Difference between a Blog and a Website

In this article, you will learn everything about blogging and also know how it is useful for everyone irrespective of one's profession. This will clear all your misunderstandings and questions about blogging.

Blogging is becoming popular day-by-day. Many people are curious to know about it. But they did not get a complete information about it. The most common question in the mind of every newcomer is "What is a Blog?", and every newcomer gets confused with Blog, to Blog and Blogging.
I personally also suffered a lot with the same question. But with a lot of research, I got the right answer to this question, which I am here to share with you. So if you want to understand it perfectly, stay with me and believe me it worth your little time. This article is not so long to make you bore but its short and interesting.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a journal on the web, which has its own domain or sub-domain and which is updated on a regular basis i.e. daily, weekly or monthly. In this web journal, you can share your thoughts, your ideas and your recipes may be or you can promote your business here by advertising it.

Blog as a Noun, Blog as a Verb, and Blogging

Blog as a Noun:
A journal on the web
Having its own domain or sub-domain
Which is updated on a regular basis

Blog as a verb:
Blog here means to post about something on your blog.
Blog in a verbal sense has "to" as a prefix.
i.e. what to blog about? to blog about recipes

The process of sharing your thoughts, ideas, and advertising about your business on a regular basis is called Blogging.
i.e. I am blogging about adventure trips.

Can anyone start blogging on an existing blog page?

No, to start blogging you must have your own domain or sub-domain. If you don't have any money issues then you can buy your own domain or you can start with a free sub-domain offered by many Blogging sites.

Is a blog free of cost?

Yes, but it all depends on you. To start blogging all you need is a domain or sub-domain. If you want to start blogging for free, then you can go with free sub-domain provided by many blogging websites.

Blog vs Website

Both of these are looks very much similar to each other. Like a blog, a website also has its domain. But there is a huge difference between the two.

A Blog is a journal on the web, which is updated on a regular basis and the functions of the blog is limited to sharing thoughts and ideas with readers, giving them a solution and advertisement. But, as you know there are many types of websites available on the internet like Shopping website i.e Amazon, News website i.e. Indian Express, Transactions, and payment website i.e. Paytm, Social networking website i.e. Facebook and also Blogging website i.e. Blogger. So you must be understood that the scope of a website is much wider compared to a blog and even many websites are running their own blog along with their website.
Blog have their prime characteristic that, a blog is updated on a regular basis but this characteristic doesn't apply to a website.
A website only runs on a domain but you can run a blog on either a domain or a sub-domain.
A blog needs reader engagement to build up, the most reader means more growth of blog, but a website doesn't need any readers engagement to survive on the web.
SEO of a website is much easier than of a blog.
Blogs are more friendly to search engines than a website.

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