Linear Actuator Maintenance

What role do Linear Actuators play in the world of modern machine, what is their important and how to do maintenance of Actuators, know all this and more in this article.

Linear actuators play a significant role in the world of modern technologies. With the comprehensive development of the machines that have changed the life of mankind, the need in instruments like these appeared. The automation of processes and simplification of life is impossible without those simple but powerful elements. Due to increasing interest in this topic, electric linear actuator maintenance deserves particular attention. Let us take a look at how things look like.

The Importance of Actuator Maintenance

Linear actuators are irreplaceable when it comes to machinery and industrial tools. The things we see daily - like doors, printers, or elements of motors - need high-quality actuators to successfully fulfil their mission. However, industrial needs are not the only field of their application. More and more technology enthusiasts love playing with actuators to improve their daily lives. For example, actuators are useful when upgrading a casual standing table. The instruments allow its automation and enable moving it up and down. Another interesting example is boat doors automation. Essentially, every element of furniture can be improved. And it is cheaper to rebuild a table on your own than buy advanced furniture at IKEA.
This is why maintenance for linear actuator is a point of interest of many Internet users. And this is why we have decided to devote this article to it.

Lubrication and Oil Cooling for Linear Actuator Maintenance

No doubts, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators are widespread as well. But the electric ones are more beneficial than other types.

In general, most electric actuators are maintenance-free. But if you use this or that tool for a couple of years, some efforts to take care of it is required. Preventive maintenance is still important. Those tools handle extremely high loads, so it is necessary to ensure the performance and capacity do not suffer.
Let us take a look at linear actuator maintenance requirements:
  • Lubrication : The separation of components lies at the base of the process, and it is a great way to successful maintenance. Proper lubrication is the thing most companies emphasize. It allows increasing the time of usage for such elements as nuts and bolts. Besides that, the possibility of equipment failure will be lessened with the help of lubrication.
    Take note that choosing the type of lubrication is a task only a qualified technician can solve. Characteristics like moisture or consistency should impact the choice.
  • Oil cooling: This is another element of actuators' maintenance. But you have to discuss this process with your sales representative. Not every model can be used with oil cooling.

When Do You Need Linear Actuator Maintenance?

A lot of our readers wonder at what stage exactly they need to devote their time to the maintenance for linear actuators. There is no precise answer to this question. So in case recommendations for your actuator usage include no specific rules, you can turn to maintenance if:
  • you are interested in improving equipment performance
  • you would like to check if everything works well,
  • the characteristics of the linear actuator have decreased.
It is a normal practice to pre-plan the process. So you can also discuss it with your technological team beforehand and ask for their opinion concerning this question.

ActuatorZone: We Know How to Help You!

With ActuatorZone you get full access to the tips and tricks for actuators' development. The qualified specialists on our team can take care of your devices in the best way. So you do not have to worry about some specific aspects or get nervous about how long your instrument will live.
The years of dedicated work allowed us to build a perfect scheme of how to do the maintenance. And we will be glad to help you with this task.

Final Thoughts

The maintenance of electric actuators is a particular type of professional activity that only experienced specialists should be trusted with. In order to avoid troubles and complications, just contact ActuatorZone!


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