Smart Watches for Kids: Should We Use Them?

Smartwatches have been trending these days. What is your opinion on using them for our kids? Here is a brief account of its features, that might help you make up your mind for or against using this gadget. Read this article to know more.

In the midst of technological waves, there are waves that say, we should swim against it as much as possible. I to agree to this point. When technology replaces human interaction, human touches and creates a void in relationships, which we are witnessing all around us, we should think in a balanced way not to get swayed by it. Things get even more complicated when it comes to the matter of raising children. Today the younger generation is getting introduced to gadgets before they are introduced to their relatives. We all detest that and we do feel guilty when as a parent we submit to the gadgets to replace our presence in their lives in many odd hours. Now, to add to the computer, tabs and smartphones, there are those smartwatches. They are available at several online merchant sites and are ranged at prices that many of us can easily afford. The question lies ahead, should we make use of it? In my opinion, the answer is Yes! Why? Here's my own explanation.

How it Works

The smartwatches work just like a smartphone through SIM cards. If you already have a spare SIM card, you can simply install it in the smartwatch and start using it instantly. It comes with a USB charger and you can charge it through your laptop. Each smartwatch will come with an app, which you have to install as per the instructions given with the smartwatch. You can control each and every feature on the smartwatch through this app loaded on your smartphone. The smartwatches are compatible both for Android and Apple. So, depending upon the one you use, you have to download the app of that particular version. You can even Remotely shut down the watch through your smartphone app.

Safety Reasons

With the increasing crime rates happening around us, especially with kids, we can't afford to leave our kids vulnerable at the mercy of fortune to save them. If technology is there to sabotage their lives, even we should have access to technology that can counter and foil the efforts of the criminals. Thus smartwatches, are a must in today's not-so-serene and safe scenario. The smartwatches for kids are having the following features that provide the first level of security that we all need to avail.
Smartwatch App Features

SOS Feature

These smartwatches have an SOS Feature that sends SOS messages to the guardian numbers, whenever the kid presses a button. This SOS alert can reach three numbers at a time, alerting all the guardians simultaneously. This is a very useful feature, in case one of the numbers is not reachable, or not responding.

Calling Facility

Kids can't handle phones, as they need to be free. A kid as small as five years can't be given a smartphone, but he can wear a watch with calling facilities so that parents can call them and they can call their parents at the press of a button. That is an easy to use way to keep in touch with our kids, while they can go handsfree.

SMS Facility

If calling is not an option when your kid is attending a class, or in a place, where calls can draw unnecessary attention, you can send an SMS to your kids 'smartwatch and he can reply back in a voice message. All you have to do is teaching your kid, how to do it.

GPS Tracker

Though not all the smartphones are equipped with GPS tracker, it is better to buy one that has this facility. With this, you can simply track your child wherever they are on their way. This is a boon for the parents as not every time it is possible to make calls or send SMS to the child. At the same time, it provides a sense of security, where you have a way to track your child, in case of emergency situations. This is a preventive as well as a curative way to handle kidnapping cases, that we all are afraid of.

Watch Remove Alert

There is a Watch Remove alert that will instantly send a message to the guardian numbers whenever the watch has been taken off from your child along with the last GPS position. This is a wonderful feature that allows the parents to be in the know-how of things that is happening around your kid.

Disciplinary Reasons

It is not only safety that is ensured to a level through these smartwatches for kids. These smartwatches ensure to maintain disciplinary actions through its useful features.

Do Not Disturb Feature

If your child is attending a class, and you do not want any of his friends to make a call on his watch, there is a 'do not disturb feature' in which you can set up the timing, so that no advertisement calls or any unnecessary calls disturb your child in the school or coaching classes.


You can set numerous alarms in this smartwatch. If your child has gone to play and is not aware of the time, he is supposed to return home, the alarm clock set in his watch will remind him of his timings, and hence your child will automatically be trained to value time at a very young age.

Reduces Smartphone Usage

When our kids are growing. They will make new friends and would wish to be in touch through phones. To avail this much facility, parents were giving them access to smartphones, which is harmful in many ways. But wearing a smartwatch will grant them this facility without creating an excuse to use the smartphones.

Health Tracker

The smartwatches come with a health tracker feature as well, through which you can maintain a health chart for your kid that will be associated with his activities that the watch will record.

The Bottom Line

With so many facilities available at an affordable price, these smartwatches are no less than a boon for the parents, especially those who are raising their kids in a nuclear family setup.


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