers as their carrier charge.
Kerala vision is deceiving the customers by blaming the regulation. So, as a customer I must be able to watch the 50 free chennels I like from the 'classic package' for 130+tax (even though there are only 75 channels, we will have to pay 130 which is minimum set by TRAI. The 18% entertainment tax is not helpul.) This article is of not much of a use, it is telling you to do what kerala vision want you to do. I hope Kerala Vision keeps their moral in this situation..

Guest Author: safuvan MH15 Mar 2019

OK I will pay for every channels but I pay for watch programmes and sports. Not for watching ads. If channel taking money from costmers then why need ads. If those channels forcing to us to watch ads then that's not a pay channels. why TRAI not understand that's things. If a pay channel then no ads. If ads showing then it's a free channel. #JAGO GRAHAK JAGO. case against pay channels if showing ads. You are not paying money for watching ads.

Guest Author: Jayarajan21 Aug 2019

Why does Keralavision channel not includes any HD channels in my pack? It is terrible and disappointing.

Guest Author: John11 Oct 2019

Yes, as you said this TRAI rule is profit for channels. Not for the consumers or the people who give the service.

Guest Author: Jayarajan18 Oct 2019

Now keralavision is one of the best cable TV service provider in Kerala. I am happy with keralavision.

Guest Author: Abhishek Satheesh15 Apr 2020

Can I get Disney channel in 250rupees package

Guest Author: Mathew Aloysius13 Jun 2021

In basic package shalom & goodness tv included? Let me know. Thanks

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