How to backup old DVD on your PC with WinX DVD Copy Pro?

Have you ever given a thought to the state of your old DVDs and the scale of damage that they have been suffering? Ever wanted to back up the physical media and convert them to the digital copies so that they can be preserved for eternity? Well, yes - the physical media is slowly going through the phase of oblivion and it is essential to back up your data before it is too late.

DVDs that had once been touted as a revolution have been giving way to the Blu-Rays. This terrifying transformation has been making the DVDs almost obsolete. Of course, the Blu-Ray discs provide you with an extreme HD performance, while the standard definition recording on DVDs appear much pale in comparison. However, that does not mean you can get rid of your DVDs and lose all that collection you have saved over the years.
This is exactly where a tool like WinX DVD Copy Pro comes to your rescue. This tool helps you create a backup of your DVDs on your computer with just a few simple steps.

WinX DVD Copy Pro - An overview

WinX DVD Copy Pro is a tool made specifically for creating backup of your DVD collection. It is equipped with a DVD clone functionality so that you can clone your DVD to an ISO image or save it in a video TS folder on your computer.
The biggest USP of this tool is that it does not alter or format the data or metadata of the DVD. It means that not only your media files remain safe, but the metadata attached to it like author details, cover art, subtitles and another other extra information on the DVD will remain intact. In fact, it even supports the more stubborn 99 title DVDs.

It comes with an easy to use interface and does not have a steep learning curve to it. The tool has flexible settings and a straightforward functionality that is simple enough for a nontechnical person to use.

What makes it a good option for backing up your DVDs?

The WinX DVD Copy Pro comes with a few features that make it one of the top choices for all your needs in DVD cloning or DVD backup. Some of the features we found interesting are:

Backup protection

WinX DVD Copy Pro offers you DRM protection for the data that you are copying. The functionality of encrypting your DVD data helps you in protecting your sensitive content. In fact, the protection and encryption features employed have been stated to be even better than the usual standards.

Sectorwise backup functionality

WinX DVD Copy Pro performs the backup with a sector to sector duplication. It comes with an Advanced Bad Sector Recovery Engine that can repair the bad sectors to a considerable extent. In fact, it can even handle the intentional bad sectors like Sony ARccOS normally introduced to crash cloning tools.

A perfect 1:1 backup functionality

The 1:1 backup functionality offered by WinX DVD Copy Pro ensures a perfect cloning of your DVD without any sort of quality degradation. You can copy the exacted data on to a blank DVD-/+R (DL), DVD-/+RW (DL), or DVD RAM with a few simple steps. The tool can also create a perfect 1:1 DVD to ISO image clone and a DVD to VIDEO_TS folder option thus keeping all of your data and metadata intact.

Higher quality at low CPU usage

DVD Backup tools are always known to be heavy on resources and thus need devices with a good hardware configuration. WinX DVD Copy Pro treads a different path with its emphasis on low CPU usage and hence a smoother operation. In fact, it can function seamlessly even on a computer with a low-end configuration. With a CPU usage of less than 1%, it can backup or clone your DVD in just under 20 minutes. You can expect the highest ever quality with your DVD Copy software and the backed up copy will be an exact replica of the original DVD.

Repair scratched DVDs with ease

It is an excellent tool for preserving your old and scratched DVDs with a few simple steps. The sector to sector backup functionality provided by WinX DVD Copy Pro makes it a great choice for creating good copies of the scratched DVDs. The tool has been observed to provide a good performance in terms of backing up and restoring scratched DVDs. It can handle a dirty, worn out or slightly cracked DVD as well.
That apart, a few useful features that the tool comes with include
  • You can use the tool for audio or video tracks alone so that you can apply further editing.
  • The tool can be used for copying DVD to single MPEG-2 file with intact content for further usage in media centre, DVD playback in PS3, HTPC
  • It also lets you burn ISO image and DVD folder to DVD
  • You can even backup old scratched DVD with WinX DVD Copy Pro
In fact, the tool offers you several functionalities packed into one streamlined tool and you can explore more of them as you keep using it.

WinX DVD Copy Pro Giveaway for Christmas 2018 - Don't Miss it!

WinX and Digiarty understand the essence of working with a DVD Copy tool and that is exactly why they are launching an exclusive Giveaway on account of the festive season ahead. The Giveaway is available till December 25, 2018, and will be available on a first come first served basis.
Here is how you can get the Giveaway offer -
  • Choose the option toget WinX DVD Copy Pro for free on the official site.
  • Click on the Grab Now link
  • You will be taken to the product download page.
  • Click on Get free button.
  • The document downloaded will contain the activation key and other installation details.
  • Download WinX DVD Copy Pro from the product home page.
  • After installing the software, activate it with the activation key you received from the Giveaway page
That does it. You have successfully installed WinX DVD Copy Pro and activated the softare on your computer. Please note that the Giveaway version will be free for lifetime, but will not come with any updates or support.

How to copy a DVD to another DVD or your PC with WinX DVD Copy?

All of us have a host of DVDs in our collection and we want to make sure that our collection remains safe. While some can be easily backed up, some have become damaged over the years and need special attention or tool to help us recover the lost data and restore it to an undamaged DVD.

Here is how you can copy your DVDs and create a clone on either on another DVD disc or onto your PC.
  • Launch WinX DVD Copy Pro
  • Load the DVD disc that you want to clone and choose it in on the tool interface.
  • Specify a destination folder for your disk.
  • choose target folder
  • If you are looking to copy the DVD to your PC, make sure you have chosen Clone DVD to ISO option
  • You can choose to remove the DVD region codes or engage in other customizations, but if you are not sure - don't change any of those settings.
  • Click on Run to begin copying DVD.
  • run copy feature
The copying process will now begin. Wait patiently till the process is completed. The DVD Copy Pro tool will save the file in your chosen target folder as an ISO image. You should be able to access the content as per your preferences.
If you want to copy your damaged DVD to another DVD, the steps involved will remain the same as in the above tutorial. The only difference will be to choose the Clone DVD to DVD option. The detailed steps are -
  • Choose Clone DVD to DVD option.
  • Load your DVD disc onto your PC.
  • The loaded disc and the target burner will be chosen automatically.
  • Choose Run to start copying the files from the DVD onto a temporary folder on your computer.
  • Once the copying process is completed as in the above steps, the software will alert you to insert an empty disc.
  • copy dvd to another disc
  • Insert a blank DVD and click on Burn.
This will create an exactly cloned copy of your DVD with ease.

A few points you may need to pay attention to are:
  • If you are looking to copy the protected DVDs, make sure you have checked the option for Remove DVD Region Code, Remove CSS encryption, Remove UOPs, and Check Disney's Fake.
  • remove region code
  • The tool is an excellent option for cloning and restoring your damaged discs. It offers you an excellent advantage of scanning the disc sector by sector for an enhanced DVD cloning functionality. Make sure you have chosen the option for reading 32 sectors at a time for a better performance.

The Parting Thoughts

WinX DVD Copy Pro is a good choice for your DVD copy and backup requirements and comes with almost all essential functions that you may be looking forward to in your DVD Backup tool. The only issue we found with the tool is its inability to compress the larger files into a lossless smaller file. In fact, a few high-end DVD Backup options include the functionality among the features they provide.
However, that should not be something that makes WinX DVD Copy Pro a less formidable option. Moreover, you have the Giveaway version to give a try. Once you feel that this is the right tool, you can go ahead for pay to get regular updates and support the development of the tool.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the Giveaway version of the tool today! The offer lasts till December 25, 2018.

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