How to play MKV files on Chromebook?

Struggling with playing MKV files on your Chromebook? Fret not, there are many other ways to play an MKV file on a Chromebook and we will be discussing all of these methods in this article. Read on!

If you use Chromebook and you have tried playing MKV files, you certainly would have come across some issue. Sometimes the file does not play at all and if it plays you can just hear the voice and cannot see the video. Now the question is why?
The write-up below gives you the complete details about why the MKV files do not play on Chromebook and how can it be played.

Why MKV files won't play on Chromebook?

Let us check different reasons due to which the MKV files do not play on Chromebook:
  • Chrome does not support all the media files. It lacks audio Codec or Video Codec for certain files and that is the reason MKV files cannot be played on Chromebook.
  • Some of the Chromebook models do not have support for interlaced videos.
  • Another reason that stops Chromebook from playing your MKV files is the subtitle streams in the video. If the titles are in an unrecognised format then too they cannot be played.
  • If you launch the updated version of Chromebook on your computer and it has certain bugs. MKV files cannot be played back if Chromebook itself has some issues.
Though there exist some issues with playing MKV files on Chromebook yet there are certain fixes too that can make your desired videos to be played smoothly on your existing operating system. One of them can be making use of media players. Some of them work well if you have access to the internet while others work offline too.
Let us check all the possibilities that allow MKV files to be played on Chromebook

Method 1: Use of Google Drive for Chromebook Playback

Chromebook can play videos saved in the device, through an external USB device and also through Google Drive. You can easily stream your MKV videos from any of the file storage services that support MKV playback. It can include Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud storage solution.
The only drawback if this system is that it is an online way of playing videos and you cannot stream the videos while you are offline. It is perfect for low storage files but for larger files, it is very hectic to upload and then playback. You can try another alternative in such a case.

Method 2: By Using MKV Video Players on Chromebook

The default or built-in media player cannot play MKV files but you can surely seek help from some external media player that support MKV format. Here is the list of some popular and effective MKV video players.
  1. VLC Media Player: VLC is one of the highly used media players as it supports all the video formats and can play them with ease. You can directly play the videos from any external or internal storage using VLC Video Player. You need not be online to play videos by this method. You can watch the movies and videos offline. Just download VLC media player and you can enjoy your videos anytime, anywhere. VLC is not only supported on Chromebook but works efficiently on Windows and Mac. VLC allows you to watch the videos in HD quality. You do not have to face any interference in sound or images of the video, it is completely intact to the originals with VLC Video Player.
  2. HEVC Player: Another video player that can do the needful is HEVC Player or H.265 for Chromebook. It is available on Chrome app store. It has support for a higher number of Audio and Video Codec files in comparison to an inbuilt video player of Chromebook. With the help of this player, most of the videos can be played easily. But sometimes this also gets stuck with MKV videos and only audio works properly.
So, in short, we can say that there must be some other way to play all the videos and files with no hindrance. Have a look at the next and final alternative.

Method 3: Conversion of MKV files to MP4 format

Conversion of MKV files to the Chrome Supported Video File format is the best solution to the problem. MP4 is the most common format of video files that can be played on any operating system. Once you have converted the file in Chromebook compatible file format you need to worry if you are online, offline, you have any additional video player or not.

A step by step guide to convert MKV video files to MP4 format:

Step 1: Upload the Files for Conversion:
To start the conversion of MKV files to Chromebook supported file format you need to install VLC player or any other video converter on your computer. Now open VLC Video Converter and click on Add files. Click on the file that you want to convert in MP4 format.

You are supported with a drag and drop option. You can also carry out batch conversion. It is not at all required to convert the files one by one.
VLC image conversion
Step 2: Choose the Desired Format:
Now, as you finish uploading the files, click on Format. Once you click on the format button you will be displayed with a long list of formats for conversion of MKV files.

Choose the MP4 or any other video format that is supported by Chromebook. You can also select the conversion in HD quality. Change the settings of the audio and video by clicking on a Setting button.
Select output format video conversion vlc
Step 3: Convert the Files:
Once you are finished setting with all types of video specification, hit the convert button. Now the files are successfully converted in the Chromebook supported video format. Open the converted file and you are good to go.

There are no flaws in this method of playing the video on Chromebook.

Final Words

The blog above is a perfect guide to play your MKV files on Chromebook. It suggests all the possible solutions in case you face the issue playing your desired file on Chromebook. You can use any of the methods that you find convenient.

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Guest Author: Cédesse01 Feb 2019

First try the remux option in VLC instead of this, if you want a more clever approach.

9 out of 10 Matroska (MKV) files contain video types that are also allowed in MP4 (usually either H.264 or H.265 (HEVC)). Both file types are containers that can contain these different video types and also different audio types (also known as 'codecs').

Look at the last screenshot from VLC above. Click on the little tool icon. This will open another dialog that has a "Video codec" tab and an "Audio codec" tab. Both tabs have an option called "Keep original track". Tick these boxes.
Finally set a destination folder and file name with the MP4 extension in the output field in the previous dialog (it is not filled in in the screenshot above.

Guest Author: daveclark96602 Jun 2021

iDealshare VideoGo can Convert any MKV file with the unsupported video codec or audio codec to any Chromebook version best supported MP4 H.264.

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