How to set "out of office" auto reply in Android for call and SMS?

There are a few times you would not want to take a phone call. Driving a car, in a movie theatre or at an event - those are a few places you would not want to take a call. How would you set an "Out of Office" auto reply on your Android? let us check out a few options you would be able to do it.

There are times when you want to configure your Android to send an Auto reply that you are Out Of Office. You are aware of how to set it up for your Emails. There are several cases that you would not want to take a call. In a meeting, winding up for the day and taking rest, or in a library - there are several reasons you may not be willing to take a call. But, simply disconnecting the call may appear too offensive and you would not want to be branded that. Today, every one of your contacts would want to go for an instant gratification. If your contact happens to be belonging to one of these categories, you would want to gently let them know that you are Out of office and will get back to them shortly. How would you do that?

The default method to set Auto reply on your Android

Today's phones come with an Auto Response feature built in. However, the exact location and options to set it up would differ from one phone to another. More of it will be dependent on the model, manufacturer and the launcher used on your phone.
If you are using a phone with stock Android version, or the one closest to it, here is how you would do it -
  • Fire up the Phone icon on your Android
  • Go to Settings for the Phone app
  • You will need to tap on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • quick responses settings
  • Tap on Quick responses
  • You should now find a few default quick responses.
  • You can set the one that would seem more suitable.
That should configure the Auto Reply on your Android device. If you want to configure an "Out of office" reply, you can edit one of the responses and configure the one you want to set.
To do this,
  • tap on one of the responses.
  • You will now be able to edit the response and set an "Out of office" response.
  • Image
  • Change the response and tap on OK
That does it. You have now configured the quick response.

When you receive a call, slide the messaging icon at the bottom left and slide it up. This will take you to the Auto responses. tap on the right response and you are done. The screen will also offer you an option to write your own message suitable for the time.
The location of the setting may differ from one model to another. However, you should find it under Phone Settings. Rest of the procedure will remain the same across all devices.

One of the issues with this method is it will not reply automatically and needs user intervention. It will, in essence, be equivalent to taking a call as well as you will need to pick up the phone in any case.

Other Third party Methods for Autoreply SMS

Now that the default method available on Android does not strictly provide Auto reply functionality, let us check out a few third-party options available for setting up the Autoreply on your Android.

Auto SMS

Auto SMS is an excellent app that does function as one of the best Auto Reply tools on Android. You can use it to send automatic replies to the messages you receive on your phone. The app can also be used to send messages to the people who call you.
Auto SMS
You would be able to set specific profiles depending upon the duration. The details within the profiles include whether to send an automatic reply for SMS or calls and the duration for which the profile stays activated.
Auto SMS profile
You can configure which message to send. You can either go with the preset options available or create your own if you want to. You have a complete control over the configurations. Decide who should get your auto-reply. You may configure the app to send the auto-reply to anyone who calls you, or limit it to your contact list. The tool also lets you exclude select contacts from receiving the Auto reply.
Some other useful features include message scheduler and reading out the messages to you. That would ideally make it one of the complete packages for your SMS needs.

Safest Text Auto Reply

This is yet another third party app that has been quite popular with those looking to send Auto-reply messages or trying to configure an "Out of Office" auto reply for their contacts. You just need to create a message, configure a time that the profile will end and that does it! It will send replies to any of your calls and messages.
safest sms
The functionality is quite simple. Just launch the app and create your custom Auto reply message. Enable the option for messages and calls depending on whether you want to send auto-reply for calls or/and messages. You can configure an end time for the app as well so that after the stipulated time, you will receive the calls and messages without the alert.
The app lets you silence the ringer and notification alerts for the duration that the auto-reply profile is on.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, those were a few ways you can use to set up an "Out of office" auto-reply on your Android. Just set them up, forget your phone and enjoy doing what you love the most. Isn't that a great option for staying away from the day to day tensions and live your own life for a few hours of the day?


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