Top 10 Data Eraser Software of 2018

This article is about the data eraser tools to wipe files from the storage devices. I have mentioned top 10 best data eraser software along with their features.

Erasing data destroys the information by overwriting it with a pattern of 0's and 1's. There are many data erasure software available in the market that can help you destroy your sensitive information from your personal computers and storage drives. Data erasure software is often referred to as data sanitization software, hard disk eraser, and disk wiping tools. Erasing data with data erasure software is also cited as a software-based data sanitization, which is cost-effective, more constructive at destroying the data, and more eco-friendly than physically destroying drives for data sanitization.

Below is the list of best data eraser software that can help you safeguard your sensitive and confidential data by destroying it from your old PC or storage devices that you decided to reuse, recycle, trash, donate, or sell. You can download and try this data erasure software for free.

1. Bitraser File Eraser (recommended)

Bitraser File Eraser is an advanced security tool that helps you safeguard your privacy by destroying your confidential and sensitive data from the system and external storage drives. The software destroys your sensitive information from the drive by overwriting it several times using the desired data erasure standard that you choose.
Bitraser File Eraser
Bitraser File Eraser is the only data eraser software in the list that offers 17 International data erasure algorithms to destroy your private data beyond the scope of recovery. It is an easy-to-use and safe data sanitization tool that, unlike other data erasure software, does not let you or any other user destroy the important system and program files.

This software is going to meet your daily data sanitization requirements since it works in a similar manner as your system cleaner app such as CCleaner. Instead of just deleting the files, it erases your application traces, system traces, and internet activities that contains information such as your app usage, app data, sensitive files on system, autofill-forms, browsing history, transaction details, net banking password, etc. using reliable and approved data erasure algorithms.

Other important features of Bitraser File Eraser are as follows :
  • Selective file and folder erase option
  • Dedicated option to clean internet activities, system traces, and application traces
  • Option to wipe empty storage with the selected erasure algorithm
  • Option to schedule erase task based on date and time
  • Option to add erasure list
  • Option to search and delete individual files and folders
  • Supports all kind of storage media including SSDs formatted as NTFS, exFAT, and FAT32
  • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP. Also supports Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003

Moreover, the software generates a 'Certificate of Erasure' that gives you a sense of certainty about your private data and it can be used to meet regulatory compliances & audits. You can download the free version of the software that allows you to erase file size less than or equal to 64KB from

BitRaser also has a Drive Eraser software that erases data permanently from hard drives, SSD, PC, Mac, Laptop and Server.

2. Eraser

Eraser is another data erasure utility that lets you wipe your data permanently from your storage drives. You have the option to select and wipe individual files and folders. It also supports scheduled data erasure tasks and features multiple data sanitization methods. It can help you wipe volumes and empty space on the storage drive too. The software is capable of destroying files and folders beyond recovery. It supports the latest versions of Windows 10 to XP including Windows server 2003-2012.
When compared to BitRaser for File, the Eraser software lacks several options such as the number of data sanitization methods, no option to erase private data (internet activities, system & application traces, etc.), and ability to generate a certificate of erasure. However, it does support exFAT, NTFS, and FAT32 formatted external/internal drives and volumes.


Darik's Book and Nuke is a popular free data eraser software available. It is an open-source project accessible in ISO format that you can burn into a USB flash drive or CD and boot from it. Following are the data sanitization standards DBAN offers:
  • DoD 5220.22-M
  • Gutmann
  • Random Data
  • Write Zero

The DBAN works from outside of the operating system and thus, can work on any system running any version of macOS, Windows, or Linux. The software is designed to destroy data from your physical disks, which means you cannot erase a certain volume or partition on the disk with this software. It also lacks the ability to erase certain files and folders.

In addition, the tool has an intimidating user interface and therefore and is not recommended for non-technical users. One of the major drawbacks of the DBAN is that it has not been updated since 2015. Besides, it also does not detect SSD, therefore, this software cannot help you destroy data from SSDs.

4. HDShredder

From its name, most people assume HDShredder is a file shredding utility but it is not. HDShredder is a data destruction software just like BitRaser for File and Eraser that destroys everything that you throw or comes in its way.

HDShredder installation requires a CD or USB drive to create a bootable drive to boot from it —just like DBAN. It can erase internal and external drives with a wizard-like interface. However, it can also destroy operating system files and program files without any warning. Therefore, you need to be quite careful while using the HDShredder for cleaning files and folders.

The biggest downside of HDShredder software is that most options in the paid versions do not work. In addition, you cannot erase individual files and folders.

5. PC Disk Eraser

PC Disk Eraser is another bootable data erasure program, which can run on any system running Windows, Linux, or macOS. Unlike HDShredder, this program does not require installation. You can download the PC Disk Eraser ISO, burn it on a CD or USB drive, and boot from it.
The program is easy to use, identifies and displays hard disk information, and always prompts to confirm the wipe before starting.

The program can erase the entire disk, certain volume including the one that stores the operating system. It uses the DOD 5220.22-M data erasure algorithm to wipe disk, partitions, and folders.
Problem with PC Disk Eraser is that you need to use a keyboard entirely as the program does not support mouse inputs to wipe drive and volumes. In addition, you cannot erase individual files or folders with this software.

6. CCleaner

CCleaner is a popular free registry cleaner (aka system cleaner) software available. Besides cleaning registries, the software also lets you uninstall apps, clean system junk, temporary files, cookies, and various other traces stored by the system and applications installed on it.
The software also lets you wipe empty spaces on the hard drive or certain partition. You can choose to erase the entire partition or hard drive with CCleaner. You can select either of the four following listed options:
  • Simple Overwrite – 1 Pass
  • Advanced Overwrite – 3 Pass
  • Complex Overwrite – 7 Pass
  • Very Complex Overwrite – 35 Passes (take more time and may damage drive permanently)

CCleaner lacks few important options such as the inability to erase individual files or folders, data erasure algorithms, and can wipe drive containing the OS.

7. CBL Data Shredder

CBL Data Eraser software is a free data destruction software that works both on Windows and outside Windows i.e. as a bootable standalone program. Running CBL Data Shredder from outside Windows helps you to wipe the entire disk with one of the following data erasure algorithms:
  • DoD 5220.22-M
  • Gutmann
  • Schneier

In addition to above-listed data erasure algorithms, you can add your own erasure method too.
The software is also able to wipe the operating systems like the previously mentioned ones without warnings and therefore, you must be careful before wiping drive or partitions with it. In addition, some text on the software is in German that cannot be changed.

8. Hardwipe

Hardwipe is a free data sanitization program that can permanently erase or wipe hard drive data. The program requires installation but also comes in a portable edition that boots from USB or CD and lets you wipe drives and volumes like HDShredder and DBAN. However, unlike DBAN and HDShredder, Hardwipe provides an easy to use and simple user interface. It can be combined with File Explorer and Windows Task Scheduler for automation.

The software supports multiple languages. You can download your desired language pack from the available ones on the software's official website. The program supports following data erasure standards,
  • GOST R 50739-95
  • DOD 5220.22-M
  • Schneier
  • Gutmann

You need to upgrade the software to use it as a portable version (bootable) and to get access to more advanced options for commercial use. There are two portable versions available in 32-bit and 64-bit, one with a graphical interface and another with a command-line interface.

9. Disk Wipe

Disk Wipe, as the name suggests, wipes the entire hard disk and other storage media whether internal or external. It is a free data sanitization software for Windows operating system. Data wipe destroys the data from storage drive beyond the scope of recovery. It does that with the help of the following supported data erasure algorithms:
  • DOD 5220.22-M
  • Gutmann
  • HMG IS5
  • Write Zero
  • Random Data
  • GOST R 50739-95

The software does not need installation, just double click on the .exe file, and start wiping your disk volume containing the data to be wiped. It supports all Windows versions and can also erase the disk or volume containing the Windows OS.

The software lacks the ability to destroy selected individual files and folders and also the ability to verify the data erasure process.

10. Secure Eraser

Secure eraser supports four data erasure standards to wipe your hard disk and sensitive data up to 35 times. Following are the data erasure standards supported by Secure Eraser:
  • DoD 5220.22-M
  • Gutmann
  • Random Data

The software has the ability to destroy individual files and folders and supports drag-drop feature. However, every time you run this software, it prompts you to order the full version, which is annoying and asks you to install another program when you install the Secure Eraser setup.


You can choose any data erasure software or utility listed here depending on your requirement. However, if you compare the features and advanced options that are required to sanitize the data, BitRaser for File is the one utility that stands out in the crowd of the top 10 data erasure software. BitRaser for File is the only software that supports 17 international data erasure algorithm with Random and Total verification method. The verification method ensures data is destroyed completely. Moreover, additional features such as scheduled erase, ability to create file erasure list, and dedicated options to wipe empty space and clean your application & system traces helps you achieve total privacy. Data erased with BitRaser for File cannot be recovered by any means including forensics.

In addition, BitRaser for File is the only data erasure software that creates a certificate of Erasure after successful sanitization


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