Why Choose WordPress as Your Web Development Platform and Hire a DBA?

Almost 70% of the websites on the internet are now on the built on Wordpress Platform. Want to why more and more people are preferring Wordpress over other development platforms? Continue reading

Among various web development platforms nowadays, WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly options chosen by many. It offers some of the easiest and fastest tools to create attractive and functional websites for any kind of business. Even though it is easier for even a non-programmer too to use this content management system and create a website of your dreams, it is always advisable to get professional assistance if you are making a corporate website. An ideal WordPress website plays a crucial role in your internet business and brand establishment.

WordPress advantages

Let's find below some overriding advantages on choosing WordPress as your web development platform.

  • WordPress is now largely admired for its professional content management capabilities and a high degree of flexibility. It is not simply another open-source CMS, but have features superseding many of the premium platforms in terms of:

    • Easy installation

    • Plenty of smart themes and plug-ins.

    • Independent updates, and

    • High-end database management.

  • Even if you don't hire a professional developer, you can easily use a variety of themes to custom weaver your multiple business landing pages or product pages.

  • WordPress is very easy; not only to build but also to install and host. All that administrators need to do is to provide it with essential information and complete the process in minutes.

  • While thinking about essential add-ons, it is not just the software to help you enhance the user experience, but you can also think of integrating:

    • RSS feeds

    • Newsletters

    • Google Analytics

    • Payment gateways

    • Maps or anything to enhance the site performance and user experience.

  • Above all, along with being user-friendly, WordPress development is also compliant with the search engine optimization needs. This helps you to rank on top of relevant search results and attract more traffic to your business website.

Considering the above factors are more, WordPress development is considered to be a revolutionary change in the technology world, and about 60 million plus users around the globe now use WordPress as their development platform. One special thing to mention is that WordPress offers not only unique web development solutions, but also many smart tools to meet the changing business needs in terms of data handling and analytics, etc. Let's see a few things as suggested by RemoteDBA.com, which makes WordPress the best choice for various levels of business users.

Straightforward and simple coding

View the source of a WordPress page where you can see that the underlying code is very straightforward. This simple approach makes it not only easy to create, but also to be inferred correctly by the search engines. This is highly relevant to all types of marketing-related web content to be displayed on the internet.

Largely affordable to all

WordPress may fit the budget of all types of people without a budget problem. It is open source and comes for free without any licensing issues. In fact, there are some premium tools and themes also to use if you wish to make it unique. Along with this, WordPress is a very easy way to create a website, which doesn't mandate hiring an expert if you have the baseline knowledge of web development using plug-ins and themes.

Receptive model

For any type of business needs, there is no alternative now to WordPress in creating websites which can satisfy all types of audience. Receptive site development is even ideal for a social website, which has become very important in the internet era. Social media can connect people much easily and quickly. WordPress websites help you to share your content or blog on social platforms too.

Reliable and scalable

Reliability and scalability are two major criteria for any businesses to adopt web services. WordPress meets both of these criteria to act as reliable CMS, which can be scaled up or down at any point based on the user requirements.

A key area to consider when you prepare your business website on the website is handling data through it. Database administration is a key functional area for businesses to consider in order to ensure further growth and development. Data is considered to be the most valuable asset nowadays, and when it comes to WordPress database administration, it is essential to get the assistance of a skilled and knowledgeable consultant to take it up. Further, we will discuss a few aspects to know on hiring database administrators.

Responsibilities of WordPress database administrator

Understanding the key responsibilities of a database administrator as below will make the hiring easier.

  • Building databases of high quality and easy availability based on the requirements in hand.

  • Designing the database structure and implementing it in accordance to the client information and views

  • Defining the database users and timely distribution structure, in the needed format.

  • Establishing high-speed data transaction and recovery models.

  • Ensure proper backup of data from time to time.

  • Offer proactive support in database management.

  • Train the end users and establish proper data handling practices.

  • Minimize the downtime and define parameters to offer instant query responses.

  • Define and enforce database best practices and standards.

  • Quality assurance and timely audits to ensure data security, integrity, and privacy.

  • Closely monitor the performance of the database and implement needed changes from time to time.

  • Technological updates through patches and version changes as and when required.

What to look for while hiring a professional WordPress database admin?

While hiring a consultant for database administration, here are a few things to look for:

  • A proven track record as a database administrator

  • Hands-on skills and knowledge about database standards.

  • Good knowledge of end-user applications

  • Skills in data backup and recovery.

  • Knowledge of data security, integrity.

  • Expert skills in SQL programming

  • Proven experience in database design, coding, and documentation

  • Handling front-end and back-end database case tools.

  • Knowledge of various third-party DBA tools

  • Knowledge of programming language APIs

  • Excellent logical aptitude and problem-solving.

  • A graduation in computer science discipline or relevant database administration certification.

  • The ultimate goal of a professional WordPress database administrator is to upkeep the database 24x7. The primary goal is to ensure a seamless information flow by taking care of both backend data structure and the front-end user accessibility.

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