How to scrape product data using ScrapeStorm?

Have you ever wondered about a tool that would automatically scrape data from a web page? Maybe you are looking at a website that has a great deal of information and you want to save it, bt collecting all that data manually should be a herculean task. How about a website scraping tool that can scrape the data automatically?

ScrapeStorm presents you the modern age website scraping tool. Instead of taking down every data manually, the software can scrape the data automatically through its AI-driven interface. In fact, the software is developed by a former Google team and that should make it an excellent option in itself.

What is ScrapeStorm?

ScrapeStorm is an excellent web scraping tool that offers you a great deal of functionality with the aid of machine learning and AI efficiency. The software is specifically designed for those who do not have any sort of programming knowledge.
main screen
An easy to use and powerful tool can be the best option for a wide range of services across operations, sales, finance, news, e-commerce and data analysis. It can also be a good option for government agencies and the academic institutes for data scraping requirements.
The software comes with a host of functionalities including automated extraction of data and cleaning up the data during the process. You can use the tool for filtering the content including numbers, email address and other formats.

What are the advantages that the tool offers?

The tool provides an exceptional service in every right. In fact, it reduces most of the issues you may come across in terms of web scraping. It offers you an excellent option to obtain massive web data and manage it properly.
In essence, it reduces the issues associated with manual data extraction. It also helps you reduce the cost of obtaining information in addition to aiding you in enhancing your work efficiency. Offering you the excellent functionality of web scraping and data extraction, the software has the clients for almost all major platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.

The features
ScrapeStorm offers you two different modes depending upon the level and nature of data extraction you are looking at. You can choose the option that best meets your exact requirements.

Smart Mode
Smart Mode is the new generation of web scraping mode developed by ScrapeStorm. In fact, the software should be the best and simple to work with. You can work with it without having to configure any rules. The option makes use of artificial intelligence for an effective data scraping.

The mode supports bulk import of URLs. The mode can be the best option for list type and content-based web pages.

Flowchart Mode
This would be an exceptional mode for your personalised search requirements. In addition to the regular web pages that we discussed before, this mode should be best suited for web pages that have a heavier visual content. What's more - it follows the exact manner that you access the web pages manually. Open the website and generate the rules with a few simple clicks.
How to choose either of those modes? Well, the right choice of the scraping mode would be dependent on the type of website and your needs.

If you need to extract the list type or normal kind of website, the Smart Mode would be the best choice for your requirements. You can use multiple websites in batch but would need to ensure that all the sites in a batch need to be of the same type.
It should be one of the excellent options if you do not have an experience in programming. Moreover, if you have multiple types of websites, this can be the best option to opt for.

The Flowchart mode would be an excellent option for all your requirements. It would work with all types of websites. In case the Smart Mode does not work with your website, you would need to opt for the Flowchart Mode.
Ultimately, it should be your choice to go with the best option that perfectly meets your needs. Master both the modes and find which mode would meet your requirements.

How to use ScrapeStorm to extract data from Amazon

We will now explain how to use ScrapeStorm to extract the data from an Amazon page.
  • Download and install on your PC.
  • Make sure you have registered yourself yourself on the site. You will only need your email ID for the registration.
  • Copy the URL from any of the Amazon pages and paste it on your ScrapeStorm at the appropriate location.
  • You can now either import the rules for scraping the data from the website or start scraping directly on the app
  • Configure the fields and click on Start. startThe extraction of the data will commence. Wait patiently it is completed. You can also click on Run in Background and continue with other tasks.

  • scraping progress
  • Once the task is completed, you will get confirmation of the same.

  • scraping completed
That does it. You have successfully scaped the data from the website without the need for accessing it manually.
Here is the image for the data we extracted.
scrapestorm excel sheet
You can also use ScrapeStorm to find the pricing information from E-Commerce sites and use it to make an advantageous pricing strategy. This can be one of the best options to work with. If you are a merchant, you will be at a competitive advantage to price your commodities in a competitive manner. If you are a consumer, you can you will have the option to take advantage of price fluctuations.
Here is a video to explain how to monitor the price modifications -

The Parting Thoughts

Built by the ex-Google team, the AI-driven service from ScrapeStorm should be your best option for the data extraction from websites. Offering your several options to crawl the websites and extract data, it can be used to extract any kind of data from the websites. You can use the software for multiple requirements like the product and process monitoring, content marketing, app development and lead generation.
You can opt for the free option that lets you extract 1000 updates or upgrade to the pro plan for unlimited access.

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