How Can The Power Of SMS Marketing Help You Steer Your Company To The Next Level?

Are you worried about the poor delivery of your SMS messages? Learn how to make the best use of SMS marketing to drive your business to the next level by taking advantage of the power of SMS marketing.

The power of SMS marketing has been greatly recognized by small and large companies in the world today. Some of the major brands across the globe invest in the power of SMS because it is the sole medium of correspondence that is opened and read in an average of just 3 minutes on receipt. Some companies even go to the extent of investing 60-70% of their mobile marketing budget in SMS. However, business experts in the field say that when you are investing in the power of SMS, make sure that the message sent to the recipient does not come to them as spam. In case, it does, you risk losing the customer and them blocking you from all future correspondence.

The importance of a carefully crafted message for promotion and marketing

When you are focusing on SMS marketing plans cum strategies, you need to create a message that is professional and carefully crafted. The SMS text you send should be personalized and engaging to the recipient. The message should be presented in error, and the message should be within 160 characters. The message must be direct and convey your marketing communication professionally. You should not use any abbreviations when you are sending SMS marketing messages to the recipient. Experts in the field say that such messages are unprofessional and your recipient will not take them seriously.

The right time for delivering the SMS message for maximum delivery

When you are sending an SMS text to the targeted audience, you must use the right time. This should be an integral part of your SMS marketing strategy that you wish to present to the consumer. The right time will help you make a strong connection with the customer. This also helps you not to spam the inbox of the recipient. When you are working on your business SMS marketing campaign, it is crucial for you to incorporate the right timing in the marketing plan. This goes the extra mile in promoting the goods and services you wish to sell. For instance, if you are a restaurant and wish to increase footfall during lunch hours, you can release a text message to your customers with attractive offers before lunch.

Reach out to your rural and urban customers

When you are focusing on SMS marketing campaigns, you effectively can reach out to your rural and urban customers with success. With SMS marketing campaigns, you effectively can gauge the preferences, tastes and purchasing patterns of the consumer. Many companies use location-based text messaging services to attract their customers with an offer or discount at their stores. Some companies are making brand innovations when it comes to SMS marketing campaigns. Text messages are indeed one of the most successful and persuasive channels to reach out to both your rural and urban customers with success.

Tips to write out your text message – simple but powerful tips to reach out to the targeted audience

When you are using SMS marketing to reach out to prospective and existing customers, keep the following tips in mind-
  • The text message you write must be relevant. The message should be clear for the recipient to understand. One of the best things about SMS marketing is you set the time when you want your recipients to see it. So, as mentioned above, use the appropriate time for the recipient to read your text message like in the above example of a restaurant. If you send out text messages to hungry customers just before lunch or even dinner with exciting offers, the lead conversions will surely be high.
  • Create a sense of urgency to get a better response- When you are writing a text message, you must create a sense of urgency to get people to act. This is why experts say you must set a limited time or an expiry date to tempt customers to learn more about the offer you wish to market or promote.
  • If you are promoting offers or attractive deals at your restaurant, ask your consumers to show you the text so that they can enjoy the offer or the deal.
  • Remember when you are creating a text message, use language that is common and simple for you to understand. The message should be professional and personal. Remember, when you are communicating with your targeted audience, you have to make the text customized and personal. This will prompt them to take the desired action. Do not forget to add a call to action to the text message so that the lead conversions for the desired action are high.
  • When you are making offers to the targeted audience, make sure they are real in value. The text message should at least make your recipients pause for a moment and think about the offer that they have in hand. This will prompt them to get back to you and buy the product or service you are willing to sell or promote.
  • Encourage the recipient to share and forward the text message to their friends and family. In this way, you effectively can reach out to a wider targeted audience faster.
  • Last but not least when it comes to SMS text messaging make sure that you keep it short and simple. The customer should be able to understand the message and react to it in the desired way. At the same time, make sure that the message is easy to grasp. When it comes to the call-to-action links or phone numbers that you place in the message, make sure they are working.

Therefore, when it comes to SMS marketing, keep the above points in mind. They will help you reach out to the targeted audience and invoke a positive response. In case, you have not started using SMS marketing for your business, it is high time for you to start doing so. This form of marketing is not only effective, but it is affordable for you as well

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Guest Author: Rashmi21 Jan 2019

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