5 best bitcoin apps that help in portfolio management

Interested in buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and want apps that can help you monitor minute to minute fluctuations in their price? Read this article to know about the best apps that can help you do this right from your smartphone screen.

Cryptocurrencies have been subject to a lot of ups and downs, and even bans in certain countries, but it has failed to disappear from the financial market due to the returns that it offers to the investor. Last year, Bitcoin struggled a lot as the industry was under the regulatory scrutiny from the apex authorities and there were security concerns as well. But now that there is a renewed optimism prevailing in the market, let's have a sneak peek on the best 5 apps that can make the process of Bitcoin trading hassle-free.

Bitcoin Checker

It is a free app that helps traders to manage their crypto-currency portfolio easily. With this app, you can monitor the latest live exchange rate price of over 80 exchanges from all around the world.

Features of this app
You can choose from a wide range of exchanges- As told above, there are more than 80 exchanges listed on this app, you can have a look at them using choose exchange tab.

3 counter currencies available- There are 3 major counter currencies available on this platform BTC, USD, and Euro. The user can easily access this option by clicking on + tab available on the header of the app.
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Customize the app according to your requirements- The app has several inbuilt features that help the customers to personalize the app according to their needs.
  • Customize the announcements from text to speech
  • The users can create multiple alarms
  • The update intervals can be easily reset by the customers
  • The customers can easily set the conditional value
  • It is one of the most recommended apps for Bitcoin trading

Delta Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

it is a free app that provides access to the latest coin prices, technical charts of more 2000 altcoins. Here are some of its features that make it one of the best apps for Bitcoin trading.

Customization- The user can customize the app, for example, he/she can increase the layout size, font size, different themes are available, coloured coins, have a look at transaction history are available.
Sync and backup data across different devices- the customer can transfer or sync the data between different devices easily without accounts. You can easily create a data backup using data recovery QR code.
Easily buy, sell or transfer the Bitcoins- The customers can easily buy, sell or exchange the coin. The app offers information about the exchange or transaction fee.
Record ICO investments- The app has a tab called custom coins that is ideal for ICO investments that aren't available on any exchange yet. This means you can easily track the investment and merge it with the correct listing when it is tradable.
Easily manage bitcoin trading- a clear overview of the selected crypto-currency is available on this platform.

Binance-The app is highly popular among the investors because it helps them to keep track of different cryptocurrency. When the investor opens the home screen he/she can easily notice the live Bitcoin rates along with the change percentage.
Easily deposit or withdraw the bitcoins- To use this app, the users need to first create an account followed by 2 stage verification process. Then the investor needs to select the coin based on the thrlist provided. And thereafter you can easily deposit or withdraw the bitcoin.
Add favorites- If you are an intra-day trader and cannot afford to miss the technical charts, you can list Bitcoin in your favorite section and get updates of the minute to minute fluctuations.
Look at balances- Through this app, the users can have a look at balances and make a record of the history of all the transactions.
Customization- The customers can customize the account depending upon his preferences, for example, he/she can select the currency to trade in, the language that the user is comfortable at, color preference that he wants for his app, different styles, etc. You can even remain socially connected to them by following there Facebook and Twitter account.


It is one of the most popular free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency management apps that support more than 3000+ cryptocurrencies from around the world. The app provides a deep insight of the market information, holdings, and price alerts. In fact, the investors can also view the technical charts and the highest and the lowest amount of bid. Here are some of its unique features
Buy/Sell the currency- The investors can easily buy or sell the cryptocurrency by clicking on the add transaction tab. The tab offers information about the trading pair, select exchange, current price, quantity, trade date, and you can leave any additional notes.

Alerts and notification- The customer can easily receive alert and notification about the cryptocurrency traded through this app. Further, the app will also provide information about the threshold targets.
You can easily chart the prevailing trends of your crypto currency investments with the technical graphs and candlestick charts.
Have a look at the history-The customer can have a look at the BTC summary including the holdings, net cost and market value. You can easily conclude the profit or loss made in the transaction.


This highly customizable app fits well with your needs. The app provides the latest information about the pricing data of the different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin in form of easy to read graphs, which is automatically refreshed after every minute. This app is ideal for the investor who wishes to invest in Bitcoin for a long-term and thus is less concerned about daily price fluctuations and more engaged with weekly and monthly trends.
Here are some unique features of this app.
Comprehensive data is available on the home screen- Comprehensive data about high/low trends, change, and current is available on the home screen through the help of a technical chart.
Customizable- as told the app can be easily customized with respect to color scheme, background and chart fill.

Today, Bitcoin has become more valuable than a year ago and it is still the most famous cryptocurrency and these apps will definitely help in a long run to build and manage your portfolio.

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