Top 5 Reasons Why Macs are Better Than PCs

You can prefer Macs over PCs for numerous reasons as you find better software and hardware product in the form of Mac. Let's discuss few reasons why Macs are better than PCs.


Despite the fact that Macs are a bit more expensive than the regular PCs, they are still leading the premium race. These devices come bit costlier but the quality and services they offer are unbeatable. You can find improved software and hardware products with Mac for seamless experience while working on these machines. These machines offer many advanced features to make your work easier. There are many reasons why Macs are the preferred choice to PCs. Let's discuss some of these reasons here.



Macs are designed to provide extensive security to your system. It includes many useful security features to keep your device intact from various malware threats. They are designed to prevent you from numerous malicious threats created by cyber-criminals. In fact, Macs are less vulnerable to these malicious threats than compared to Windows systems. Each Mac device comes with advanced technology that works together to constantly monitor, encrypt and update your system to keep it safe and secure. It offers various security features like GateKeeper, FileVault 2, Privacy controls, Sandboxing, runtime protection, anti-phishing, firewall and much more to keep your system safe. You can keep your system updated with the latest software for improved security of your system.

Easier to troubleshoot Macs:


Macs are designed for enhanced user experience at the same time they are easy to troubleshoot. It's easy to figure out the problem with a Mac. There are three applications and all in one place with Mac that can help you detect and solve any problem with Mac easily. You can find these apps in Applications/Utilities folder. These apps include Activity Monitor which is the more powerful version of Windows Task manager, Console which displays all system logs in one place, and Disk Utility which is helpful to identify disk integrity issues. It is very rare that you can't find a decent hint of a problem from these three apps. On Windows, you can find all similar apps but they are more scattered and immeasurably more difficult to find for the average user.

Excellent Software comes pre-installed:

If you think Microsoft Office is an integral part of Windows itself, then wait, because it is not. So when you buy a new Windows system it doesn't come with useful Microsoft Office, instead, it comes pre-loaded with a lot of unnecessary apps and programs. This unnecessary lot of apps & programs only occupy your valuable disk space as you don't use most of them. To the other side, when you talk about Macs, it comes pre-installed with a lot of useful apps & programs to make your system effective once you unwrap it. It offers much useful software like iMovies, iPhotos, Stickies, Expose, iCal, Time Machine, FaceTime, keynote and much more. These software programs enable you to perform all basic tasks from the very beginning. You can find and download other useful apps from Mac App Store to optimize your Mac.

User Experience:

Mac offers neat and contained system settings for improved user experience. Mac operating system is considered to be a clean, refined and stable software which makes work easier for the user. It looks absolutely great aesthetically. Apple is very neat with its operating system config settings. In Macs, the operating system config settings are all in the Control Panel (with a few exceptions). Whereas in Windows, there are many places where you can find and change system-wide settings like the registry, add/remove programs, service manager, hardware manager, network connections, control panel etc. In Macs, trackpad and mouse gestures are useful additions to provide an excellent alternative to users to feel like a polished evolution of an already thoroughbred system.

Quality Parts:

Aside from the improved operating system, Apple offers a better build quality with its hardware parts too. It uses the highest standards and top-grade quality components with elegant styling and details to make some tremendous products. Apple products' fit and finish don't usually bend and creak like the plastic panels on most PCs and laptops. Mac offers high-quality keyboards, LCD panels and much more. You can use Macs for improved user experience.

Apart from these reasons you can find much more reasons which advertently shifts your focus from regular PC products to specialized Macs. You can use Macs for improved user experience and easy tasks abilities.


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It uses the highest standards and top-grade quality components with elegant styling and details to make some tremendous products. Apple products' fit and finish don't usually bend and creak like the plastic panels on most PCs and laptops.

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