What's New in Office 2019: Preview According to Beta Testers

Wondering what is coming in the new Office 2019? Read this article to know exactly what all improvements and new features are coming in Office 2019. Check out the release date of Office 2019 and from where you can download it.

Microsoft has introduced the preview of its Office 2019 solution back in April for Windows. A few months later, it also offered the preview of Office 2019 apps for Mac platform. Many beta testers have tried out the new functions of Office 2019 and have quite a few things to reveal.
The preview version is for on-premise users of Office who are not using the cloud-based version of Office 365. The solution will only work on Windows 10 and typically have the features found in Office 365.

When you download Office 2019, it will come with the usual apps such as Excel, Word, Outlook client apps and PowerPoint. The package will also include server modules of Sharepoint, Exchange and Skype for Business. Today, we are going to present the preview of Office 2019 based on the reports and opinions of the beta testers.
So let's find out what you can expect from Office 2019 and the new features coming with it.

Major Features of Office 2019

Microsoft is going to bring in some new features in Office 2019. Let's give you an idea of some of the features.

Microsoft Search and Ideas

Microsoft is coming with new functionalities which will enable users to access information and documents quickly and manage their time. Microsoft Search is a search option which will help users navigate office apps, Office.com, Windows, OneDrive, SharePoint and other resources. Microsoft is going to introduce some intelligent features by rebranding them to Microsoft Ideas.

The users will have a seamless and smooth user experience as Microsoft will be taking help of AI. You can take help of the Microsoft Delve app to access documents shared by other users in the organization through Microsoft Graph.

The new Microsoft Ideas will replace "Design Ideas" which was found in PowerPoint. Users will be able to format and design content using the process of AI and the feature can also be found in Word and Excel. Ideas can be used to gain insight into the data you are working with and can provide a better design for presentation of slides.

For instance, if you type the word 'Ohio,' Microsoft will know it is a state and present related information such as the current population.

Enhanced Presentation Features

People using Office 2016 might not be satisfied with the features of PowerPoint and may feel they have become outdated. To solve their problem, Microsoft is going to bring the features of Office 365 ProPlus to Office 2019.

Users will be able to take help of the Morph and Zoom capabilities to create professional and in-depth presentations. The new PowerPoint will also support SVG and 3D models and users will be able to perform play in-click sequence and gain the ability to export 4K videos.

Advanced Data Analysis

Excel is still the popular option when you are dealing with data analysis and management. The 2019 version of Office will see significant improvements in this field.

Users can hope for advanced features such as new charts in the form of 2D maps and funnel charts. There are reports that Excel will also come with new formulas and capabilities for publishing directly from the software to Power BI, Microsoft's proprietary business analytics service. Features such as PowerQuery and PowerPivot will also feature new improvements.
Excel will also come with some new functions such as SWITCH, IFS, TEXTJOIN and CONTACT.

Enhanced Inking Features

Many users take help of Microsoft Surface devices and digital pens to draw and doodle directly on the screen of the device. Office 2019 will be presenting an overhaul of the inking features across all of its apps. The advanced stylus features will enhance the capabilities for taking notes or drawing with a pen using a tablet.

The new capabilities include tailoring the ink thickness according to the angle of the pen, pressure sensitivity and a floating pencil box. You can use the pencil box to manage and store all your pencils, pens and highlighters which will be available across all devices.

PowerPoint will also have a feature called ink analysis which can convert handwritten notes on a slide to text matching the color and font of the master template. You can also etch out diagrams on the slide using your stylus and Office will convert them to industry standard objects and shapes.

Word 2019 will also make use of the inking gestures. You can input words in current sentences break up paragraphs into several lines and use standard editing marks to join different words.

Convenient Email Management

Users of Outlook can expect some new functions which will make it easier to manage their emails. Office 2019 will come with Office 365 groups, updated contact cards, focused inbox, @mentions and travel package cards.

The focused inbox will also be available for the Mac version along with read and delivery receipts, email templates and scheduled delivery of emails. Users will also be able to use the 'quick reply' option which was not previously available on Mac. You can access your reminders and send a quick email to your contacts.

Dictation and Grammar Assistance

Office 365 currently makes use of cloud-driven voice dictation features. Users can expect to find the same feature in Office 2019 for both Mac and Windows version. Microsoft is also providing with an inbuilt grammar checker for Word.

Microsoft is going to use the capabilities of their cloud-based machine learning (ML) platform which is going to make grammatical corrections as you type or dictate a message. The ML platform is powered by artificial intelligence and developed from the learning based on thousands of users of Office 365. This improves the accuracy of the grammar checker going by the responses of the ML.

The best thing about the feature is that you don't need to have an internet connection for it to work- it is functional in the offline mode too!

Does the Office 2019 Bring in More to Your Business?

You can download Office 2019 easily, and given the following benefits, it does make a good buy.

Better Collaboration

You can interact with your fellow employees and manage projects more easily. Drive collaboration through intranet and with portal solutions and content management capability, things will never be the same again. Let others send the content for approval to other peers using SharePoint itself. No need to go individually to get things approved.

Cut costs

A better unified infrastructure can help you cut costs as well as protect your information more securely. People know what they have to do and work culture and efficiency will surely work its way northwards.

Integrate with other applications

Not only can you integrate SharePoint with other Microsoft applications like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange, you can also monitor and analyze all information instantly.

But what exactly as a business can you benefit from it?

As a business, you want a lower cost of ownership – the intranet and extranet sites on a unified platform through SharePoint can achieve exactly that. You can even share your SharePoint Platform with others outside your business organization – including clients. Widen your horizon and reach new markets.

That's not all. Security wouldn't be a problem too with greater and enhanced control of content. Manage your content as you want, store as you want and build rich user experiences which all your employees would love! You choose what to divulge, and how much!

Don't worry about wasting time training your employees, SharePoint is fairly simple to use. Familiar web browsers and client desktop applications greet you when you open SharePoint and helps people interact with the content, business data and processes. Aside from this, there are a whole host of other benefits that SharePoint manages to offer:

Increasing employee productivity

Your employees would know their work each day. Be it document review and approval or issue tracking, everything becomes simpler. One need not send over the files individually to be signed, they can be sent over SharePoint itself.

Lessen litigation risks and meet regulatory requirements

It's simple, with a better way to store all the important documents that you have it is easy to follow compliance regulations. A better-improved sharing system will ensure only those who you have given the privilege to view a document, can do so.

Search for the people you need

A great feature of SharePoint is the Enterprise Search. You can search for the people you need based on business data information and other criteria. Of course, with the recent SharePoint Online update, this has become easier with the introduction of Yammer, the perfect enterprise search site.

Be correct all the time

Yes, every business has the problem of human error. Minimize what mistakes humans could do with the Built-in data validation rules that help you enter accurate and consistent data all the time!

Office 2019 does a lot more than this. The new version of SharePoint Online promises to do a lot more, making your business work much more effectively. We at Conscientia can help you know how SharePoint can revaluate your boundaries and broaden your horizons. Our consulting services can help you understand how SharePoint works and how you can utilize it fully. Just sign up for a complimentary appointment with us today!

Office 2019: Coming Soon

Office 2019 is expected to hit the markets in the later part of 2018. Till then, you can sign up and try out the features of Office 2019 by visiting the website of Microsoft.


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