ExpressVPN - Is it really the fastest and securest VPN service?

VPN Services are one of the important tools for working with unreliable networks. A VPN will create an encrypted tunnel between you and your remote server. That will precisely make your data remain secular from the prying eyes. This will help you mask your identity. Of a host of VPN Services available at your disposal, we found ExpressVPN as one of the best choices for a hassle free internet experience.

Public WiFi networks are one of the prime examples that you would want to use the VPN services with. Just think about the host of data that you have saved on your phone, laptop or for that matter any device that is connected to the Internet. You will understand the importance that a VPN carries in safeguarding your data. ExpressVPN is one of the best options you can give a try so that you will stay safe while you indulge in a host of activities as you please.

ExpressVPN - An overview

ExpressVPN is a VPN service provider based in the British Virgin Islands. If you are looking for customer oriented service par excellence and one that boasts of an array of world-class service offerings, ExpressVPN should be your ideal choice.
Some of the features that attracted us to ExpressVPN include a no strings attached 30-day money back guarantee, simple interface that does not need any kind of training and a high-end customer service that offers you a 24 x 7 service. In addition to the high-end encryption that has remained its best feature ever, it also offers you an excellent performance in terms of speed as well.
Let us check out a few key features that ExpressVPN excels with.

Smart DNS

This is the feature that finds a practical use in Geo Spoofing your location. This service will be useful enough for accessing the content that may be blocked in your region.
It works seamlessly faster and easier because of the lack of the need for encryption and decryption. You can enjoy your services without any buffering issues as such. You can use it on any device that may not be able to use the internet enabled services. Some good examples are smart TVs, Roku TV or even gaming consoles.
We checked the HBO service with the ExpresssVPN service switched off. The service was found throwing an error indicating that the content was not available in our region. We thought of putting ExpressVPN to test and finding if our location can be spoofed.
hbo not working
On switching on the ExpressVPN service and checking it out on our browser showed the content without any issues. The VPN service indeed works as it promises to. You can indeed watch the content from any region. Do remember to choose the server of the particular country.
However, the Smart DNS service may not work to enhance your privacy and security.

Stealth Services

The VPN service offers you the stealth services to get past the strict censorship rules in countries like China. If you find that the VPN services are blocked in these regions, you can go with the Hong Kong servers. ExpressVPN does not let us know how does the service work, but the reports and reviews suggest that the service works seamlessly.
We attempted checking the Stealth services by trying to connect to the torrent services. We tried connecting to the site without VPN service and faced an error.
stealth services
However, the site was up and running with the VPN configured to United States server.
stealth with vpn

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling is a feature that lets you choose which apps you want to go through VPN and which apps will bypass it.
Here is how you can use this feature -
  • From your VPN Settings, choose Manage connection on per app basis.
  • split tunnelig 2
  • On the next screen, choose Only allow selected apps to use the VPN
  • Click on + sign and choose the apps you do not want to go through ExpressVPN.
  • You may also add additional apps than those listed
  • spit tunneling
The split tunneling feature is available both on Windows and Mac tools.


ExpressVPN makes use of AES 256-bit cipher with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication. You would have found that the VPN service makes use of the high standard encryption technology that is quite difficult to break in much easier.
You can choose the protocols of your choice for an enhanced functionality and privacy. In spite of high degree encryption, you can be assured of better speeds.

Speed Test

The strength of ExpressVPN lies in the fact that it is fastest among the competitors. Under ideal conditions, you should get a minimum 80 Mbps speed with a 100 Mbps connection.

Please note that the speed tests are dependent upon multiple factors and may not always be reliable. It should ideally be dependent on a host of features like the device specifications, locations and server chosen.

Network Lock or Kill Switch

The Kill Switch on your ExpressVPN is called Network Lock. The service blocks all the traffic to your connection if the VPN connection drops for any reason.
network switch
This will a practical solution that can be helpful in protecting your privacy and security. The Network Lock feature is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Routers. You can access it through Settings.
This is indeed a thoughtful inclusion and works effortlessly.

DNS or IP Leaks

We checked the ExpressVPN for multiple DNS, IP Leaks and WebRTC Leaks. The tests were indeed successful and no serious detection was observed.
Here is the WebRTC Leak test result.
You may also find the IP Address Leak test. No leaks were observed under ideal conditions.
IP leak
The DNS Leak test conducted showed the following results.
DNS test
WE also checked the installer for virus infection and found it without any issues.

An overview of all services

OVERALL RANK: #1st out of 74 VPNs
LOG FILES: Strict No Logging
LOCATIONS: 94 countries, 2000+ servers
SUPPORT: Live Chat
TORRENTING: P2P & Torrenting Allowed
NETFLIX: Unblocks Netflix
JURISDICTION: Out of 14 eyes
COST: $6.67

The Pros and Cons

As with any other tool, a complete review will not be complete without a mention of the positives and negatives that the tool has to offer. Here are the Pros and Cons that we found with ExpressVPN.

The Pros

  • A No Logs policy should be the best in tune with keeping your privacy secure. Your information is encrypted and hidden from the prying eyes right at the moment you start using the services of the VPN. It does, however, collect data about Apps and app versions successfully activated, Dates (not times) when connected to the VPN service, Choice of VPN server location and Total amount (in MB) of data transferred per day.
  • ExpressVPN is quite fast in comparison to the competing apps. Of course, the actual speed you get will be dependent upon a host of aspects like internet speed, computer specs and your physical location.
  • The service offers over 2000 servers.
    With the service available in over 90 countries, it offers you a host of privacy features.
  • You have access to an Open VPN functionality the highest encryption service.
  • A robust 24 x 7 customer service that helps you address almost every issue you may come across.

The Cons

  • You can connect only three devices at a time. Options for more devices would have been an added advantage.

The pricing

The ExpressVPN service offers you three different plans. You can choose the one that meets your exact requirements.

Monthly Plan - The monthly plan offers you a subscription at $ 12.95 per month. The plan billed on a monthly basis.
Annual Plan - The plan will cost you $ 8.32 per month. You are billed annually at $ 99.95.
Half yearly Plan - The plan will cost you $ 9.99 per month. You will be billed at $ 59.95 for a six month period.

All the above plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. They are inclusive of all ExpressVPN apps, 24/7 customer support, and high-speed unlimited bandwidth.

The Concluding Thoughts

Do we recommend you use ExpressVPN? Well, we do. Because they offer you exceptional features and functionalities. You should be able to use the tool no matter whether you are an expert or novice in the field of technology and VPNs. The tool is fast, safe and most secure among the competing tools.
The ease of use should be one of the aspects that should make it a great choice by any standard. You can opt for a monthly plan first to test its functionality and then decide whether you would like to go with the long term plans.

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