DocuSign - A Unique Way to Change the way You e-Sign Your Documents

Signing the documents is one of the areas that tend to consume much time in a business, and possibly hamper the productivity to a greater extent. eSignatures seem to be the best digital innovation that has happened for businesses and have found to be consistently helpful in speeding the processes.

ESignature is indeed a unique and practical solution that has changed the world at large. The concept has been instrumental in improving the signing process in an organisation and has introduced the paperless signing process making it both environmentally friendly and a faster one at that. The way ESignature has grown over the years is indeed commendable. Among a host of services available, DocuSign has been one of the prominent options in the realm of ESignature services.

DocuSign - An overview

DocuSign is an easy to use software that lets you and your clients sign documents in a paperless manner. What makes it an excellent option is the ease with which it lets you sign a range of documents and forms online without the need for installing software separately.
dashboadLaunched way back in 2003, DocuSign has been part of the Digital Transaction Management ESignature solution. It will help you sign all your documents pertaining to contracts, revisions, decisions and other online forms in a 100 per cent digital manner. In fact, it has been aiding over 300,000 companies and close to 200 million people around the globe to sign, send or manage their documents from anywhere, on any device and at any time.

What are the features that make it a compelling choice?

The DocuSign advantage manifests itself through a host of features that the tool offers you. Some of the features worth mentioning are

Legally Bound Documents

DocuSign is fully compliant with the ESign software guidelines. That makes the documents signed with DocuSign legally binding and admissible in courts globally. The signing process is completely secure and tamperproof. You can be assured of a reliable web-based service.

Faster Functionaliity

The process of signing your documents with DocuSign tends to be simpler and easy to learn. It offers you a convenient functionality so that everyone concerned stays confident. The process flow is easy to learn and implement.

Easy Integration

The software integrates fully well with your regular apps and tools. That makes it an exceptional choice when it comes to sourcing your documents and implementing a closer integration. It syncs well with all the major services and platforms you have been using - including Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Apple and many more.

Multiplatform Compatibility

The DocuSign tool has availability across multiple platforms and thus you should be able to work with it no matter where you are. You have a standalone app for Windows, a mobile-based application and top it all, it works through a browser-based version as well. That makes it a convenient option to receive, send and manage your documents on any device you are currently on.

The Advantages of Opting for DocuSign

DocuSign meets all the professional and legal requirements when it comes to an efficient ESignature software. Some of the advantages of opting for DocuSign include
  • Security - DocuSign complies with the stringent industry standards stipulated for the signing software tools. You can be assured of the best encryption standards for keeping your data secure. Whether it is the data protection, transmission or storage, DocuSign provides the world-class security measures.
  • Global Acceptabililty - The global presence of DocuSign is yet another advantage that makes it a universal solution. It has over 200 million active users across 188 countries globally. Moreover, the software supports over 43 languages. It lets you make use of the digital signing procedures no matter which part of the world you come from. The software meets all the national laws across all countries worldwide.
  • Availability - The software comes with a Always Available functionality making it the best in cases of urgency. The service has multiple, replicating sites that reduce the downtime to a considerable extent. You can be assured of optimum performance of the servers even at the peak hours.
  • Flexibility - The flexible nature of the software makes it an excellent choice for all your personalised requirements. DocuSign understands that the needs of every business are different, and it pays to be accommodating. There are several default solutions for varying needs. You can even opt for the custom solution by choosing the API so that you can integrate DocuSign effectively.

How to sign documents using DocuSign?

Signing a document with DocuSign should be quite easy and simple to learn. The steps involved are much self-explanatory.
  • When someone sends you a document to sign, you will receive a mail from DocuSign.
  • received document
  • Open the mail and click on Review Document.
  • Next, click on Continue and begin the signing process. If you are considering additional options, you can click on Other Actions and choose other alternative actions.
  • Click on Start on the left side. This will begin your signing process.
  • Click on the first option to begin signing the document.
  • Clicking on Sign option will bring you to the screen where you will adopt your signature.
  • document signing
  • You can change your signature style if you want to. Otherwise, choose the signature suggested. You can upload your original signature if you so wish.
  • document sign
  • Once everything is properly done, click on Finish to send your document duly signed.

The Pros and Cons

Now that we have understood the software in a finer detail, let us check out the pros and Cons of the software in a little more detail.
The Pros
  • The ease of use and simplicity makes it an exceptional choice
  • Sign in your documents no matter whether from external or internal sources.
  • Multiple options for seamless integration with major apps you would be using in your business related communication.

The Cons
  • Pricing is a little expensive.
  • Some functions may be a little less intuitive.
  • Lack of customisation options

The Concluding Thoughts

DocuSign is indeed one of the best ESign software options you can work with. The software offers you excellent options to save the environment and opt for the best productivity and efficiency of your organisation. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it can help you integrate effectively with the most used applications.
One of the most capable ESign software, DocuSign is one of the excellent choices for all your needs of digital signing requirements.


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