Zoho CRM: Overview, Features, Specifications and Review

Read this article to know in short about Zoho CRM solution. See its overview, what all features it has, how it can be useful for your business and which Zoho CRM business plan is the right one for you.

Zoho CRM is a SaaS-based customer relationship management software that is one of the best business software made in India. It helps you to have a good hold over your business. With Zoho CRM you can manage several business functions like sales, marketing, customer support, contacts, business data etc. It helps you to grow your business faster than usual. You can take your business to a new level with Zoho CRM.
Zoho CRM is a simple and cost-effective tool that comes in several editions, different packages and set of features to satisfy the demands of the business of different sizes. You can select the edition pertaining to the features as per your business requirement and hence control the expenses of Zoho CRM package. Zoho makes you available with Free, Standard, Professional and Enterprise version of CRM software. It reduces the manual and computation work to great extent making your business easier.

Zoho CRM Specification

Zoho is one of the leading choices in CRM domain for all the entrepreneurs from 12 years. It has over 15 million users owning the big and small businesses. It is crafted in the best way to fit any sort of business. Initially, CRM was used to support the customer service system but now with Zoho CRM, you can control your overall business strategy.

How Zoho CRM is helpful for your Business?

Zoho has numerous benefits for your business. Some of the most important help that Zoho CRM can provide are detailed below:
  • It helps you to get the overall view of your business.
  • By using Zoho CRM you can track all the important marketing opportunities and keep the record of your sales.
  • You can decide on your futuristic actions that can work well for your business growth and development.
  • You can connect your business to mobile based applications and can operate it from any part of the world.
  • The lead-to-deal conversion rates can be sufficiently increased by using Zoho CRM software for your business. It can increase as high as 300%.
  • The relationship with the customers can be noticeably improved. If you talk about statistical growth it is improved by 27%.
  • With the help of Zoho CRM software, the running cost of business is decreased by 25%. You need not spend much on marketing cost. Using this digital solution you can decrease your sales cost too.
  • The revenue of the overall business increases. The revenue per salesperson increases by 41%.
  • The speed of sales increases or you can say there is growth in the response rate of the business.
The Zoho review supports you with all sorts of expectations you need from a business based automated system. It provides a backbone to your business and the best technology that one can invest in. Zoho CRM also allows you to integrate your business to other desired software.

Who all can use Zoho CRM Software?

As already discussed Zoho is designed to meet the specific needs. It can be of a prolific use for:
  • B2B: It can help you to create a common platform for vendors, stakeholders and partners so that all can work in a synchronised way for smooth operation of a business. Using the CRM system all your business details stating from contacts to sales to orders and company reports can be kept intact.

  • B2C: It helps you to reach out to your customers with ease. It provides you with a direct business solution that consumes less time and increases your sales along with revenue. You can get the instant marketing survey results, marketing and ordering automation and more features to pipeline your business in the desired way.

  • Smart and Modern Business: It provides a low-cost solution for small business with a high number of features to support your business and give a tough competition to large-scale business. You can gradually grow your business with effective implementation of Zoho CRM.

  • Enterprises: For huge enterprises, CRM offers features including workflow management, territory management, sales and marketing management, automation and advanced analytics. You can reduce the operational time of your business and unify your business at different locations to work in sync. This version of Zoho CRM is highly appreciated by all the industrialists using it and the clients are increasing each day.

Why it is suggested to use Zoho CRM for your Business?

With Zoho CRM software you can

Engage Precisely With Customers:
Zoho has a multichannel customer support system. It helps you to reach to your customers over email, calls, social media platform and in person.

Automate the Daily Tasks:
You can engage your salesperson selling your products and services rather than data entry and management of orders. You can automate the complete routine and save a lot of your time and engage in production tasks than management tasks that can enhance your business

Customised Operations:
Zoho allows you to opt for the packages and services that can fit best to your business requirements. It creates a customised layout for your business and accomplishes all the personalised business tasks. The fields, modules and buttons are added as per your business needs.

Works in Real Time:
You can get all your project detailing and insights in real time by making use of this software. You can manage all the things that can be measured. It helps your team with all the tools for improved working and increases the precision and efficiency of performance.

Unique Features:
It is highly cost effective. If you want to quit in the middle of your subscription you can terminate anytime without any additional costing. You have options for the monthly and annual subscription. If you want to check the software you can first try out the trial or free version available. You got to pay only for what you use there are no additional costs involved.

Desired Integration:
It also facilitates you with the option to integrate with the business-related products and services. It allows you with all the features that make the running of your business easy and convenient.

Final Words

You can customize your business, automate your business and grow your business with the simple implication of Zoho CRM to your business. Just use the software and you will never be as relaxed with the business operation as with the use of Zoho.

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