BitDegree - Creating gamified courses to improve education levels

The focus of online education portals is growing. It is quite evident from the success being witnessed by the multiple online education platforms. However, there is one player that looks ahead to bring education to the practical level and make it really valuable when compared to the traditional systems.

Education has been moving away from what it had been in the past. The focus now is on gaining an education that is not strictly formal in nature, but the one that will teach you the practical skills of life. From that perspective, we found a platform striving towards achieving that particular goal - BitDegree. What is BitDegree and how is it changing the way we educate ourselves so that we will be ready for the industries at large? We will try to understand the concept and the benefits.

BitDegree - What exactly is it?

BitDegree is an online education platform. Just the way you have paid online coaching classes - BitDegree is an online platform that helps you undertake courses under different streams and options. But, there is a huge difference between the functioning of these platforms and BitDegree.
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BitDegree allows you to earn while you learn. Possibly, it is the first platform that believes and works on this principle. In fact, this type of incentivisation helps you achieve a high degree of course completion and motivates the students to understand the concepts in a better manner. It is based on Blockchain technology and thus does not have a centralised control of any nature.

How does BitDegree work?

BitDegree works on the principle of smart incentive-based educational platform. It works through the gamification of the educational sector wherein students are suitably incentivised for the specific achievements that they accomplish.
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The service offers you several courses. However, most of the courses available here are centred in the IT and cryptocurrency arena. The course material is developed by prospective employers. You can choose between software development, blockchain and cryptocurrency, marketing and programming languages.

The course comes with an achievement tracking system that rewards you suitably for unlocking an achievement. In fact, the achievements are based on smaller tasks than the hitting the big picture. That way, you would be assured of tutoring the students for the real world challenges.

BitDegree believes that the students should be rewarded for the efforts they put in. That is exactly why the program is based on Blockchain. Students will earn tokens for accomplishing the tasks. The blockchain technology will help them have the much-needed transparency in the arena of education so that the course convenors and students can interact directly.

Gamification of the course makes it simple and easy to understand with the focus on making the boring subject more rewarding. That way, the students will be able to achieve better success rate as they will begin feeling valued. In essence, studying a much complicated technical subject will be akin to playing a game and moving ahead level by level in a game. Maybe we can equate it to the way you reach higher levels in the game while accumulating game coins. The difference is in BitDegree - you will be earning the tokens that have real value.

How is it different from the other courses?

Well, you may have heard or opted for the online educational platforms like Udemy or Coursera. The BitDegree platform differs considerably from these platforms. How? We will check it out.

It improves the course completion rate. We may see a host of students enrolling in different courses on these traditional platforms. However, only a few of them complete their courses and become successful. BitDegree excels with its incentivisation scheme where the students will be motivated to take up the course of study. The reward offered keeps them motivated to complete a course and learn the content more wholeheartedly.

The courses on BitDegree are specifically designed by employers or industry experts. That makes the course material more relevant to the exact needs of the industry than offering just a dose of traditional theoretical education. The students who come out of the system will be more prepared for the real-world challenges than those opting for the traditional mode of education.

A few positive aspects of BitDegree can be summed up as
  • The course creators can interact directly with the students. Moreover, the emphasis on course creation will help them create courses more enthusiastically.
  • The students enrolled in the program can earn while they learn
  • Employees can be benefitted from the educational benefits provided by the BitDegree program through their employers. The employers will be motivated to opt for the program for their employees because they are aware of the level of the instructors and the motivational effects involved in the program.
  • You can get free certifications for courses that are available for free.

An ever-growing community

BitDegree has a huge community. They are actively involved with a wide range of social media networks. The service has over 82,000 active followers on Facebook, almost 18,000 Twitter followers and a popular YouTube channel.

They also run a discussion forum on Reddit. The social presence can be a huge deciding factor when it comes to impacting the world. BitDegree essentially has the strength in its favour. The powerful social media presence can indeed translate into bringing in more people into the fold. This can indeed be the guiding force in providing better demand and growth.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, BitDegree is focussed on bringing in value addition to education. The platform indeed has a huge impact on the educational field. It offers you a valuable addition to the arena and offers you a better alternative than the traditional modes of education. The huge community of the followers will definitely provide you with a better solution to the issues being faced by the educational sector.
Whether you are a cryptocurrency investor or someone who wants to put in your own efforts into the betterment of educational sector, BitDegree is what you would love to work with.


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