Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Kerala

Are you looking for the list of best digital marketing agencies in Kerala? here is a list of top 10 digital marketing companies in Kerala, offering online marketing services.

As per the data from the International Monetary Fund, 2018, India is the 7th largest world economy in the world and is definitely one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. And in India, there are several large states and within them, cities that contribute to this growth in a major way. One of those states in India is the southernmost state of Kerala.

With a vibrant culture and scenic landscape, Kerala is known as God's own country. It's the state with the highest literacy rate and is also a major economic zone of the country. Entrepreneurship is gaining a significant pace in the region and the overall growth of business in the state is immense. All of this is leading Kerala towards becoming a major business hub in India. And each business needs to put some efforts into marketing at one point in time. In this blog, we're going to discuss the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Kerala.

List of top 10 digital marketing companies in Kerala

  1. SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd

  2. iTruth

  3. TGI Technologies

  4. Webdura

  5. Green Pepper Digital

  6. Better Graph

  7. iBot

  8. Cearsleg

  9. Social Pulsar

  10. Webcastle

Below is a list of top 10 digital marketing companies in Kerala, not in any specific order of merit.

1. SpiderWorks Technologies

SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd, a Google Certified Partner company from Kerala, is a big fish in the pool of digital marketing agencies that Kerala. With around 15 years of experience in web marketing services, SpiderWorks Technologies is house to one of the biggest digital marketing teams in the state of Kerala and has a highly mixed but balanced pool of talented people. The one thing that comes to the aid of SpiderWorks is their experience of marketing some of their own websites which have been ranked among the best websites in their respective categories on Alexa.

SpiderWorks demonstrates unimaginable and peerless flexibility towards their clients and apart from serving major clients in Kerala, they have been catering to the needs of several business houses, both major and minor throughout the country. And it shouldn't come as a surprise that they have also retained several major international clients, especially from the Middle East hospitality and aviation sector players. They have an aggressive attitude when it comes to fattening their clientele and retaining each entity that comes to them for life. SpiderWorks believes in efficiency and client-satisfaction, the latter being its first priority. SpiderWorks is capable of delivering a wide range of digital marketing and other web services too, be it website designing, hosting, marketing, SEO, video marketing, online advertisements, e-mailers and so on.

Click here to visit the official website of SpiderWorks: digital marketing agency in Kerala
Phone: +91 9495559690

2. iTruth

Although iTruth is constantly invested into delivering services of all kinds to their client, which include web services such as web programming, open-source development, e-commerce development, mobile development, they are known for their cutting-edge services in the field of SEO. Their consultants are all very knowledgeable and have the experience of catering to the needs of a number of clients in Kerala and beyond. Their SEO services include consultation, keyword research, copywriting, website redevelopment, creating incoming links, submission to search engines and reporting on optimisation results. Their SEO experience enables them to cater to the needs of small as well as big business enterprises and they can be engaged on affordable rates such as that of USD 100 per month.

Phone: +91 98950 11320

3. TGI Technologies

TGI Technologies is definitely one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in Kerala. It has catered to the needs of several local business houses, be it travel agencies or entities hailing from the hospitality industry. Over the years, TGI hasn't confined itself to a given business vertical but has been bent upon gaining expertise and knowledge across many business segments in order to be able to work for all kinds of entities. TGI is majorly characterised by their display of high flexibility towards their clients. The team at TGI is inclined towards a rather more personal approach towards their clients to the satisfaction of their needs.

Call : 91 9037472816

4. Webdura Technologies

Webdura was founded back in 2010 and has been in this line of work for a little over 8 years now. Webdura offers a wide variety of digital marketing services for their clients and is known for the creativity they put into shaping their campaigns. An award-winning agency, Webdura prefers a highly data-driven approach to serve their clients and have built a distinct reputation in management and handling of client communications for the respective companies with their target audience.

Phone: 0484-403-4499

5. Green Pepper Digital

The name has been in the digital marketing industry in Kerala for a while now and has been able to identify the very pulse of digital marketing strategies across all sectors. They have been utilising their experience and skill-set of their various consultants to cater to the specific needs of brand management and brand-building for various clients. They have a straight-jacketed process-line which they adopt for all of their clients and this is what keeps things simpler for them. They have a shiny clientele which includes the likes of Uber, Hackerearth and Air India. Their services include social media marketing, explainer video marketing, SEO and several other digital marketing services.

Phone: +91 9846811111

6. BetterGraph

As the name speaks, BetterGraphs gets its name from the very motivation of this agency, which is to increase the sales and overall business growth of their clients through the delivery of a 360 degree website promotion through delivery of business promotion services which include SEO services, online advertisements, PPC campaigns, social media marketing, display media campaigns, marketing analytics, online reputation management and so on. They boast a clientele which includes players from various sectors, be it food tech, e-commerce of marketing. By providing unique digital marketing solutions, the agency is determined towards enabling businesses to reach their desired goal.

Phone: +91­ 120 4735100

7. IBOT Solutions

IBOT Solutions was founded by Jitto Jose, a Google Adwords and Analytics Certified Professional, who has an experience of over 15 years in the field of digital marketing. He also worked as a consultant and has transformed several aspiring students into accomplished digital marketers. IBOT Solutions delivers a wide range of solutions which include online reputation management, data analytics, mobile application development, web development, web app development, SEO, ad campaigns and so on. They also have a separate wing for training digital marketing consultants and have till date trained over 500 students, who are always ready to get hired.

Phone: +91 9539070845,

8. Cearsleg Technologies

Among the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Kerala, Cearsleg is a well known company that keeps itself targeted towards inbound marketing, an innovative approach (which they call the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich approach) to get clients only potential customers, enabling them to save time and resources by disallowing them to spare efforts on targets with minimum potential to turn into customers. Their digital marketing services include branding, online PR management, reputation management and astroturfing, lead generation campaigns, CTA, landing pages, SEO, SMO, SEM and search advertising.

Phone: +91 471 485 1755

9. Social Pulsar

One of the best digital marketing agencies in Kerala, Social Pulsar is relatively new and was established in 2015, just 3 years ago. Today, they are one of the best service providers when it comes to digital marketing especially social media marketing, for low-budget entities. They have earned significant respect in the digital circuit of Kerala mainly because of their focus and readiness to work with small entities instead of constantly and endlessly waiting for the big fish. Their services include Search engine marketing, Social media management, online reputation management, brand management, raffle management, content marketing, local marketing, and so on.

Phone: +91 484 298 9924

10. Webcastle Technologies

Webcastle was established nearly ten years ago and within this time they have constantly evolved as a client-friendly agency and have generated an impressive client satisfaction quotient which helps them distinguish themselves from the other players. They have catered to some big names in the state and have constantly been getting business, the reason behind their successful survival in this sector of cut-throat competition. WebCastle is also inclined towards taking an innovative approach and is known to think out of the box in the interest of their clients, who have been coming back to them again and again. They are into web development, web designing, online advertisements, PPC campaigns, e-commerce services, mobile app development and social media marketing.

Phone: +91 484 4052626


The above list of top digital marketing companies in Kerala is selected through my own research and experience. Be aware that the selection criteria may vary from person to person and my top 10 list may not match your criteria. So, before choosing the perfect company to market your business in Kerala, use your best judgement and research further based on your specific requirements.

Did I miss any of the leading digital marketing companies in Kerala that deserve to be included in the top 10 companies list? Just let me know by posting a comment below and I will check if I can include your suggested company in the list.

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Guest Author: Shafas15 Jan 2019

You can also consider Web Destiny Solutions, One of the best Digital Marketing service providers in Kerala.

Web Destiny Solutions is also introducing a new concept 360-degree Digital marketing, check out

Guest Author: Jagesh03 May 2019

Accolades Media and Communications is also a complete digital marketing service providers in Kochi, Kerala. We provide complete business solutions including Web designing, Graphic designing, Online marketing, Advertisements, Branding, SEO, PPC. We believe in connecting your brand with the relevant people and attracting traffic that converts into sales. Accolades was established two years ago and now we are known for best in Google AdWords company in Kochi. We based in Kochi and Calicut. Please check the website for more details and Please include our website in your list.

Phone : +91 90726 19922, +91 90726 19923

Guest Author: Village Talkies12 Jul 2019

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Indeed great information available, completely agree that corporate video production matters a lot to boost your company and business.

Guest Author: James K10 Aug 2019

Nice list but I believe you missed out on a Company called Web Destiny Solutions. They deserve to be on this list.


Guest Author: Freya Riki12 Dec 2019

Good lists! I can say 2base technologies is also one you can add in this list of best digital marketing agencies in Kerala.

Check our website:

Guest Author: Aiswarya21 Jan 2020

Great list of companies. Just check Dinero Tech Labs. Dinero is one of the best digital marketing companies.

Guest Author: Thomas Mathew26 Jan 2020

Aiswarya, can you please share the details of Dinero Tech Labs? When was the company incorporated? What are the services they offer? Are they into any services other than digital marketing? We will be happy to review your company details and possibly include in our list of best digital marketing companies.

Guest Author: Aiswarya29 Jan 2020

Hey Thomas,

Thank you for showing interest.

Dinero Tech Labs is a digital marketing agency in Cochin, India. Dinero was incorporated in the year 2017. We provide Digital Marketing Services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Video, Animation, Graphics Designing, Web Development, etc.

For more details visit:

Guest Author: Thomas Mathew02 Feb 2020


Than you for sharing the details. Can you please give some more details like how many employees you have at Dinero Tech Labs and also, do you have any digital marketing success stories to share? I am trying to make another comprehensive article on emerging digital marketing companies in Kochi and I think your company is a great fit in that article.

Guest Author: Aiswarya03 Feb 2020


All together, Dinero Tech Labs is having 12+ employees.

Success Story:

Banknotestreet is a consulting and numismatic company that helps cash center managers, cashiers, and collectors to identify banknotes and coins in circulation.

The challenge specific to Banknotestreet was its introduction to the global market. Already there were few products similar to Banknotestreet who were providing quarterly editions.

In 2017, we started it from scratch. At that time, Banknotestreet was the only digital currency guide providing real-time updates on banknotes. Banknotestreet showed tremendous growth year by year. Pulling back all its competitors, Banknotestreet is ranking in top positions. Now, Banknotestreet is having traffic from more than 95+ countries per day.

For more details, you can check:

Guest Author: Arun das09 Mar 2020

Good article, Some of the companies I know. These are the good digital marketing companies in Kerala. Consider the velosit company also. They are providing excellent digital marketing services.

Guest Author: mathewthomas22 Apr 2020

Thank you for sharing this great article.
Ynot Infosolutions is another digital marketing company that can be included in this list. They offer end to end digital marketing solutions for small, medium, and large scale businesses. Services include creating effective SEO services, Social media marketing, Corporate branding, Video & content marketing, and Logo designing, etc
To know more please click