How to Watch a Movie with Slow Internet Connection

Does the website take a long time to load while browsing? Do you find it impossible to watch a movie online without the video being interrupted every few seconds due to buffering? Read this article to know how to solve this problem.

Sometimes, a slow Internet connection becomes the cruel joke of the universe and destroys your productivity. Okay, there's no reason to worry, just follow the tips below to manage your slow internet connection and solve this problem.

Check the speed of your connection

It's possible that the speed of your Internet connection is low because you're using the wrong plan. If you're not sure what you're up to, call your provider's customer support and ask them for the details. So go to dospeedtest - a tool to test the speed of your Internet connection and run a speed test. Now, if the numbers on and the one given by the provider coincide, the plan is slow, and the only way to get fast internet is to get a more rapid plan. So, choose a new plan as soon as possible. But if the numbers do not match, and what the ISP states and shows the speed test are completely different things, read the rest of this article to find out how to fix a problem with the slow internet connection.

Check your modem or router

It is possible that the problem is with your modem or router. Reset your router and check if your Internet connection is accelerated. If it does not speed up your Internet connection, how could you know that the router doesn't work properly? It could also be the computer's fault. To check it out, also try the other computers and devices at home. Are they equally slow? So the problem is definitely with the router. Try calling your provider's support service to check all your router settings.

Check the Wi-Fi signal

Sometimes, the problem is not with the router, but with the Wi-Fi signal. As a result, if the Wi-Fi signal is slow, the Internet slows down. Try changing the location of the router. The wireless router should not be close to other electronic devices. It should be in a central position, and the signals should not be obstructed or hindered in any way. When wireless signals have to pass through a wall or window, their power is reduced by at least half. The Wi-Fi router should be in the same room where you are using your laptop or desktop.

Remove all unnecessary plugins and apps that consume the band

It is possible that you have downloaded and installed too many plug-ins and apps that are slowing down your Internet connection. Ask yourself if you really need them. Download an application like CCleaner and delete all temporary files from your browsers, Windows and the registry. Replace Microsoft Office with Google Docs and Windows Media Player with VLC Media Player. In the same way, replace all apps and extensions that occupy too much bandwidth with lighter alternatives. Install extensions like FlashBlock, which block many of the ads, bandwidth-consuming ads, and videos that slow down the connection.

Protect your network

If you have a wireless broadband connection, the first thing you need to do is protect your wireless network. If you are inadvertently sharing your connection with unauthorized users, they will use a valuable bandwidth. This means that the speed of the Internet and downloads could be reduced, not to mention the security threat that this entails.

Optimize your web browser

If you still use the previous version of the browser, update the web browser. There are updates that are continually made for your browsers, so using the latest version should significantly reduce the time it takes to upload and download web pages. Besides, Internet Explorer users may get instant improvement by switching to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, if they have not yet installed it. So, optimize your computer for a slow internet speed by using a free service called Opera Turbo. Opera Turbo accelerates browsing with slow Internet connections, even on dial-up modems. You can download Opera Turbo for free!

If all these tips have not helped you and you cannot watch a movie online without pauses, the only way is to download it to your PC and enjoy it without a connection. You can easily make it with a Freemake multimedia program. It's a free program that lets you save movies from the Internet to PCs, DVDs or portable devices. Let's see how it works. First of all download and install the program on your desktop or laptop with Windows.

Start the program on the computer. Copy the link of the movie you want to save and click "Paste URL" in the Freemake program. Then choose the video format. Keep in mind, that the multimedia converter can save your video in almost all popular formats or optimize it for smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. Let's see how you can also convert DVD movie to watch it on the big screen (
Click the "to DVD" button. Choose if you need PAL or NTSC color system from the drop-down menu. Then, select your DVD burner and insert a blank DVD into it. It can be either DVD-R or DVD-RW.
In the end, click "Burn" to start the conversion and save videos to watch them without a connection.


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