Introducing Able2Extract Professional 14 - The Ultimate PDF Productivity Suite

In this article, we are reviewing the latest version of PDF extraction software from Able2Extract - the Able2Extract Professional 14. Know the features and capabilities of this software and see if it crosses our threshold benchmarks for a good PDF extraction tool.

In this day and age of business and technology, digital document productivity is the goal. However, the PDF documents you work with can create a major obstacle.
The reason users utilize the file format is the same reason why it is hard to work within the first place. You can't easily edit, type or openly rearrange PDF text or content like you would in MS Word. One single PDF file can slow down your work if you don't have the proper tools to help.
Able2Extract Professional is one tool that helps. We've reviewed this tool for you before as a complete package for PDF management. It has features that let you:

  • Convert scanned and natives PDFs to more than 10 formats
  • Create PDFs with passwords and file permissions
  • Edit PDF text and pages
  • Fill in, edit and create PDF forms
  • Annotate PDF content for collaboration
  • Batch convert multiple PDFs
Well, we're reviewing the latest version, Able2Extract Professional 14, which includes even more advanced technology to help you keep up with today's complex digital document needs.

Here's what's new in Able2Extract Professional 14.

Electronic & Digital PDF Signatures

One new feature at the forefront of this release is the ability to sign PDF files electronically with an image and digitally with a digital certificate. Here's a bit about each one.

Sign a PDF Document Electronically

From the Digital Signatures side panel you can add in a signature image by clicking on Choose Signature… . A few clicks will allow you to type, draw or import a signature image. Once created you can simply click to place it on the page.

If you're in the habit of signing documents on a regular basis, you can save your signature as a default to speed up the process. This lets you work at a higher, more secure level without the steep learning curve.

Sign a PDF Document Digitally

Unlike electronic signatures, digital ones are cryptographic. They're built upon digital certificate and encryption technology. Such certificates are usually stored separately on an external device.

If it's inserted before you open the Digital Signatures panel, Able2Extract can detect and list any document signing certificates available and will allow you to select and apply it.

Simply check the Digitally Sign the Document option to start. You can digitally sign the document with or without an electronic signature image.

Verify Digital Cryptographic Signatures

You can also open digitally signed PDFs. When you open one, you will see a padlock icon in the tab. While you may think the icon is insignificant, it isn't; it can tell you instantly whether your PDF has a valid digital signature or not and the status of that signature by its color: Green (valid), Orange (valid with minor issues), Red (not valid).

The signature and digital certificate can be further explored by clicking on the signature from the side panel. You can view details such as the signing date, the name of the signer and if the content has been modified.
Thus, in a few clicks, you can determine a lot about the authenticity of the PDF content in front of you.

Convert PDF to Excel with Smart Templates

Custom PDF to Excel conversion is a calling card of this software. It lets you manually adjust rows and columns, and select tables you need to convert. The feature provides you with post-conversion results that are accurate.

This latest version builds upon that and, more specifically, with table selection. The addition of an AI engine automates the selection for you by using trained Custom Excel Templates. Here's a bit about how the process works.
The machine learning engine allows you to train Excel templates into Smart Templates. You train them on 5-10 PDF samples that contain the table selection you want to convert. Set up the table structure, then save and tweak the same Custom Excel template. You do this multiple times on all the sample PDFs you have.

Then the next time you load the Smart template on a PDF with the same table structures, Able2Extract will go through the entire file to identify and select all the tables that match the one in the template. No interaction is needed on your part. Simply click to convert and extract all the tables into a spreadsheet.

Automate Batch Conversion with Master Templates

Batch conversion is always an advantage when you have multiple PDFs to convert. Now imagine adding custom conversions to the mix. The developers did and made it possible with Master Templates.

These AI-powered templates are also trained on samples with your specific table structure selection but in batch conversion mode. So when you have your Master Template uploaded and applied to multiple PDFs, the time you save is two-fold: you save time converting multiple PDFs at a time and you save time on selecting table structures.

Accurate PDF Form Creation

Now, if you read our last review on the tool, you may know that in the last version, PDF forms were in the spotlight. This time around, the feature has been enhanced and the form fields can be placed accurately throughout the PDF form itself.
Naturally, these functionalities can be found in the PDF form editor. These give you more flexibility with how you build your PDF form. You can achieve better layouts by Aligning text fields better, centering checkboxes properly, and distributing each form field accurately in relation to the page.

Final Words on Able2Extract Professional 14

There is absolutely nothing we have to say against this software. The additional template feature is extremely useful and makes a great improvement upon the custom PDF to Excel conversion. People who need the refined table adjustments will appreciate the added capability.

In addition, the signing PDF feature rounds out the already existing security features and we liked the way the process was laid out. We could see how beginner and advanced level users would benefit from the feature equally.

This latest version is certainly worth checking out. The good news is that you can test it out, risk-free. There's a 7-day free Able2Extract trial available for all Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.


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