How to activate DND on BSNL, Jio, Vodafone and Airtel?

Are you disturbed with the pesky calls from telemarketers? Most of us are indeed perturbed with those calls which can be much annoying. But, there are no clear instructions on how to deactivate these calls. Of course, the government has formulated laws to control the menace of these telemarketing calls. Every operator has its own infrastructure to help you activate DND on your phone.

The concept of blocking the pesky telemarketing calls is referred to as DND or Do Not Disturb. The database of the subscribers who have opted for DND is managed by NCPR (The National Consumer Preference Register). How can you use the options to activate DND on different service providers? Let us analyze each of the operators in finer detail.

Activate DND - The standard procedure

Well, to begin with - there is a simple method that should work the same across all major telecom service providers. TRAI and NCPR have developed a mechanism where the customer requests to activate DND are entered in a database which is accessible to all telecom providers. They are expected to refer to this database when sending telemarketing messages or calls to the subscribers.
There is a uniform Number specified for registering your number for the National Do Not Call Register. You just need to send an SMS with the predefined codes to activate DND on your phone number. The procedure will be as follows -
  • SMS START to 1909 from the number you want to activate DND for.
  • You can cancel the request using the keyword STOP to the same number.
  • You can activate DND for specific categories through an additional keyword.
The specific categories you can activate or deactivate DND for will include Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards, Real Estate, Education, Health, Customer Goods and Automobiles, Communication - Entertainment and IT, and Tourism.
While activating DND on your number, the following points may be a good idea to keep in mind -
  • The registration process for DND takes around seven days. You will continue to get the telemarketing calls and messages during these seven days even after registration.
  • Activating DND will not stop the bank communications, SMS alerts, online bookings and similar other important communications.
  • A new DND activation request can only be sent after three months after the previous one.
  • The services for calling or messaging the number 1909 are toll-free across operators.

How to Activate DND on Reliance Jio?

While the standard procedure for activating the DND service remains same across all operators, there are specialized options provided by each of the operators for the convenience of their subscribers. As for Jio, you can activate DND through their MyJio portal or app.
Here are the steps you can follow -
  • Launch My Jio app on your phone.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu at the top left corner.
  • Tap on Settings at the bottom.
  • jio hamburger
  • You should now be taken to the Settings page for your account. Tap on Service Settings.
  • Next screen will lead you to Do Not Disturb screen.
  • Tap on Do Not Disturb and you will now be visiting the page for configuring your DND preferences.
  • You can now either choose Full DND or select your individual preferences.
  • jio categories
  • Tap on Submit and you are done.
The app will provide you a reference number for any sort of further communication with this respect. You will also receive an SMS indicating your request for DND activation.

How to activate DND on BSNL?

BSNL uses a standard and easier method put forth by NCPR. You just need to send an SMS to 1909 as we have already explained in the above steps.
If you want to activate full DND, send an SMS to 1909 with the text string START 0. If you are looking to block specific categories, you can use the command START X and send it to 1909 where X stands for the code for the specific categories specified here -
  • 1 for banking, financial services and credit cards
  • 2 for real estate
  • 3 for education
  • 4 for health
  • 5 for Consumer Goods and automobiles
  • 6 for Entertainment, broadcasting, IT
  • 7 for Tourism

You may also call 1909 to activate your DND request. The calls and messages are completely toll-free. BSNL also provides an option to register for DND via the online portal.

How to activate DND on Airtel?

To begin with, you can easily use the first method we discussed in the beginning. The shortcode 1909 works for the Airtel subscribers as well. The procedure remains the same as for the other operators. You just need to send an SMS with the preferred code to 1909.
Alternatively, you can activate DND on their website for a faster registration instead of having to wait for the confirmatory SMS from the NDNC registry. Here are the steps involved -
  • Visit the Airtel DND portal.
  • Click on Click Here option at the bottom.
  • dnd airtel
  • Enter your Airtel number on the next screen.
  • You will get an OTP to confirm your number. Enter it and follow the instructions.
  • In the next screen, you will get the option to choose the specific categories or a full DND.
  • dnd airtel 2
  • Make your choice and click on Submit.
  • dnd airtel 3
That does it. Your request for DND activation will be registered and will be acted upon within the next seven days.

How to activate DND on Vodafone

Vodafone provides you a completely easy portal for activating DND on your number. You do not actually need to go through a host of pages for activating the service. Here is what you can do to activate DND on your Vodafone number -
  • Visit Vodafone DND portal.
  • Enter your name, mobile number, email ID and the DND preferences on a single page and click on Submit
  • vodafone
  • Your request will be registered and a reference number generated.

A common option to activate DND for all operators

Cming straght from the horse's mouth, TRAI has recently announced a DND app for mobile platforms. While the app has long been availble on Google Play Store since long for the Android platform, it has recently been made availble on Apple iOS as well.
The app lets you use it with any of the service providers and can help you change your preferences frequently. Some of the advantages that the app offers you can be summarised as
  • You can set your preferences for DND irrespective of the service provider.
  • It lets you register a complaint against an Unsolicited Communication to your service provider through the app.
  • Review the status of your previous complaints.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were the typical procedures you can use for activating DND on your number irrespective of the service providers. Register for DND today and feel free from the pesky telemarketing calls and SMSs. We assume that the information provided through this compilation has been of essential help to you in getting rid of the issues you have been facing.


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Do Not Disturb in Vodafone, effective service by Vodafone
Do Not Disturb in Vodafone : Indian telecom companies have so many subscribers who use their services for calling and messaging. But sometimes the subscribers get irritated by the unwanted calls from telemarketing companies.

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