Things to check before using a Third-Party Framework in Mobile Application

Are you looking for the best framework for your Mobile App Development? Have a look at the things to check before using a third-party framework in a mobile application.

We first need to know that what framework does for mobile application development. When the app developers try to develop a new mobile app for an app development company, then they require a basic framework to start from. This framework could be a platform made on C# or .NET (like Xamarin), or other such OOP based programming language. Such frameworks provide a lot of APIs that make the job of a developer easier. Had there been no third party framework, working on mobile app development would have been difficult. We have mobile apps for every small purpose. There are mobile apps to track ongoing flights, social networking, booking a cab, booking hotel rooms and much more. This is because we carry our mobile phones everywhere and we need a lot of applications handy while we are moving. The mobile applications are so responsive that we can even book hotel rooms for our destination when we are traveling to that place. The managing of the framework depends on how well you know the basic programming language working behind the framework. Here are some major things that a software outsourcing company in India needs to check before using a third-party framework in a mobile application.

8 Major things to check before using a third-party framework in mobile application

  1. Basic programming construct
  2. -The developers should work on a third-party framework, whose programming language is known to them. It would take a lot more time to learn a new language of an app development framework and then starting to work on the app development. The client that you need to work for, may not have that much of time. So you need to figure out which is the programming language that you are comfortable in. According to that language, you must choose the platform. For example, people who love to work with C# should choose Xamarin App Development.

  3. Target platforms for the apps
  4. -The developers have to think the ultimate platform for which the app is being developed. If the platform is Android, then the framework should have an internal architecture suiting Android. If you are developing for Blackberry, then the framework must have the necessary structures. For example, Xamarin is a cross-platform app development tool.

  5. Functions of the app
  6. -The functions of the app to be developed are also important. As mentioned earlier, different frameworks have different APIs. For increasing the functionalities of the apps, the developers need the help of the APIs of those frameworks. So a framework should be chosen on the basis of these functions.

  7. Availability of knowledgeable persons
  8. -An app is not developed by a single person. Therefore, the developers should choose a framework on which there are a lot of professionals available. There is no point in using a framework to develop a professional app if there are a few people knowing how to work on it.

  9. Requirements of the clients
  10. -The specifications of the clients are also important. If the clients want certain facilities that are available on a certain framework only, then the developers have no other choice than to work with that framework. Sometimes the decision of the framework can be based on what can possibly be done by the developers.

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  11. Interaction with platform
  12. -The third-party framework chosen also decides the way an app will interact with the platform on which it is launched. This means, where the files would be stored, how the files will be accessed, how the updates will be done, how often the updates will take place, etc.

  13. APIs and Plugins required
  14. -As mentioned earlier, one of the purposes of choosing the framework is to get access to the APIs and Plugins it supports. The amount and type of plugins required again depend on the requirements of the customers or clients. Not all APIs are available for all framework. Different frameworks support different platforms. So the type and features of the APIs will be different for each one. The size occupied in the memory and the way those files are accessed are also different. Every app has some different requirements and the way those requirements or features are addressed are also different. Depending on these features a developer should choose the framework.

  15. Vofoxsolutions
  16. -If you are an app developer then you can work with Vofoxsolutions and choose a framework that suits the clients of their organization. There are specialists of various app developing software working with Vofoxsolutions that can help you to work with a third-party framework.

To conclude, the above points are some of the major ones to consider while selecting a third-party framework for app development. The ultimate goal is to develop apps which will have all the necessary features mentioned by the clients. So, it will be the responsibility of the app developer to select an app development tool or framework that will help them satisfy the clients. It is advisable to keep the above things in mind while selecting the app development framework.


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