Echo vs Echo Plus - Difference, Cost, and Comparison

Looking for an Amazon Echo device but are unsure of what would be the best option for you? Here is a comparison between the Echo and the Echo Plus to help you with the decision.

When the United States told the world that our next mission was to put the first humans on the moon, some thought it was crazy, others knew this was the next step in evolution, and others believed it was impossible. It took a team of hundreds of people, billions of dollars in research, and years to make it happen but it did. This has been one of the most important events in human history which truly allowed everyone in the world to realize that we were no longer living in the past, but made a giant leap into the future. Fast forward to today and you can see items that reinforce the idea that we are in the future. Our smartphones, laptops, touch screens, helicopters, and small cylinders to which you can ask anything and they will reply with a human-like voice. We are talking about Alexa and Google Home, but in this article, we will be discussing some of the differences between the Amazon Echo and Echo plus, such as their costs, features comparison, and more so that you can make a decision on which one to purchase.

Echo vs Echo Plus

If you've ever watched the cartoon "The Jetsons," you will remember the family's personal robot maid which was able to cook, clean, and do all of the chores of the house. We've yet to reach this level of technology, but we now have something similar. The smart speaker developed by Amazon, the "Echo", can do a lot of seemingly unimportant tasks that are actually super helpful in today's fast-paced lifestyle. The Amazon Echo "wakes up" or responds to certain requests when a person says "Alexa", "Amazon", or "Echo". These requests can be anything from Alexa please search such and such song, or Alexa please go into my google calendar and set an appointment for October 16th at 2 pm.

Earlier this year, during a reveal event hosted by Amazon, the online company revealed the new version of the Echo, the Echo 2 with a seemingly better version the Echo Plus. Now, let's get into what each of these Echo products holds in their hardware and software, the cost differences and some of the feature comparisons.

As far as design goes, the new Echo 2 is a lot smaller than the original Echo and seems to blend into your home. It no longer has a white option as its new colours also feature different fabrics and wood finishes for a better feel and to blend in with the home's surroundings. One thing that has not changed from the first generation is the blue ring that pulsates to let you know the Echo is on and ready to help with whatever you need. You can get an Amazon Echo second generation for about eighty dollars on Amazon or any other online retailer.

Both the Echo and Echo Plus now have their sound tuned by Dolby, one of the major nominators in the audio space. What this means is that the audio of the new Echo products compared to the first edition will be much better and crispier than ever. The Echo 2 has a sub-woofer with a .6 inch tweeter, while the Echo Plus has a .8 inch tweeter for better vocals, improved bass, and 360 sound so you can place the echo in the center of any room and hear it clearly from every single space.

The biggest difference between the Echo 2 and the Echo Plus is not the size of their subwoofer or the price, but it is the ability for the Echo Plus to act as a smart-home hub so that you can control anything that is considered "smart" by voice command alone. The Echo 2 can only control certain features such as light bulbs, but the Echo Plus can open your garage door, dim the lights, play songs in other rooms, turn on your smart T.V.s, read and reply to messages, and much much more. The Amazon Echo Plus costs around forty dollars more than the Echo 2, but it will totally be worth it if you want all of the extra voice command features that come with the upgraded version. In case you're completely new to the Echo or any of the other smart speaker systems on the market, here's a list of what they can do for you and what you can ask them to provide information on, by voice command alone:
  • News about the weather
  • News from local radio stations
  • Play music from different apps like Spotify and Apple Music
  • Set timers and to-dos
  • Access and read Wikipedia articles
  • Answer general questions about anything found on the internet
In conclusion, the Amazon Echo 2 and Amazon Echo Plus can be a great addition to your home's furniture, not only for its ability to be a speaker to listen to music but because of all of its other features. In addition, the Amazon Echo can be a great tool to have when your children are doing their homework or if they just want to ask it different questions due to their curiosity. The price for one of these Echo products is not as expensive as it could be and is thus affordable for a family or if you live alone and want to be on top of technology. Just like the iPhone and other technology products, the Echo will be updated sometime in the near future so you might as well get it to see how it works and if you like it.

Article by Adrian Rubin
Adrian Rubin is a twenty-eight year old single male with a lot of creative talents. He began his life's interest for technology and game development as a young kid and it has transferred into what he does now. His desire for writing, creating games and stories led him to study at the University of Arts in Philadelphia, the city in which he currently resides.

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